UOI exhibition UAS

today I saw the grade 5 exhibition!

I learned about cancer. I learned that it could kill your learn that there are many kinds of cancer like breast cancer, heart cancer,brain cancer and even lung cancer.I really like all the presentations they were really good and I got a really good ideas fro all the stand but I think they should speak a bit louder. but I liked it.

hope you enjoyed it thx!!!

UOI grade 5 Exhibition

Hey its chloe,today I went to uptown school to see the grade 5 exhibition I learned about a lot of things,but my most favorite today was the gymnastics one (I love gymnastics) I learned that the central idea is that don’t be shy to express your self with gymnastics or any other sport. I learned about cloud 9 its basically how to express your self with dance or 1,000 other ways like gymnastics, singing,writting,drawing,paintings and more. expressing yourself is the main idea! It is a great way to get you ready with your grade 5 exhibition!! 🙂 I just wonder if if you can express yourself without any moving or talking? I don’t really like the way they explained it because they kept saying Ummmmm….. and ………. they don’t speak smoothly. I hope you learned a thing or two !

thank you 🙂