May 20th-24th

This week in KG-1

We had a great first week of story presentations. The children were excited to present their stories to the class and each day we looked forward to the three children retelling. Well done to this weeks presenters – Nathan, Simeon, Sarah, Lyne, Yashar, Daniel, Hannah, Troy, Alia, Lyan, Ahmad and Omair. We look forward to listening to more next week!

We have been creating number stories in class. The children use objects to tell and act out a story through groups – for example: “There were 2 cats playing in the garden, 4 more came along, now there are 6”. Through creating number stories children begin to develop a solid understanding of the meaning of addition and subtraction and of the relationship between these two operations. This also helps them to develop a wider range of strategies for solving problems.

In swimming this week the children had fun having a class relay using kick boards

On Thursday we attended the Grade 2 musical in the MPH it was based on the story of Harold and the Purple Crayon

Next week in KG-1 

We will be watching the rest of the story presentations. Continue to read and do activities based on the story of The Three Little Pigs.


  • Free Flow- We are continuing to wear our Purple class t-shirt each Sunday for our Free Flow.
  • Swimming- Next week will be our last time swimming.
  • Library– Our class will checkout books for the last time, this coming Wednesday, May 30. All library books will be due back the following week, as normal. Please make sure your child has returned any overdue book, so that no fines will be charged from the library!
  • Ramadan Fridges– KG1 is coordinating food/drink donations for our students to bring in for the Ramadan Fridge, next door at Spinney’s/Al Aresh. We will send home more details next week and will add it to our June calendar, so you will know what items you can send in and what day we are walking over to fill the fridge.
  • UAS Food Drive– Our PTSO is also sponsoring a Food Drive from now until next Thursday, May 31. KG1 is not planning to collect items in our individual classrooms (because we are bringing in the fridge items) but please feel free to send in items on the attached list if you like. We will make sure your child gets to place their donation in the PTSO boxes in the lobby.  (See Below)

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