Sharjah Science Museum

hey its chloe, today I went to the Sharjah science museum and I saw a LOT of cool and interesting things like the shadow room its a room thats dark and and you make a pose on the wall then you press a button and when you see a flash then you get out of the pose and you see the pose you made on the wall!!    And the most disgusting thing I saw was……. A REAL BRAIN!!!!! we saw a van Der graff generator and when you touch it and its on, your HAIR GOES UP!!!!! I tried it with my friend tala I held her hand and  I touched the generator and BOOM OUR HAIR WAS UP! 🙂

I had sooo much fun there is a lot of things to do but thats my favorite I hope you enjoyed and I think you should go too!!!


UOI Portfolio

Hi its Chloe its been a while since I posted something on my  blog so I will tell you about UOI unite 3 .

I learned about advertisement and what makes a good advert (advertisement) like bright colors, good slogans, great quality, not to much.words and most  importantly it has to be persuasive so people will buy your product.

I also learned that  if your making an add about food you would probably use the color red because red is for hunger yellow is for happiness and blue is safety and peace I hope you learned a thing or two and thank you for reading !!

Check my advert the link below  Thank you 🙂