September 24th-28th

This week in KG-1ECC

This week has been a busy week in KG-1. We have been working on learning our friends names through games, songs, books and each morning this week the children have been recognising their name written on an envelope for morning mail – they have been looking inside their envelope and naming who is on the picture. We have been investigating our names – Decorating names, recognising names, building names, counting how many letters are in our name and graphed to see who has the most, least and the same. Also they identified letters that are in their name and NOT in their name.

We read the book, watched the song  Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? we even sung the song in class. On Monday we made cookies with the children helping to make the mixture and thank you to Ahmad who took the cookies home to bake them and brought them back for us to eat on Tuesday. We have made a class book based on the book and song.


The children have been enjoying learning some new songs. One of their favourite songs is Slippery Fish – Watch them do an amazing job. They have learnt the song and actions so quickly!

In centers this week the children have been working on many skills

  • Exploring letters with stamps and stencil rubbings
  • Gluing number and letters
  • Sorting pasta and pom poms by colour
  • Developing on their fine motor skills through using golf tees to make holes and threading beads onto pipe cleaners
  • Using scissors to cut straight lines

Cookie Recipe (ANZAC Biscuits)


  • 1 cup of rolled oats
  • 1 cup dried shredded coconut
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 125grams of butter
  • 2 Tbsp golden syrup
  • 1 tspn baking soda
  • 2 Tbsp boling water


  • Preheat oven to 18o degrees celcius. Lightly grease the tray or use baking paper
  • Combine the oats, flour, coconut and sugar together in a large bowl
  • Melt the butter and golden syrup together
  • Dissolve the baking soda in the boiling water and add to the butter mixture.
  • Pour the butter mixture into the dry ingredients and mix together
  • Roll into balls and flatter on tray allowing room for them to spread
  • Bake for 12-15mins, cooking one tray at a time.

We have made many class books over the past few weeks. These books will be coming home to you over the next couple of weeks. Please enjoy reading these stories with your child. It is a great way to see if they can recognise and name all their classmates names and who they like to play with at school. Please remember to have these for one night only so another child can take it home the following day. Here are the titles so far we have made 6!

Next week in KG-1ECC

Next week we will learn to be prepared for what to if there is a fire at school. We will read stories and practise what to do and where we need to go.  We will be learning about shapes that are around us and model different ways to be a kind friend – sharing, using kind words, being caring and helpful. We will  visit the Dramatic play room.


  • Today the October Calendar went home in your child’s folder – please take the time to look at what will be happening through out the month.
  • Back to School information session on Monday Oct 2nd please make sure you have filled out the form if you have not done so already . There are two sessions one at 1pm and again at 5:15pm. I highly recommend attending this information session.
  • We will begin show and tell next week – Please make sure your child only brings and shares on their day. Its a great idea to practise what they might say when they share with the class. Here are some ideas – What is it? What do they do with it? Where did they get it from? Why is it special?
  • Scholastic orders due on Wednesday 4th October – I will send home the brochure on Sunday and talk about this at Back to School Information Session.
  • UAS community fair 12-5pm October 5th

September 17th 20th

This week in KG-1ECC

WOW the children have completed 4 full days with all of their classmates! So far in the class we have 17 children – 9 Boys and 8 girls. We have been busy playing many different name games throughout the week to help us learn the names of all our friends in the class.

The children have been learning how our center rotations work in the classroom. Over 2 days the children complete 4 different activities so they complete a total of 8 over the course of the week. The children work in small groups where they wear a colour necklace to represent the group they are working in. Ask your child what colour group they were in this week? The children will change groups each week and so they are working with different children in the class. This week the children were working on in centers:

  • Developing their fine motor skills by feeding animals food using tweezers and picking up pom poms with different utensils.
  • Learning how to use the glue and ripping up paper as they glued it to the first letter of their name
  • Learning how to correctly hold scissors and cut playdough.
  • Being creative using different shapes to make things – We saw people, trains and much, much more.
  • Learning how to use the water paints.
  • Used whiteboards to practise drawing pictures of themselves.
  • Matched objects by their shape.

On Sunday we made playdough as a class, each child helped to add an ingredient. You will find the recipe below if you would like to make it at home.


We read the story “Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes” The children then coloured in their story with different colour according to what Pete stood in. They then retold the story to the teacher or a friend.

On Monday we read the story “Little Blue and Little Yellow”  The children then used blue and yellow playdough and mixed it together until they made the colour green.

On Tuesday we read the story “Harold and the Purple Crayon” with red, blue and white paint the children mixed it together to make their own shade of purple and painted with cotton buds


On Wednesday we used cotton buds to paint their name using dots.

If you would like to see more picture from throughout the week please click on more photos under the title Flikr photos on the right hand size of the blog. It will take you to my school flikr account. As you go through the photos each week, it is a great idea to do this with your child. They can tell you about the different activities they have done and who their classmates are.

Playdough recipe

2 1/2 cups white flour
1/2 cup salt
3 tablespoons cream tartar
2 cups boiling water
2 tablespoons oil
couple drops of food colouring

Mix flour, with salt and cream tartar in a bowl.
Add boiling water and oil plus a couple drops of food colouring.
Mix quickly then knead until firm. Add extra flour if sticky.
Store in an airtight container.


Next week in KG-1ECC

We will be reading the story “Who Took the Cookies From the Cookie Jar” and we will made cookies in class (If a parent is willing to cook the cookies at home – please let me know as we don’t have an oven at school) We will continue to work on learning our friends names, the classroom routines and rules at school. We will have our first trip to the Library on Wednesday. We will be doing a Name Investigation throughout the week.


  • No school tomorrow (Thursday)
  • If you haven’t done so already – Please send in your child’s folder or email me a family picture so we can add it to our class map wall.
  • A felt square came home on tuesday – Please decorate it with a picture and name. – this is due back on Monday 25th Sept
  • Back to school night will be held on October 2nd. Please try to attend this. I will send out more information about this next week.
  • Please remember no chocolate food item in lunches – Thanks!
  • We will begin Show and Tell the first week of October – I will send home a note next week with your child’s day.


EC Policies

Please read the following EC polices for Birthdays and Late Pick-UP


This is a time for your child to celebrate their birthday with classmates. It is our EC policy that  parents are allowed to bring a healthy snack (fruit kebabs, popcorn, fruit cups etc) and/or cupcakes or mini doughnuts. Please, no cakes or treat bags.

You will need to make arrangements with your child’s teacher a week in advance for planning purposes. Unfortunately due to fire regulations, we are not allowed to light any candles and would also appreciate no birthday decorations or party horns.

We would also like you to know that siblings, cousins or friends from other classes may not join the class celebrations.


**Late Pick-Up**

 Every day PreK/KG1 children are dismissed at 12:45. Please be on time and pick your child up at their classroom. Both the TA and teacher have scheduled meetings, planning and lunch to eat!
We do acknowledge that there might be the odd occasion that puts you behind schedule. Here is what that procedure looks like:
*Notify your child’s teacher when you are able to do so but remember that while they have children in their care, they do not check emails.
*Your child will stay with their teacher until 12:55.
*At 12:55, the TA will take your child to the lobby by the main bus doors.
*The TA will sign them over to one of our duty monitors.
*Your child will sit and wait for you in this area.
*The time your child is picked up will be documented.
Thank you for your cooperation on this important matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Crystal Hanna
Early Childhood Coordinator

First Full Day

Your child this week has completed their First Full Day of KG-1ECC! We have had a fantastic start with all smiles so far. I am looking forward to having the whole class together on Sunday.

I would like to update you on one change in the classroom. Ms Amira will be taking over the After School Care program at UAS so i would like to introduce Ms Kareen who will be working with your child and myself in the classroom this year. Ms Kareen has been working as a Teaching Assistant in KG-1 at UAS for nearly four years. So we are lucky to have her with us! When you see her, please say hello and introduce yourself.

Update on the T-shirts. As of this stage the PURPLE t-shirts have still not arrived. Please send your child to school wearing the UAS uniform. If we have them on Sunday morning we will change the children into it.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Please see attached a notice regarding the Early Dismissal in KG-1

Dear Parents of PreK and KG1 Students,

Thank you for your support and flexibility this past week during Student Orientation.  The Early Childhood (EC) staff feels it has been a great success!

EC Classes being on Sunday, September 17th.  We look forward to kicking off the school year with your child and family!

Tuesday, September 19th is the UAS’s first Early Dismissal Tuesday.  Based upon EY family feedback, EY classes (PreK and KG1) will have a regular schedule on Early Dismissal Tuesdays.  Classes will be dismissed at the usual 12:45 time.


Crystal Hanna, EC Coordinator   David Dorn, ES Principal



Welcome to KG-1


We are so pleased to have your child join us this year. The early years of educationare critical ones that lay the foundation for yourchild’s future. Here at UAS we are working hard to ensure that your child has a meaningful start. It is our goal to see your child grow in all areas (social, emotional, intellectual, and physical) this year so they can develop a life long love of learning.

HOURS: 7:35 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
The school doors open at 7:30 a.m. for students to go to the kindergarten playground. Your child should put his or her backpack into their cubby before going directly outside. Children should not be left in the hallway or in the classroom. Parents are not permitted to stay in the hallways – please bring your child out to the playground. There will be Kindergarten teachers and assistants outside supervising the younger children before school. Teachers will line the children up and bring them inside at 7:55 a.m.

We know it is hard to leave a reluctant child but separation will be easier if the goodbyes are brief. Typically, a child will not cry for long once the parent is out of sight. By working together we can help your child to become more independent and make his/her adjustment to school a happy one.

Dismissal for Pre-K and KG-1 students is at 12:45 p.m and 12pm on Tuesdays. Carriders are to be picked up at the classroom door. Please be on time to pick up your child each day, so your child does not become anxious or worried. If you anticipate a late pick up please phone the school. Any changes from the normal pick up arrangement will need to be made in writing and given to both the teacher and the bus driver.

Children must wear uniforms to school everyday. All items can be purchased at the school store. Your child will need to have a UAS jacket (the zip up ones are best). No other jackets or sweaters will be permitted. Please label all uniform items with your child’s name. Children must wear proper shoes for playing – no sandals are allowed. Please do not buy shoes with laces – Velcro is the best for this age group for ease and independence.

PLEASE NOTE – From September 11th – October 5th the children are required to wear the t-shirt provided by the teacher during the classroom orientation. Our class has purple t-shirts. These shirts will also be worn during field trips during the year.


SNACK TIME Your child will have two snacks each day. Please send only healthy snacks such assandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cheese, juice, etc. Gum, candy, chips, donuts, and all chocolate items are NOT allowed. We are a nut free school. Please no do not send nuts in your child lunch. We encourage you send your child’s food in reusable containers. The KG-1 classes will not be using the cafeteria so you will need to send enough food and water for your child. Water bottles are used through out the day so a large bottle is advisable. Please no glass items.

I am more than happy to talk with you and intend to keep you well informed of your child’s progress and the activities in the classroom. If you have concerns or questions about your child, please arrange for an appointment. I am in the classroom every morning by 7:30 am and at school until at least 3:30 each day. You can subscribe to my blog to keep up to date about what is going on in our classroom.

Please feel free to email me at school – I would love to hear from you. Keep in mind that I am unable to check email during the hours the children are present, but I do check each afternoon after 1 pm. Any very important communication for that day, like a transport change, will need to be sent by note or by phoning the school.

More information will be given at Back to School Night on October 2nd. Please plan on attending this

We are very excited to begin the year and look forward to working together with you to make it a very special one!

Ms. Ella Cassidy-Clark
Ms. Amira Velani

KG-1 Supply List