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April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Research shows that talking about child sexual abuse with children helps prevent it. This April, Committee for Children, the non-profit behind Second Step, has compiled research-based tips, talking points, and guidelines to help families start this critical conversation, one we call the…Hot Chocolate Talk.


Why Small Group Counseling?

The UAS counseling program helps students develop social/emotional skills.  Skills include: learning how to accept responsibility, managing emotions, communicating effectively, making decisions, and solving problems.  Students can learn from one another in small group settings, therefore, groups are for everyone and participating does not necessarily indicate a problem.
Groups meet during the school day once a week for 4-6 weeks. Students may ask to join a particular group or be referred by a teacher or parent. 
ASCA National Standards for personal/social development guide school counseling programs to provide the foundation for personal and social growth as students progress through school and into adulthood.


Why Elementary Counselors? 



Understanding the School Counselor-Parent Connection



⇒⇒Who Are School Counselors?




The Role of a School Counselor⇓⇓

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