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Intro to decimals!! 1-31-18

I see decimals in shops. For example of decimals in money. I need to learn decimals because if the cashers do a wrong amount.  

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Feedback-4th grade & CAS DONGWOO

What did you like? I liked how the CAS students came to the library to work with us. What did you learn? I learned that every one has diffrent stereotype. What does this make you learn? It made me learn … Continue reading

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Advertising:Reality vs. Advert

The difference between real life and advert are that they use sound effects, and make toy that don’t talk talk……. A good advert should tell the truth and don’t lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Advertising:Stereotypes/choosing books!!!

We(our class)went to the high school library┬áto choose by gender or gender neutral. How we did it: We got books and we saw the cover of a book had to see if it was for boys or girls or neutral. … Continue reading

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