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Intro to decimals!! 1-31-18

I see decimals in shops. For example of decimals in money. I need to learn decimals because if the cashers do a wrong amount.  

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I  seached about sharks.  

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Feedback-4th grade & CAS DONGWOO

What did you like? I liked how the CAS students came to the library to work with us. What did you learn? I learned that every one has diffrent stereotype. What does this make you learn? It made me learn … Continue reading

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Advertising:Reality vs. Advert

The difference between real life and advert are that they use sound effects, and make toy that don’t talk talk……. A good advert should tell the truth and don’t lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Advertising:Stereotypes/choosing books!!!

We(our class)went to the high school library to choose by gender or gender neutral. How we did it: We got books and we saw the cover of a book had to see if it was for boys or girls or neutral. … Continue reading

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Unit 2: lesson 1-Healthy Mind and body

How to be heathy physically and mentally. I stay heathy by playing soccer, eating heathy food, and   brushing my teeth every day. Its important to learn how to be healthy because you might be fat and you will have germs … Continue reading

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