October 8th-12th

This week in KG-1

Every morning we read the morning message together, which tells us about what we will be doing that day. Each day we have a new calendar helper who helps us with this lesson – We talk and sing about the days of the weeks and the months in the year. We count the calendar and add the next number to our pattern – this month it is spiders and ghosts. We also count how many days we have been in school. We look at the calendar helpers name, talk about their first letter, the sound it makes, count how many letters and clap how many syllables are in their name. Below is a video of us singing the months of the year song.

This week in our unit of inquiry we have been talking about how we are the same and different. We read three stories about skin colors.

The children mixed red, yellow, black and white together to make their skin colour and painted a picture of themselves.

On Wednesday and Thursday we did an Apple investigation. We used our hands and eyes to describe what our apples looked and felt like. We sorted them into piles of appearance by color. The children were excited to see the apples roll and wanted to see what would happen if we threw it outside. After throwing one apple in the air watched it land on the ground and the apple broke in half. We were able to see what was inside the apple – they were surprised to see it turned brown after time. We tasted a green apple and a red apple and graphed which one was our favourite. We used the apples to make apple sauce.


Learning experiences in  centers this week:

Math – The children explored the numbers 1-10 and matched the numbers using stamps. Used 1:1 correspondence as they played the cookie game. Sorted items by color. Used different shapes to build structures.

Fine motor – The children are working on correctly holding scissors and cut different lines – straight, curvy and zigzag. Worked on drawing people using details through following direction cards.

Literacy – Used playdough to make their name. Identified classmates names and matched photos together.


This week the children have been working towards being good communicators – Listening to what the teachers are saying and following directions. Well done to Yashar and Ahmad for receiving the certificates and attending Rockstar Recess this week. Next week we will be looking for two children who are being principled- ‘doing the right thing’

Next week in KG-1

We will be conducting a pumpkin investigation and Halloween inspired centers over the next two weeks. The children will have their first swimming in class on Sunday.


  • Halloween Parent Volunteers

I am looking for 4 parents who would be willing to come in for 45 minutes on Tuesday October 31st at 8:15 am to work with a small group of children (5 at a time; 4 groups) doing a Halloween activity. In the past parents have done decorating cupcakes/cookies for Halloween, read a story, sing a song, play a game, do a craft, etc. all related to Halloween. You can be as creative as you like with the activity you would like to do.  The parents who volunteer will be responsible for getting the activity ready and doing it in the classroom with the children.  Pinterest has some great ideas as well – www.pinterest.com. The activity should last for around 10 minutes. Click here to sign up

  • Halloween Treats

Your child brought home an ORANGE note in their folders this week, regarding our Halloween celebration and Trick or Treating. Please send in 30 small items (individual pencils, stickers packs, erasers, boxes of raisins , bag of pretzels, etc) by Sunday, October 22. These items will be given out when they Trick or Treat within the classrooms, and we will provide bags for all KG1 students. Please do not send in a pumpkin or container.

  • Swimming

All KG1 classes will begin swimming next week. Our day is on Sunday at 11-11:35am! Please refer to the Swimming Letter that was sent home at the beginning of this week, in your child’s folder. We need your child to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE getting dressed INDEPENDENTLY, at home with you. They need to WEAR swimsuits to school, with SCHOOL UNIFORM on top. Bring towel, swim cap (mandatory) and swim shoes, inside a separate swim bag. Goggles are optional.

Thanks for all you do to support your child and their learning experiences in KG1




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