December 10th-14th

This week in KG-1ECC

This week were were scientist! We conducted an investigation to see which liquid dissolved the Gingerbread Man the fastest. We used five different liquids, soda, water, pineapple juice, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. We set a timer and observed what happened.

The children worked in small groups and they found material, made a plan and tested out there results as they problem solved to find a way to get the Gingerbread across the river without getting wet.

In centers the children identified numbers, matched numbers and arranged them in order, created gingerbread people with different items, Looked for letters in their ‘I Spy’ books and retold the Gingerbread story using the characters from the story in small groups.

We made snowflakes!

On Thursday we dressed in our pyjamas, watched the Gingerbread boy with Super Why and visited Santa.

After the winter break in KG-1ECC

We will be reading the story “The Mitten” and do various activities around this story. We have two new students starting with us after the break – Dora and Imeldalyne. We are looking forward to meeting them both and welcoming them into our class!


  • On Wednesday 13th first trimester reports went live on the portal. If you have any issues please contact 
  • School starts back on Sunday January 7th. Happy holidays!
  • Lit bags will return the week of Jan 14

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays over the next three weeks. I am looking forward to heading back to New Zealand and meeting the latest addition to our family!


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