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Hi its Chloe its been a while since I posted something on my  blog so I will tell you about UOI unite 3 .

I learned about advertisement and what makes a good advert (advertisement) like bright colors, good slogans, great quality, not to much.words and most  importantly it has to be persuasive so people will buy your product.

I also learned that  if your making an add about food you would probably use the color red because red is for hunger yellow is for happiness and blue is safety and peace I hope you learned a thing or two and thank you for reading !!

Check my advert the link below ┬áThank you ­čÖé




be healthy

Its really important to be healthy because you won’t need to worry about being sick often, you will be stronger, smarter and its better to be healthy than being in the doctor/hospital everyday. I would rather be with my friends a school learning and having fun so Stay really healthy and you will be really happy!!



Reading response journal unit one reflection

For our first unit of readers workshop we learned to read fiction books intensely. we learned about “stop and jot” or making notes of our thinking on post-its.by writing down our thoughts and questions as we read we are better able to remember and understand the stories .We also learned about character traits, arthor’s purpose and theme.


Please find attached my reflection on my reading responds journal for unit one.

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My own country—Clophia

Our first UOI we learned about governments and me and my partner made our own country names Clophia we had fun we had fun and we presented it in the class and me and my friend Sophia got a great score! we made a google docs about Clophia my friend and I were so proud we had lots of fun working together to make our own country and I hope we do it again soon.

please check out my Chlophia google docs and comment if you like it