December 10th-14th

This week in KG-1ECC

This week were were scientist! We conducted an investigation to see which liquid dissolved the Gingerbread Man the fastest. We used five different liquids, soda, water, pineapple juice, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. We set a timer and observed what happened.

The children worked in small groups and they found material, made a plan and tested out there results as they problem solved to find a way to get the Gingerbread across the river without getting wet.

In centers the children identified numbers, matched numbers and arranged them in order, created gingerbread people with different items, Looked for letters in their ‘I Spy’ books and retold the Gingerbread story using the characters from the story in small groups.

We made snowflakes!

On Thursday we dressed in our pyjamas, watched the Gingerbread boy with Super Why and visited Santa.

After the winter break in KG-1ECC

We will be reading the story “The Mitten” and do various activities around this story. We have two new students starting with us after the break – Dora and Imeldalyne. We are looking forward to meeting them both and welcoming them into our class!


  • On Wednesday 13th first trimester reports went live on the portal. If you have any issues please contact 
  • School starts back on Sunday January 7th. Happy holidays!
  • Lit bags will return the week of Jan 14

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays over the next three weeks. I am looking forward to heading back to New Zealand and meeting the latest addition to our family!


IXL for December and January

We are excited to be sending home information for IXL today, a web-based math program that your child can explore and do “homework” at home now. Each child has their own username and login.
We will set monthly goals for them to work on. They can always work on more, but at least try to cover the areas below.
Below are the goals for December and January. The letter in your child’s folder will explain more details.
Thanks! KG1 Team

Count to 10

  1. C.1Learn to count – up to 10
  2. C.2Count objects – up to 10
  3. C.3Count dots – up to 10
  4. C.4Count shapes – up to 10
  5. C.5Count using stickers – up to 10
  6. C.6Count on ten frames – up to 10
  7. C.7Show numbers on ten frames – up to 10
  8. C.8Represent numbers – up to 10

    Flat shapes

    1. K.1Name the shape
    2. K.2Circles
    3. K.3Squares
    4. K.4Triangles
    5. K.5Rectangles
    6. K.6Circles, squares, and triangles

December 4th-7th

This week in KG-1

This week we read many different  versions of the story of The Gingerbread Man; some of the titles included The Gingerbread Girl and The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School. The children enjoyed doing centers based on the Gingerbread Man which included – ordering the Gingerbread by size from smallest to biggest, creating and decorating Gingerbread out of playdough; and coloring their own Gingerbread book to share at home.

The children helped to make Gingerbread by measuring and adding the ingredients into the bowl. They loved smelling the ginger and the cinnamon that was added to the mixure!!!! The children rolled the dough out and used gingerbread cutters to make their Gingerbreads and placed them on the tray. Ms. C-C took them home to cook them. On Thursday while we were outside for recess the Gingerbread cookies RAN AWAY! We went on a hunt around the school looking for them, we had to stop and ask teachers along the way to see if they had seen them! When we finally found them we made sure the classroom door stayed shut while we decorated the cookies with icing and M&M’s and they were delicious!!!!!

Parents – Thank you for coming along to our winter celebration on Thursday morning that was held in the cafeteria. Here is the link of the performance – just incase you missed it or wanted to watch it again!!

Next week in KG-1

We will continue to read more Gingerbread stories followed with more activities based on the Gingerbread – we will even do an experiment with the Gingerbread cookies. On Thursday we will visit Santa before we depart for our winter break.


  • Five Senses Show and Tell- Your child should bring ONE item related to seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing or touching, next week on their regular scheduled day. “If” they choose to bring an item for tasting, please remember no nuts and that individual pieces for 17 students should be prepared.
  • Literature Bags will not come home next week, due to the long Winter Break.
  • Thursday, December 14th is another special celebration day! Please allow your child to wear pajamas to school and bring their favorite stuffed animal. We recommend that students wear normal school shoes, as we will still play outside on the playground. Here is a letter to explain more… ​PJ Day (4)-1rhgjdq
  • Thursday, December 14th is our last day of school for 2017. Students will be dismissed at 11:45. We will see you back on Sunday, January 7, 2018. If your family is traveling earlier than the 14 or later than January 7, please notify me via email.
  • Thank you again for your contribution and time to our Winter Celebration on Thursday. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Have a wonderful Winter break!!!

November 26th-29th

This week in KG-1ECC

This week the children have been doing many activities on the UAE! Rashids mom from Ms Ambers class came and spoke to us about the UAE she talked about the seven Emirates, the Rulers, Money, clothing and the language they speak. In our centers the children used their five senses as they explored items from the UAE, smelt different scents, tasted local foods, touched items and watched a clip on the UAE. They also enjoyed coloring different places in Dubai in their coloring book, building the Burj Khalifa out of clay, building different buildings in the UAE out of blocks and drawing pictures of what they would spend 100aed on.

On Wednesday the children dress in UAE clothing and in colors of the UAE flag. Thanks to our 5 parents (Yashar’s mom, Hannah’s mom, Omair’s mom, Troy’s mom and Richard’s dad) who came and helped out with our UAE centers. They took small groups around different activities. Thank you to all the Emirati familys in Pre-K, KG-1 and KG-2 who brought in UAE foods for us to enjoy. Please see below a short video of what we did this week. There are also lots of photo’s to look at too.

This week the children  enjoyed using Rhythm sticks as we learnt a new song. They did a great job listening and following the actions!!!

Next week in KG-1ECC

Next week we will be reading lots of stories and versions of The Gingerbread Man. We will make Gingerbread cookies on Monday – Would any parent be willing to take our Gingerbread cookies home to bake them on Monday and return them on Tuesday? – If you are able too, please let me know through email! – Thanks


No school on Thursday 30th November and Sunday 3rd December – Enjoy the long weekend!!!

The December calendar came home this week – Please note that on the 11th December it says sports day – Unfortunately we will be postponing this event until January.

If you have not done so already please send your child’s portfolio to school on Monday 4th December

Would anyone like to take home our Gingerbread cookies to cook on Monday?

We invite all parents to come to our Winter Celebration on Thursday 8th December at 8am in the school Cafeteria- We will be singing a song and eating together. Please sign up what you will be bringing on this link Children are to come to school dressed on festive party clothes.

National Day

Dear Parents,
To follow-up on the National Day parent information you received earlier today from UAS, we just want to clarify a few things.
PK and KG1 decided not to attend the outside activities that the Emirati Club has organized. Although these students have done a great job, we felt that most of the activities were not as age appropriate for our little ones. So instead we have organized our own UAE Fun Day for Wednesday morning, from 8:30-10:00. It will be packed full of exciting activities and we want to THANK our many parent volunteers for assisting us!
Please allow your child to dress in UAE National Dress or UAE colors (red, green, white and black) for Wednesday. Also, send snack and water bottles as usual.
Thank you so much for supporting our Early Years experiences!
PK/KG1 Teams

November 18th-22nd

This week in KG-1ECC

We read the stories ‘Shark in the Park’ and ‘Shark in the Dark’ as we focused on our sense of sight. The children enjoyed using there telescopes to go on a looking walk around the school.

In learning centers this week:

Literacy- The children worked on different activities for the 7 letters we are learning – created the letters out of wikistick; Matched and stamped upper and lower case letters; and identified and looked for the letter Ee amongst other letters and coloured items that begin with the Ee sound.

Math- The children are learning to sort object in different ways.

Unit of Inquiry – The children explored different items with their five senses; made telescopes and were scientist as they investigated with magnets.

Here is a video of us learning in centers!


We have been growing our pumpkin seeds over the past month in the classroom. Today the children took their plants and planted them outside in the garden.


The children decorated the Caring Boxes, sorted the items and made Thank You cards. On Thursday we gave the boxes to our wonderful support staff!

This week the certificates went to Lyan and Richard who have done a fantastic job tidying up after centers and free inquiry as well as making sure the classroom is nice and tidy throughout the day. Well Done!


Next week in KG-1ECC

We will be learning about the UAE through many different activities as well as attending the   national day celebration on Wednesday.


Wow, we have been and continue to be, SO BUSY IN KGI! This time of year there are many wonderful things to celebrate and be a part of. Here’s what’s going on over the next couple of weeks… 
  • Our SWIMMING has officially ended until after Spring Break. The weather has turned cooler and we will take a break until warm weather returns in April. We are proud that so many students have been Risk-takers in their swimming experience!
  • Next Wednesday, November 29, UAS will celebration UAE National Day!!! All students are encouraged to wear UAE colors (red, green, black and white) or UAE national dress. (This is NOT your child’s national/country dress, unless you are Emirati of course). There will be lots of photos on this day!
  • No School on Thursday, November 30 and Sunday, December 3. Enjoy UAE National Day/Weekend with your families!
  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS… Thursday, December 7, we would like to invite all parents to join us for our KG1 Winter Celebration, at 8:00 am in the cafeteria. We will send more information out next week.
  • Handwriting Without Tears– At Parent Teacher Conferences, we gave all parents a handout explaining the proper formation of writing the alphabet. Thursday, we are sending home some “pieces” similar to what we use at school, for you to cut out and practice with your child at home. These include, Big Line, Little Line, Big Curve and Little Curve.  Also, we are sending you a copy of the Picture Cards that will help learn the SOUNDS of each letter. We are excited about this program and thank you for spending time with your child at home, learning together!
As always, thank you for supporting your child’s learning and excitement about school. We appreciate all you do!!! 

November 19th

Reminder… my class will have School Pictures this Wednesday, November 22nd. Your child should wear their UAS polo shirt and either shorts/pants/skirt. You received a picture order form in your child’s folder on Sunday. Even if you are not purchasing photos, please return the envelope as the photographer will scan their name/barcode. Thanks!!!

Also, I am in need of 4 parents to volunteer to help our little ones rotate to the UAE National Day stations outside on Wednesday, November 29 from 8:30-9:30. If you are interested just email me or go to this link and add your name!

November 11th-13th

This week in KG-1ECC

This week was a short 3 day week.

The children enjoy participating in swimming and learning some early swimming skills. Here we are practising holding onto the edge of the pool and kicking our legs.

On Monday we saw the performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children enjoyed watching and participating in the show.

The children enjoyed looking through their portfolio books – I hope you are enjoying your child share their learning with you!

Thank you to all our classmates who have brought in items for our caring boxes – The children can’t wait to decorate them and make cards next week!

Next week in KG-1ECC

We will be decorating the caring boxes, making cards, sorting the items and thanking our support staff at school for the wonderful things they do for us! We will have Mr. Fields come in for his monthly lesson. Explore items using our five senses and plant our pumpkin plants out in the garden.



Thank you parents for attending our Parent Teacher Conferences! It was great seeing you and sharing with you about how your child is doing in KG1 so far this year. You will receive report cards in December.

Inline image 1

Sunday November 19th– Swimming
Monday, November 20th- we would like for each child to bring in either a UAE magazine or UAE/area newspaper. We are using these for a class project and will be cutting out pictures and/or words from UAE and/or Dubai.
Tuesday November 21st– If you plan to purchase books from the Scholastic Book Order Form, please send in the order with the exact cash on Tuesday, November 21. Reading with your child is a great way for you to build literacy skills and spend quality time together.
Wednesday, November 22nd-We will have our class photos taken next week. Please make sure your child wears their UAS polo/collared style shirt and either shorts, pants or skirt.
Your child’s big, black portfolio that was shared with you during conferences, should be returned by Monday, December 4. Make sure you sit down and go through this special book together!
We will be celebrating UAE National Day with a variety of activities during the week of November 26-29. We need a few parents to assist with taking students around to the exhibits on November 29. Please open the link if you can help…  UAE Celebration Parent Sign-Up