A Final Post

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for a fantastic year and for the privilege of teaching your children. Safe travels this summer and best of luck to our friends who are moving away. For those of you returning in September, I will be in the same classroom, so please pop by and say hello once in a while.

Some information about supply lists for the coming school year…

Supply Lists and Important Dates for the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year.”


All the best,

Mrs. O.

Fundraiser for TCF School in Pakistan

Dear Parents,

UAS is aiming to support a TCF school in Pakistan and willing to fundraise money to run one academic year of the school. Last year you participated with the mosque project which was successful and the mosque is now built in Kyrgyzstan.

We would like you to contribute to this project as 182 kids in the worst and most poverty area of Pakistan will get the benefit of education.

We have donation coupons booklets; each booklet has 10 coupons, each coupon values 20 dhs. The total of money that each booklet makes 200 dhs. We would like you to encourage your son/daughters to participate in this charitable project by fundraising money from family, neighbors and friends. This campaign is approved by Islamic affairs and charitable department in Dubai no.364.

When you donate, please choose one of the followings:  I enclose ………………… dhs in the envelope. I don’t need donation vouchers.  I enclose ………………… dhs in the envelope, please send me the donation vouchers gainst the paid amount.

Envelopes were sent home with your children this week. If you would like to donate before the end of the school year, please send money back to school to the homeroom teacher

If you would like to donate a larger amount please contact Ayman Fayez at afayez@uasdubai.ae

Grade 2 Newsletter, June 11 – 15


  • Monday, June 12th our final exhibition group will run a parade for Women’s Rights. All Elementary Students can wear pink and/or white.
  • Ramadan schedule will continue. The school will start at 8.30am and finish at 1.30pm, please take note if you are dropping off or picking up your child. Buses will run after 1.30.
  • Last day of School is Tuesday, June 20. It will be a half day. Dismissal will be at 12:00pm.
  • Please make sure to return all library books OR pay your fines to the library this week.
  • Homework for the summer is a fun Summer Bucket List that will be sent home Sunday.  There will be no homework given out the last week of school. Thank you.
  • Sunday will be “Movin’ On Up Day” where Grade 2 classes will go to Grade 3 classes for 45 minutes to experience an activity in Grade 3. All students will participate in this event, even if they are moving to a new school next year.

Language Arts:

In Reader’s Workshop, students have been reading fairytales and fables. They are using costumes and puppets to act out the stories. We are continuing to work on reading and acting with expression.

In Writers’ Workshop, students have been retelling fairytales. They are also beginning to outline elements of a fairytale and develop their own interpretation of a classic fairytale that they have read.


All week long we will be reviewing in Math centers. We will review Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Rounding and other math content we have already gone over this year.


Students are working on their ‘Imagination Stations’ and learning how to express themselves using different mediums. They are extending their creativity into creating and writing Fractured Fairytales.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Grade 2 Newsletter, May 28 – June 1


  • Grade 2 will have swimming for the final weeks of school. Please remember to pack their swim kits for Mondays and Thursdays (our regular PE days) which include swimsuit, towel, flip-flops, and swim cap (goggles are optional). The swim teacher is very strict about wearing swim caps, and her rule is that anyone with hair longer than one centimeter has to wear a cap. Please make sure your child has a swim cap in their kit.
  • Ramadan school will start at 8.30am and finish at 1.30pm, please take note if you are dropping off or picking up your child. Buses will run after 1.30. For more information regarding Ramadan, please refer to the previous post.
  • PLEASE inform your childs homereoom teacher if your child will be fasting during Ramadan, we need written confirmation or an email from a parent– Thank you.

Language Arts:

In Reader’s Workshop, we will start our final unit which focuses on reading and role playing. We use a lot of Readers Theater scripts in this unit and encourage the students to connect to the characters they are reading the part of. This reading unit connects really well to our final UOI.

In Writers’ Workshop, students will embark on a new unit writing fractured fairy tales. These fun stories are similar to the fairy tales we know and love but some parts have been changed around. Students will write their own version of a favorite fairy tale and work on editing and presenting it.



Sunday: Unit 10 review

Monday: Unit 10 test

Tuesday: Place Value

Wednesday: Number Bonds

Thursday: Review



Grade 2 will begin our 6th and final Unit of Inquiry – “Imagine That”. This is under the title ‘How we Express Oursleves’. Students will be inquiring into the ways in which we discover and express ideas as well as the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity. This is a really fun unit where the studetns are asked to express their imagination in a variety of ways – song, dance, drama, play, games, stories, puppets, crafts and art.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Important Information Regarding Ramadan

Dear Families,

As we approach Ramadan, the elementary school would like to give you a few updates about what to expect during the holy month. It’s very important to us that there is two-way communication between families and homeroom teachers about personal Ramadan expectations. As a school, we want to respect the holy month and support families.

School Hours:

KG2 – Grade 5: School hours will be from 8:30 – 1:30 each day during Ramadan. All students must be picked up by 1:30 as no elementary student is allowed on campus past this time.
PK – KG1: School hours will be from 8:30 – 11:30. If your child is registered for After School Care, this will continue through Ramadan. All other students must be picked up from school between 11:20 and 11:30.
Children are allowed to arrive on campus at 8:10 in the morning as that is when supervision is available.

New Bus Timings:

The Transportation Coordinator emailed home new bus pick up and drop off times to each family this week. Please contact Mr. Louie Garcia if you need further information. transportation@uasdubai.ae

Care for Fasting Students

Please notify your child’s homeroom teacher if they will participate in the fasting tradition.

Physical Education Class: Classes will run for a shortened 20-25 minute block. Students in grade 2-5 will have a free play swim unit during PE. If a fasting students opts not to swim, they may sit out. KG2 – Grade 1 will have all PE classes in the gymnasium with low impact activities as well. If a student is fasting, they may sit out. Additionally, PE teachers will be keeping a close eye on the health and welfare of all students.

All fasting students will have the option to stay inside during recess times in an assigned supervised space. This will be a quiet and reflective space where students can relax and read. No electronics will be allowed during recess times.

Separating Non-Fasting and Fasting Students During Lunch:
All fasting students will remain in the building under supervision. This will be a quiet and reflective space where students can relax and read. No electronics will be allowed during this time.

Water Consumption:
Students have been instructed to to follow the protocol of not drinking water in public. The school will do their best to honor the intent of Ramadan in this matter. Students in early childhood will continue to have access to water in their classrooms. Students in grades 2-5 will keep water bottles in their cubbies and access them during short breaks throughout the day. Water bottles will be allowed outside during outdoor recess times or in assigned non-fasting rooms.

Prayer Room:
Students currently in grades 3 – 5 will not have access to the prayer room during the day.

Care for Non-Fasting Students:

Snack for non-fasting students will be outdoors during recess times. Please send a minimal healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or a nut-free protein bar.

Cafeteria – Lunch
During lunch, all non-fasting students will be in the cafeteria for a typical lunch time. The cafeteria is open during Ramadan.

Outdoor Recess:
Continuing with our guidelines for recess, all non-fasting student must continue to wear hats and have water bottles for outdoor recess. If a student does not have a hat, they are required to stay under one of our many shaded areas.

Indoor Recess:
Students will remain outside until the Real Feel temperature reaches 45 C. This is actively monitored using the AccuWeather app as it provides accurate information about temperature plus humidity. The school will mandate indoor recess if the Real Feel temperature reaches 45 C – students will be required to stay inside. This will be a quiet time where students are not allowed to use electronics.

We wish everybody a happy and joyous Ramadan! If your family plans on leaving school early, please contact your homeroom teacher to let them know.


David and Amanda

Ramadan Schedule

Dear Parents,

Here is our Ramadan schedule. Students will be collected from their line outside at 8h30 each morning and will finish school at 1h30 in the afternoon. Please send me an email if your child is attempting to fast.

Grade 2 DO Ramadan schedule-21emz4j

Please, please, PLEASE let me know if you are planning to take your child out of school before June 20th. I would really like each student to have all his/her work for the year, and they will not be penalized in any way other than their attendance record.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. O.


Good morning parents,

2 DO will be swimming in PE for the last few weeks of school. We will swim for 30minutes on Mondays and Thursdays (their regular PE class days) beginning this Monday May 29th. Thursdays your child should come to school with their swimming clothes under their regular clothes for ease of changing and then put their underwear on after swimming. Mondays, I will give them time to change before swim lessons. They can wear flip flops or swimming shoes on this day too. Each child must have a towel and any children with long hair MUST have a swimming cap. Goggles are recommended but optional.
Any students that are fasting will not attend PE but I must have written confirmation from a parent before Sunday that they will be fasting.
Please let me or Ms. Teri know if you have any questions. Thank you,

Mrs. O.

Memory Books

Students in grades KG1 – Grade 5 will have the opportunity to create a memory book to mark their current time in the journey of life. If you are interested in the Memory Book, please view the slideshow shown below. You will need to sign up online before May 22 and send the required fee to cover the supplies to the elementary office by the same date. Thank you to our volunteer moms for bringing this project forward.



Grade 2 Newsletter, May 14 – 18


  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Our health and well-being unit of inquiry ends this week. Please help your child pack 3 fruits and/or vegetables in his/her snack, encourage them to get daily exercise and stay safe.
  • Our end of year MAP assessments are scheduled as follows:

-Sun, May 14: Math (completed)

-Tues, May 16: Reading

The best way to help our students prepare for the MAP tests is to make sure they get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast that morning.

  • Please return any envelopes for Drawings By Me to your childs homeroom teacher by Sunday May 14th. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Elizabeth at etyrrell@uasdubai.ae or Mrs. Hemstead at shemstead@uasdubai.ae
  • This week in our home learning menu, the students have the option of having a spelling war. They have a word list attached to their packet, and they should use 7 counters or coins for each team. They should not attempt to memorize all the words on the list. They should use their spelling rules to help them spell any word on the list. All the rules needed for their list have been covered in class. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Language Arts:

In Reader’s Workshop, we will be concluding our “Series Book Clubs” unit. Students will plan the best way to share a book and swap their favorite books with friends. They will share opinions by debating about their favorite books within a series.

In Writers’ Workshop, students will be editing and publishing their Realistic Fiction stories. In this unit, students created a realistic character that they could relate to and wrote a series of stories featuring their character. This week they will share their stories with their peers as they read them to friends in other classes.


Sunday: MAP Math Test

Monday: Unit 10.4 Using a calculator to solve problems with money

Tuesday: Unit 10.5 Estimating and finding exact costs

Wednesday: Unit 10.6 Making Change

Thursday: Review


Grade 2 will finish our 5th Unit of Inquiry – “Health and Well Being”. Students will be reflecting on what they have learned about nutrition, exercise and safe practices as well as working on their iMovies in small groups. The iMovie is the summative assessment for this unit and will be planned, written, rehearsed and displayed at school.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Gianna’s Birthday Invitation

Gianna is thrilled to invite her entire class to her birthday on Friday, May 12 from 5-8 pm at Theater by Rhodes in Mall of the Emirates. The kids will have a private showing of the new movie Boss Baby.

I hope everyone can make it; Gia really misses all her friends from UAS!!

Kindly RSVP to Jessica 0527773367.