January 7th-11th

Happy New Year and welcome back!

This week in KG-1ECC

It was great seeing everyone back in class this week and hearing about all the exciting things that happened over the break! Welcome to Dora and Lyne who have completed their first week in KG-1!

Throughout the week we read and re-read the story of  “The Mitten” the children enjoyed wearing  mittens and holding ice cubes and then seeing the difference without the mittens on. We discussed and learnt about the different animals in the story using Pebblego as some of the animals were new to us! We made note of how each animal moved as we took turns acting out the story.


We made snow!

We talked about how old we are and made a class graph. The children made an age collage where they stuck groups of objects together to represent their age.

In centers this week we did many activities around the story “The Mitten”

The children laced a mitten together and hung mittens with numbers in order from 0-12; explored measurement using different items to identify heavy and light; listened to The Mitten story on the iPad and retold the story using magnetic pieces; built letters using curves and lines; explored and found items in the water table; identified the letter Jj in our I Spy Books, and coloured and retold versions of The mitten with emergent readers.

The children have enjoyed learning The Bean Bag Bop song.

Well done to this weeks rockstars (Alia and Hannah) who have been caring and helpful towards our two new students and showing them what we do in our classroom and where to put things!

Next week in KG-1ECC

It is the end of our unit of inquiry into ‘How the World Works”  We will finish up with a taste and smell test followed by a very fun and messy science experiement!


The January calendar was sent home today – Please take some time to have a look at what is happening/needed for this month at school.

IXL- About half of my class has logged in and completed lots of Math questions on IXL. Please log in with your child and let them show you what they are learning. An earlier blog post lists the skills we would like for them to review for January.

Student dress code at UAS was mentioned in the elementary blog earlier this week. Please make sure your child is wearing the UAS school uniform to school (T-shirt, Jacket,  shorts, trousers etc). We are noticing many children wearing non UAS uniform clothing. In the Early Years we are happy for children to be wearing plain navy bottoms if need be due to uniform sizing.



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