Elementary Counselors

Empowering Students in School and Beyond!

Counseling at UAS

The UAS Counseling Program:

  • Supports the personal, social, and academic success of all students, while honoring the unique international student community of UAS through school guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and system support.
  • Encompasses and supports the UAS mission, philosophy and beliefs.
  • Follows the International Model for School Counseling Program (based on the ASCA Model)
  • Is comprised of educators specialized in supporting students’ social and personal well-being.

The Counselors at Universal American School believe that all students:

  • Deserve a safe and nurturing learning environment with caring and proactive adult advocates.
  • Have unique ways of learning and should be supported in achieving their full academic and personal potential.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive PK-12 counseling program that is closely linked to student learning.

The UAS Counseling Program Philosophy:

  • Guidance curriculum and delivery is essential to helping all students achieve their full academic, social and personal potential. This curriculum’s standards are preventative in nature and developmentally appropriate in grades PK – 12.
  • Counselors collaborate with students, parents, teachers, and community members as part of a support team that optimizes student achievement.
  • Counselors maintain an ongoing commitment to professional growth by staying current in best practices and participating in program review and implementation.

The UAS Counseling Mission Statement

         The UAS Counselors advocate for all students to ensure they receive the necessary social and emotional support to recognize and unlock their potential. The counseling program promotes learning and provides a developmentally appropriate and accessible program for all members of the UAS community. The counseling team is dedicated to the ethos of UAS in which students are empowered to be caring, open-minded, respectful and responsible individuals living successfully in a global community.

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