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Martyrs’ Wall

One thing that helps a student’s sense of well-being is a supportive education community.  UAS has one of the best communities in Dubai.  Together at UAS, we celebrated fallen heroes by creating the Martyrs’ Wall!!!

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UAS PTSO Thanksgiving Feast

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Sept/Oct, Volume 1

The Mission:

Welcome to a new and exciting school year at UAS.  Your counselors are on a mission to provide a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program that nurtures and supports students in reaching their full potential academically, socially, interpersonally, and in career readiness.

The program is designed to promote and enhance student achievement by delivering prevention, intervention and referral services in collaboration with students, staff, families, and community.

Guidance Program:

The Second Step program increases kids’ school success and decreases problem behaviors by teaching them skills for learning—such as paying attention, listening, and sitting still—as well as how to manage their emotions, solve problems, and make friends. All these skills help kids do better in school and in life.

The Month of September:  PYP Learner Profile Caring

Last month, grades K-5 received an introduction guidance lesson that provided an overview of the Guidance Program, the self-referral process, and the many ways counselors help students and their school.

The Month of October:  PYP Learner Profile Principled

We will begin Unit 1 of Second Step in each grade level (PreK-G5). Classroom lessons have been scheduled throughout the month. Be sure to extend your child’s learning by using the ‘Home Links’ activities.

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