Best Wishes for a Happy Summer!


Dear parents,

I want to thank you for your support and thoughtfulness this year.   I had an amazing time getting to know each and every one of your children; learning right along with them.  I’m confident they are well equipped for grade 5. Some parents have asked me what to do with their child over the summer so that they stay on top of things academically. From my personal experience as a mom, in addition to being an educator, my suggestion is to make sure they are reading daily, either in Raz Kids, a favorite book or other websites that support reading. For math, they can practice their multiplication tables, and use IXL as often as possible. But most importantly,  make sure that they have balanced time away from screens and lots of time to create and play. Studies show that play is as important as the 3 R’s in childhood.  http://

When it’s really hot outside and your at wits end because they’ve been on screens too long, encourage playing board games and play with them. Talk about sportsmanship and playing fair.  When you think they need a project,  save up recycled packaging and call it beautiful junk, make a space in your home where they can build and create with water bottles and boxes, and old pieces of wrapping paper, ribbons and buttons, etc.  I assure you they will be quite happy!

Finally I would like to say, this will be my last post on the Blog. I turned in my computer on Tuesday, and I do not have access to the school email address.  So I apologize if you have emailed me and I haven’t responded.  Should you like to contact me, I  can be reached at: or 0528844463.

With all good wishes for a safe and happy summer.

May your families be blessed this Eid al Fitr and always.


Ms. Deborah











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