Nature Walk Trip

On Wednesday we have our Nature Walk Trip ūüôā

  • Children need to wear the class PURPLE t-shirt.
  • The children will be taking their water bottles and snacks with them inside their bag. If your child has a smaller bag that they can bring to school that day to fit just those 2 items in, that would be ideal. If not their school bag is still fine as they will be carrying them themselves. They do not need to bring their folder to school on wednesday.


January 14th-18th

This week in KG-1

This week we were SCIENTIST as we completed many science activities as we finished our UOI into ‘How the World Works’ using our five senses. We read the story ‘Ava Twist the Scientist’ as we talked about asking and answering questions with Why, How and What.

Experiment 1 – Liquids and Solids

In pairs the children predicted what they thought would happen to different objects and recorded them on sheets

We put them outside

We investigated what happened to our object

We drew our findings and described what happened to the ones that changed.

Experiment 2 – We made slime

The children enjoyed working in pairs mixing the ingredients together and observing what happened when they mixed the two mixtures together.

Here is the experiment if you would like to make it at home!

Experiment 3 – Candy Observation

In centre this week

The children tasted different foods and used describing words such as bitter, salty, sweet and sour; with different materials they created something to make a car go faster; fished for numbers and practised writing what they found; sorted fish by color and made a graph of the fish colours; smelt different containers and guessed which fruit scent was inside; rolled a dice, identified the letter and sound and drew a picture an object that starts with that letter; laced pasta and used our five senses to identify what was inside jar #1 and jar #2

This week we begun outdoor centers where the children worked at different activities in our outside enviroment. Ask your child what they did. Photo’s on Flikr

Well done to this weeks Rockstar Recess – Daniel for being responsible in the classroom and to Sara for being a risk-taker.

Next Week in KG-1

We will begin our new unit of inquiry into ‘Sharing the Planet’ we will be going on a field trip to Uptown Mirdif Park. On Sunday we are trialling ¬†Free Flow Free Inquiry where the children will be able to visit a range of classrooms during our free inquiry.


* KG1 is working hard on their IXL Math skills and now we are able to offer¬†Literacy Skills¬†on their IXL accounts! Take this next week to explore the site and let¬†them try some PK skills. We will send you specific lessons to work on, in next week’s¬†blog.
Ms Crystal Hanna came and awarded our class a certificate for having the most IXL hours in KG-1!
* You may have noticed on your class calendar that we are requesting all KG1 students to wear their colored class shirt on Sundays. We are beginning a Free Flow throughout the PK and KG1 classrooms during Free Inquiry time, and this will allow us to keep students organized. 
* Please remember¬†Take home bags are due back on Sunday’s. If they are returned late you will not get one the following week and will have to wait until the following week to receive one as it takes Ms. Kareen time to check all the bags for the items which she does on a Sunday afternoon.
*Library will be on Tuesday next week due to our Field trip on Wednesday
*¬†Wednesday, January 24¬†we are going to Uptown Mirdif Park for a picnic, nature walk and playground. This will kick off our new PYP Unit of Sharing the Planet. Permission slips are in your child’s folder and should be returned¬†on Sunday! There is no cost, but class shirts, lunch boxes and water bottles are required.¬†
* We need your child to bring in a large, empty cereal box by¬†January 29. We will need plenty of time to decorate them for Valentine’s Day. A class list came home today for your child to begin making Valentine’s for their classmates.¬†
* Last but not least, UAS is hosting a special Fun Fair next Friday, January 26, to raise awareness for People of Determination formerly known as special needs. We encourage you to attend this free event and invite anyone else in your neighborhood or workplace. I am attaching the flyer with times and information.  

January 7th-11th

Happy New Year and welcome back!

This week in KG-1ECC

It was great seeing everyone back in class this week and hearing about all the exciting things that happened over the break! Welcome to Dora and Lyne who have completed their first week in KG-1!

Throughout the week we read and re-read the story of ¬†“The Mitten” the children enjoyed wearing ¬†mittens and holding ice cubes and then seeing the difference without the mittens on. We discussed and learnt¬†about the different animals in the story using Pebblego¬†as some of the animals were new to us! We made note of how each animal moved as we took turns acting out the story.


We made snow!

We talked about how old we are and made a class graph. The children made an age collage where they stuck groups of objects together to represent their age.

In centers this week we did many activities around the story “The Mitten”

The children laced a mitten together and hung mittens with numbers in order from 0-12; explored measurement using different items to identify heavy and light; listened to The Mitten story on the iPad and retold the story using magnetic pieces; built letters using curves and lines; explored and found items in the water table; identified the letter Jj in our I Spy Books, and coloured and retold versions of The mitten with emergent readers.

The children have enjoyed learning The Bean Bag Bop song.

Well done to this weeks rockstars (Alia and Hannah) who have been caring and helpful towards our two new students and showing them what we do in our classroom and where to put things!

Next week in KG-1ECC

It is the end of our unit of inquiry into ‘How the World Works” ¬†We will finish up with a taste and smell test followed by a very fun and messy science experiement!


The January calendar was sent home today – Please take some time to have a look at what is happening/needed for this month at school.

IXL- About half of my class has logged in and completed lots of Math questions on IXL. Please log in with your child and let them show you what they are learning. An earlier blog post lists the skills we would like for them to review for January.

Student dress code at UAS was mentioned in the elementary blog earlier this week. Please make sure your child is wearing the UAS school uniform to school (T-shirt, Jacket,  shorts, trousers etc). We are noticing many children wearing non UAS uniform clothing. In the Early Years we are happy for children to be wearing plain navy bottoms if need be due to uniform sizing.