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My name is Ella Cassidy-Clark and I am a KG-1 Teacher

November 11th-13th

This week in KG-1ECC

This week was a short 3 day week.

The children enjoy participating in swimming and learning some early swimming skills. Here we are practising holding onto the edge of the pool and kicking our legs.

On Monday we saw the performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children enjoyed watching and participating in the show.

The children enjoyed looking through their portfolio books – I hope you are enjoying your child share their learning with you!

Thank you to all our classmates who have brought in items for our caring boxes – The children can’t wait to decorate them and make cards next week!

Next week in KG-1ECC

We will be decorating the caring boxes, making cards, sorting the items and thanking our support staff at school for the wonderful things they do for us! We will have Mr. Fields come in for his monthly lesson. Explore items using our five senses and plant our pumpkin plants out in the garden.



Thank you parents for attending our Parent Teacher Conferences! It was great seeing you and sharing with you about how your child is doing in KG1 so far this year. You will receive report cards in December.

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Sunday November 19th– Swimming
Monday, November 20th- we would like for each child to bring in either a UAE magazine or UAE/area newspaper. We are using these for a class project and will be cutting out pictures and/or words from UAE and/or Dubai.
Tuesday November 21st– If you plan to purchase books from the Scholastic Book Order Form, please send in the order with the exact cash on Tuesday, November 21. Reading with your child is a great way for you to build literacy skills and spend quality time together.
Wednesday, November 22nd-We will have our class photos taken next week. Please make sure your child wears their UAS polo/collared style shirt and either shorts, pants or skirt.
Your child’s big, black portfolio that was shared with you during conferences, should be returned by Monday, December 4. Make sure you sit down and go through this special book together!
We will be celebrating UAE National Day with a variety of activities during the week of November 26-29. We need a few parents to assist with taking students around to the exhibits on November 29. Please open the link if you can help…  UAE Celebration Parent Sign-Up

Parent Conference – Sign Up

A huge thank you to all the parents who have already signed up for or confirmed their parent-teacher conference time.

To those who have not done so yet, this is the last opportunity to sign up for parent-teacher conferences. They must be scheduled through the Portal ahead of time and cannot take place on other days.

You must sign up for a conference in order to reserve your time. You can do this by logging onto the Portal. Directions for signing up can be found at the bottom of the linked blog post. If you need help accessing the portal, please email the help desk.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there!

November 5th-9th

This week in KG-1ECC

This week we have begun talking and learning about our five senses. Ask your child if they can tell you all five? We did a popcorn sensory observation where we used our five sensory to describe what we saw, heard, felt, smelled and tasted. We played a mystery game where we felt what was inside the mystery box – we had to use our sense of touch to guess what was inside. We played a listening game where we listened to different sounds and had to guess what sound we heard and match it with pictures.

On Thursday we went on our first KG1 field trip to Little Explorers. The children enjoyed exploring the five zones – I Discover Myself, I Locate Myself, I Can Do, I Experiment and All Together.  They also enjoyed a workshop titled “Rhythm and Sound”. We had a truly special and fun-filled day!

In centers this week:

Math– The children have been working on their 1:1 counting through playing math games by rolling a dice and moving the object in pairs. Counting objects and matching it with the number

Literacy– The children used iPads to explore the letters on the starfall app, match upper and lowercase letters together and made letters with big lines and little line – The letter names and sounds we are focusing on are Ll, Ff, Ee, Hh, Tt, Ii and Uu. Can you child name all of these letters?

UOI – The children explore different items using there sense of touch and used words to describe how they felt – smooth, rough, soft, hard, bumpy etc. The children sorted items by their five senses.

Please note: There have been a look of children and myself out sick over the past 2 weeks with high fevers. Please stay healthy and take time to rest if needed.


Next week in Kg-1ECC:

Next week is a short 3 day week for us. We will be watching the Jack and The Beanstalk Play in the MPH and reflecting on what our favourite part is. Talking about the items for the caring box and decorating boxes to put the items in.



Swimming– On Sunday

Library– We will have library on this Tuesday next week due to the short week. Please have your child return their library book before then so they can take home another book to read.

Literature Bags!!! They came home this week for the first time and the students were VERY excited about them. Some like to call it their “homework”! We encourage you to do the activities each night, again and again! Please return ALL items inside the bag each and every Sunday.

Next Monday, November 13, we will be treated to a Jack and the Beanstalk play by the Lollipop Theatre, in our MPH. We will go promptly after 8:00, so please don’t be late for school. In the event you arrive late, please bring your child to find us in the MPH. Also, please make sure they use the toilet before coming to school.

Next Tuesday, November 14, we would like to have ALL items (Shampoo, lotion, razors, etc) that we requested for our UAS Support Staff Caring Boxes, turned in. We will be preparing the boxes to give to our wonderful Support Staff. We want the students to be able to place the items they bring into each box, so PLEASE let me know if you forgot what your child needs to bring. We want all of them to participate!

Next Tuesday, November 14, UAS is taking time to acknowledge Diabetes Awareness Month. It is estimated that 1 million people in the UAE suffer from this disease. Please have your child WEAR BLUE as a reminder to stay healthy and try to avoid this disease.

Next Wednesday, November 15 and Thursday, November 16, there is NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. These two days are set aside for teachers and parents (no students) to meet and discuss how things are going so far this school year. You have been given lots of information regarding the survey, how to sign up online, sibling schedules and so forth. Please email me asap if you still have questions. If you are having technical issues, please contact helpdesk@uasdubai.ae. Conferences are scheduled for 25 minutes each, which allows plenty of time to chat. I look forward to seeing each of you next week!

KG-1 Announcements

Parent Teacher Conferences
1. If you have not already done so, please click here to fill out the PTC form.
2. To sign up or view your conference time please log into the portal. If you have any issues logging in please contact IT or helpdesk@uasduabi.ae.
Little Explorers Field Trip
1. Please have your child wear his/her class color t-shirts.
2. Bring a disposable water bottles WITH your child’s name.
3. Although our times may change, we will still have snack, so please pack the lunch boxes as usual.
4. If you would like to pick your child up directly from Little Explorers at Mirdif City Center you MUST be at the entrance to Little Explorers no LATER than 11:15. You MUST email your child’s teacher by tomorrow (Wednesday November 8, 2017) to notify them that you will be picking your child up at MCC.

November 5th

Dear Parents, 

You received information from UAS Elementary School today on how to access the online portal and how to schedule your child’s Parent Teacher Conference. If you have multiple children in the Elementary School, their PTC has already been pre-scheduled. Please log on to view your pre-scheduled time. Should you have a conflict with that time, it is your responsibility to edit and reschedule accordingly. 

Thank you, 
Ms. C-C

October 31st – November 2nd

This week

This week has been a short week with only 3 days in school!

A big thank you to Gloria, Hina and Seolah (Troy,Yashar and Hannah mom’s) for coming into the classroom with planned Halloween activites and working with all the children in small groups. The children had fun making spider cookies, decorating cupcakes, touching and guessing what was inside the mystery boxes, listening to a story, meeting 2 furry friends, and bowling over mummy’s.

The children dressed in green as we joined the rest of the school in making the UAE flag photo and the children each painted the UAE flag back in the classroom. Our pumpkin seeds are growing – Today we took them out of baggies and put them inside a cup along with soil and water. When they grow bigger we will  plant them outside in the garden.

Next week

We will be going on our first field trip to Little Explorers. We will be learning about our five senses. playing math games using subtizing, 1:1 and working with others. Focusing on the letters L,F, E, H, T and I


As you noticed on our November calendar, this is a VERY busy month.
–Swimming on Sunday
Please make sure your child is wearing their swimming suit under their uniform and have all the correct items with them.
–Field Trip to Little Explorers
Thank you for returning permission slips and money for your child to join us next Thursday, November 9, for the Little Explorers field trip. Here are some reminders for that day:
Your child should wear their Purple class tshirt with uniform shorts and school sneakers. They should also bring a DISPOSABLE water bottle, labeled with their name. They should bring their regular snack, folder and backpack as well. Parents that are being asked to attend will be notified via email, no later than Sunday.
Literature Bags
Next week (if you signed the permission form) your child will bring home their first Literature Bag. These bags are filled with a book and fun activities for you and your child to do together. Please help your child learn responsibility, and keep everything inside the bag while it is at home. If any item is missing from the bag, you are responsible for replacing or your child may not receive one again. These are GREAT learning opportunities and bags are due back every Sunday!
Caring Box
In your child’s folder today, there is an important letter explaining our Early Years Caring Box initiative. Please read carefully and let us know if you have questions. We would like all items turned in no later than Nov. 14.
Parent-Teacher Conferences
On Sunday, we will email you a link to a Google survey to complete regarding Parent Teacher Conferences. The 3 minute survey will need to be completed before November 8th.
Parent Conferences will be on November 15 and 16. Ms. Janel schedules all elementary siblings, so that the times are back to back. These times are not easy to change, because it affects more than one teacher. If you have more than one child in PK-Grade 5, your time is already booked, and you will be notified soon. All others will be notified from UAS, regarding this year’s online booking system, and directions on how to book. Conferences take place from 8-4 with 25 minute scheduled meetings and a lunch/break for teachers. There will be no school for students on these 2 days.
If you have questions regarding any information on today’s blog, please send me an email… we are busy bees😊

A few reminders

Welcome Back!!! I hope you had a great long weekend. I was here at school. 🙂

Just a few quick things you need to know for this week, but first a HUGE THANK YOU to the three moms who volunteered to do activities with our kids today. I will post pictures on Thursday’s blog.

  1. The 75AED and signed form for the Little Explorers field trip is due TOMORROW.
  2. Please have your child wear a solid green t-shirt for Flag Day on Thursday. We will be going straight from the playground over to the field first thing in the morning. If you are running late please meet us there

Have a great afternoon and Happy Halloween!

October 22nd-26th

This week in KG-1

We continued with our pumpkin investigation. The children have enjoyed taking part in the different activities. This week we cut open two pumpkins, all children were risk takers and took a turn to put their hand inside, most of them did not like the feel of it! Together we estimated and wrote the number of seeds we thought were inside. We counted the seeds and there were a total 139!!!!

We tasted and tried pumpkin seeds – Most of the class enjoyed eating them. The children designed their own Jack-o-Lanterns on paper and together we decided how Ms. C-C and Ms. Kareen would carve the pumpkins for the classroom.

The children counted out pumpkins seeds, put them inside a tissue and sprayed them with water before putting them inside a snaplock bag and hung them on the window. We will observe what happens to the seeds over the next few weeks.

In Centers this week the children were focusing on

Literacy – The children were introduced to ‘Mat Man’ and learnt about the shapes that make letters – Big Line, Little line, Big Curve and Little Curve.

Math – The children quantified numbers with play dough mats and with halloween buckets, rolling a dice and added spiders to the web and made simple (AB) patterns

Gross motor – Threw eyeballs inside the monsters mouth

Fine motor – created google monsters and jack-o-laneterns


HALLOWEEN was in the air today as we celebrated with amazing costumes, a parade and Trick or Treating! Your child should have brought home a treat bag with lots of fun toys and candies today. We asked them not to eat any candy until they returned home. Thanks for sending in treats to make our event so much fun!

Well done to Sarah and Nathan for recieving certificates for trying hard to remember to raise their hand, wait for thier turn to answer a question during discussions.

Next week in KG-1

On Tuesday we have three moms coming in to run Halloween Centers. We are working on the letters: E, F, H, I, L, T and U over the next several weeks. Ask your child to tell you what they are learning and let them practice at home with you, ask them what sounds and letters they are!


October 29 and 30… Please remember there is NO SCHOOL this coming Sunday, October 29 and Monday, October 30. Teachers will have Professional Development training.

October 31… Students return to school and should wear their regular school uniform. It is Halloween day and we will celebrate with some Halloween Centers, but students should NOT dress up again. Thank you to the parents who have agreed to come and assist in some fun activities/ centers next Tuesday. We are looking forward to seeing you!

November 1– Field Trip permission and money due! You have received a Permission Slip in your child’s folder regarding our first field trip. We are going to Little Explorers at MCC on November 9 and we need the permission slip signed and returned, along with 75 AED (please send correct change). * We are allowed to take only 2 parents along with us, so if you are interested, please make sure you mark the permission slip accordingly. We will notify you if you are going.

November 2Flag Day… more information to come as we receive it.

We will send home the November calendar on Tuesday 31st October.