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Last Post – Sigh

This is our last day of school. All I can say is good bye and good luck.

Universal American School of Dubai

Summer Learning Packet KG2

Here are some summer activities for students to do over the summer:


  1. READING and being READ to every day!  
  2. Writing journal:  Make a summer writing journal and have the students write sentences about the fun activities they do every day.
  3. Websites for kids to use over the summer can be found here.
  4. Having time for physical play- running, jumping, climbing, swimming. (www.gonoodle.com is a great website for staying active inside when temperatures are hot).  
  5. Make playdough together with your child (the recipe can be found here).
  6. Use blocks, puzzles, legos and playdough to build and create with.  Encourage your child to maintain focus on the activity for at least 20 minutes and tidy it up themselves afterwards.
  7. Coloring, cutting, painting, to create their own projects.
  8. Play-dates with other children.
  9. Stay on a good routine and schedule.
  10. For fine motor development: for information and ideas of how to work with your child, click here.
  11. Practice Dolch sight word list- Find the list here.   Practice reading and spelling the words in a fun way. Some examples are found here.
  12. If you are interested in practice worksheets, you can find a good packet here (you will need to purchase, download and print it yourself).

Thank you and More

Ms. Rose Ann and I would like to thank all of the parents for the thoughtful end of the year gifts. We were very surprised and overwhelmed by your kindness. Many of our families are already traveling and we miss you. With only 2 days to go to the end it is hard at times to keep working but we do. We had our usual reading time this morning with everyone finding a quiet place to read, getting their book bags out and reading for about 20 min but missing  some of our friends.

Some students have told me they have started writing more stories in their writing journal. Others have said they started reading books for their summer reading book mark. Lots of great summer activities. Keep the learning going.

“Please see this very important blog post about Supply Lists and Important Dates for the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year.”


It is finally here. Our KG2 school program we are looking forward to seeing you all. You can starting entering the music classroom at 10:00 our performance will be at 10:15. Don’t forget you can take your children home with you after the performance.

Also we will have a photo booth downstairs for the students they will get a chance to take one photo with their family at the end of the show. Please no group photos with friends we are limited to one photo for each child.

See you soon.


Almost Done

The end of the year is in sight with only 8 more days left. We will be sending home student portfolios and journals this week so please let us know if your child will be leaving school early and we can send home their things.

June 11- Sunday- Moving Up Day- Each KG2 class will have the chance to rotate to the grade 1 classrooms and see what it will be like for them when they move up to grade 1 in September. Hopefully, this will get them excited and give them a little expectation of what is to come. It is school- wide and will be from 8:40-9:30am. 

June 15 – Thursday- End of the year program. On Thursday in the music room at 10:15 will be our end of the year program. Your child can wear dress up clothes to this special event. You are welcome to take your child home when we are finished.

June 20 – Tuesday – Last day of school – This will be a half day and school is out at 12:00.


Just Some Reminders

  • All library books are  due next Monday. Please check at home for any books that belong at school, to our classroom or the library.
  • Don’t forget our end of the year performance on June 15th at 10:15 in the music room we will be sending invitations home soon. You may take your child home after it is over. Please let me know if your child can not attend because of travel plans.
  • As part of the eoy performance I am sending home today, in the blue folder, a spoken part that I need your child to learn. This will be said, one at a time, during the morning.


Your Children are Great Readers

 We have been writing stories and with our PYP unit of Books Alive and we have done some reader’s theater. The children read the parts from a play. This was going so well that we invited the other KG2 classes to watch our plays. Ms. Rose Ann videoed them, put them on YouTube and we are providing the link to you so you can view them.

1st is Goldilocks and the Three Bears performed by Judson, Jad, Eleonore, Daniel, and Jia Bao. Keep scrolling to see the others.

Next, is The Little Red Hen read by Misk, Hamada, Zayed, Carl and Oliver.

Little Red Riding Hood – Starring  Hyein, Leen , Saif, Zuri, Florian, and Jia Bao, standing in for Anaya (sorry about the end, it did not get recorded)

Three Billy Goats Gruff – Zihan, Ahaan, Nawenxuan, Jadd, and Danny (sorry we forgot to put on their name tags when the audience came)


Starting Sunday

Ramadan: Important Information from the ES!
Posted on May 25, 2017 by adecardy
Dear Families,
As we approach Ramadan, the elementary school would like to give you a few updates about what to expect during the holy month. It’s very important to us that there is two-way communication between families and homeroom teachers about personal Ramadan expectations. As a school, we want to respect the holy month and support families. School Hours: KG2 – Grade 5: School hours will be from 8:30 – 1:30 each day during Ramadan. All students must be picked up by 1:30 as no elementary student is allowed on campus past this time.
PK – KG1: School hours will be from 8:30 – 11:30. If your child is registered for After School Care, this will continue through Ramadan. All other students must be picked up from school between 11:20 and 11:30.
Children are allowed to arrive on campus at 8:10 in the morning as that is when supervision is available.New Bus Timings:The Transportation Coordinator emailed home new bus pick up and drop off times to each family this week. Please contact Mr. Louie Garcia if you need further information. transportation@uasdubai.aeCare for Fasting StudentsPlease notify your child’s homeroom teacher if they will participate in the fasting tradition. Physical Education Class: Classes will run for a shortened 20-25 minute block. Students in grade 2-5 will have a free play swim unit during PE. If a fasting students opts not to swim, they may sit out. KG2 – Grade 1 will have all PE classes in the gymnasium with low impact activities as well. If a student is fasting, they may sit out. Additionally, PE teachers will be keeping a close eye on the health and welfare of all students.Recess:
All fasting students will have the option to stay inside during recess times in an assigned supervised space. This will be a quiet and reflective space where students can relax and read. No electronics will be allowed during recess times.Separating Non-Fasting and Fasting Students During Lunch:
All fasting students will remain in the building under supervision. This will be a quiet and reflective space where students can relax and read. No electronics will be allowed during this time.Water Consumption:
Students have been instructed to to follow the protocol of not drinking water in public. The school will do their best to honor the intent of Ramadan in this matter. Students in early childhood will continue to have access to water in their classrooms. Students in grades 2-5 will keep water bottles in their cubbies and access them during short breaks throughout the day. Water bottles will be allowed outside during outdoor recess times or in assigned non-fasting rooms.Prayer Room:
Students currently in grades 3 – 5 will not have access to the prayer room during the day.Care for Non-Fasting Students:Snack
Snack for non-fasting students will be outdoors during recess times. Please send a minimal healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or a nut-free protein bar.Cafeteria – Lunch
During lunch, all non-fasting students will be in the cafeteria for a typical lunch time. The cafeteria is open during Ramadan.Outdoor Recess:
Continuing with our guidelines for recess, all non-fasting student must continue to wear hats and have water bottles for outdoor recess. If a student does not have a hat, they are required to stay under one of our many shaded areas.Indoor Recess:
Students will remain outside until the Real Feel temperature reaches 45 C. This is actively monitored using the AccuWeather app as it provides accurate information about temperature plus humidity. The school will mandate indoor recess if the Real Feel temperature reaches 45 C – students will be required to stay inside. This will be a quiet time where students are not allowed to use electronics.We wish everybody a happy and joyous Ramadan! If your family plans on leaving school early, please contact your homeroom teacher to let them know.Sincerely,David and Amanda

Some things that are different for KG2

Please note that during Ramadan, the kindergarten students still have both a snack and lunch time so you can continue to send them with both a snack and lunch each day.  We will be eating lunch in our classrooms so please don’t send anything that needs to be heated.

Students will return to their normal PE lessons in the gym next week.

Please pick up your children by 1:30.

MAP Testing is Over

Well for most of our students that is true. We have a few that didn’t finish or were absent and still need to test.

Today is our last day of swimming for the year. We will not swim next week.

Word Family Books

Everyone has finished reading their Word Family books and we want to celebrate. We voted on an ice Cream party for Thursday (unless Ramadan starts). We need some help with

  • bowls
  • spoons
  • ice cream
  • bananas
  • chocolate sauce
  • sprinkles
  • other snacks you may want to send – but keep in mind I heard some of the Arabic classes maybe having pizza parties.

How about if you email me if you want to help let me know what you would like to bring.

Last homework of the year is coming home today, but please don’t stop reading, writing, and practicing other skills. Remember that you can continue to use IXL and RAZ Kids through the summer.

MAP Testing

Sorry, I should have told you this earlier. Our MAP testing days are this Thursday at 10:00 and next Sunday at 10:00.  So, this means no swimming on Sunday. Swimming was at the same time as MAP testing. Please make sure that your child is at school if they are not sick.

If your child has ear buds you may want to replace them with over the ear headphones which seems to be more comfortable for them.

A Few More Things

Save the date for our KG2 DL end of the year program.

June 15th, 2017

Elementary School Dress Down Day to Support Grade 5 Exhibition Projects: May 15th

In support of the Grade 5 Exhibition projects, the elementary school will have an optional Dress Down day on Monday, May 15th. Students may choose to wear blue, green, black, pink or white. If students dress down, we ask that they bring in 5 AED to participate in this dress down day.

The Grade 5 students will use the money to:

  • promote more recycling within our community (green/blue)
  • support families of kidnapped children (black)
  • support an organization who has had loved ones impacted by cancer (black)
  • breast cancer research (pink)
  • support the education of children living in poverty (white)

We are so proud of our Grade 5 students and their Exhibition projects. Please help them take action by supporting their causes by contributing during the upcoming dress down day.


Optional Memory Book Promotion

Students in grades KG1 – Grade 5 will have the opportunity to create a memory book to mark their current time in the journey of life. If you are interested in the Memory Book, please view the slideshow shown below. You will need to sign up online before May 22 and send the required fee to cover the supplies to the elementary office by the same date. Thank you to our volunteer moms for bringing this project forward.

Online Registration Form


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