Children’s Rights

Today I am going to tell you about my Unit of Inquiry about Children’s Rights I was acting as Chino from living on one dollar a day the people who made it also made episodes about this real-life movie.

Hi, readers we were all studying about Children’s Right’s so I was studying about Chino. Chino is living in Guatemala with his mom and his sister, Chino has to work in fields and his mom and his sister have to at home. One day these people called Chris and Zack came to Chino and his whole family and other people in Guatemala.

So they stayed like about a month or so and they helped all of them like they gave us money they gave all of them better health, they gave them plenty of food and they gave them all very very very very happy lives.

Chino is not allowed to go to school, Chino is not allowed to have clean water Chino is forced to work in the fields and Chino has to carry wood on very steep hills just so other people can have fires and other stuff that you wood in.





When anyone asks’s me why a toy car cant move by itself on a place that is not steep at all and is only flat, well the answer will alway’s be the same. The answer to that question is because it does not have any energy and to give it energy you have to either push it or you have to drop it. But you don’t just drop it like that you have to put a track or something it will balance on the whole time. You have to put it on something because if you just drop it like that it will break because it will have way to much energy because its just going to fall down cause it’s to steep.

My Opinion Writing


Have your parent’s e told you to stop eating candy? well, my parents did.

And today I’m going to try to make you stop because candy is very bad. I have three reasons, they are, candy will mess up your teeth, candies are unhealthy, they will make you fat.


My first reason that candy is not healthy is that candy will mess up your teeth.

Whenever you eat candy your teeth have a 70% chance of getting yellow teeth or even black teeth! That’s what happened to me when I was small, so I had to go to the Dentist three times every month in a year! And I found that very painful so I stopped eating candies, and that’s how my adult teeth are fine for now.


My second reason is that kids should not bring candy to school is that it will hurt their teeth. I know that because when I was little I used to eat a lot of candy in school and after that whenever I got back home my teeth used to hurt a lot so then my mom said she will not give me candy in school and home and I was fine with that so that’s why I don’t eat candies anymore.


My third reason that kids should not have sweats is that other people sometimes want to trade with them but they are not allowed but the people with sweats want to trade to. I know this because when I was small, one day when my friend came over to my house four a sleepover he had sweets for me but I was not allowed so I traded with chips because I really wanted them but I ended up going to the dentist.


So the lesson I am trying to tell you is candy is not only unhealthy but can hurt you too.


My Math Reflection

Hi, readers today I’m going to tell you about my math reflection in decimals. If someone tells you to write twelve wholes and seventy-six hundredth’s in your math test then you write it like this 12.76. And you don’t write it like this 1276 because it will be all wholes you can only make it correct if you ad the decimal point.


My Opinion Writing

Have you ever wanted a pet, well I would recommend you to get a cat, because they are the world’s best pet ever, and they are fun for a lot of things.

I like cats because they are fun, you can take them for walks, and and my favourite reason I like cats are that you can train them, and if you do not know how to train them you can watch a video, but if the video is to complicated, there is also a website for a lot of things about cats, and how to train them.

The first reason I like cats are that they are fun.  They are fun because you can make fun obstacles at home, and when your done your cat can finish the obstacle if it was trained. Once when I was at my friends house I made a homemade obstacle course and the cat completed it I think that the cat loved it because it did it seven more times,  and every other day it did it again and again and again. After a few day’s the cat got very exhausted, so it slept and when It woke up I made a new one. The next day when the cat woke up, it did it so many times again. This is how I made it, the first step is you place some cups like this,̱̱̱̱̱̱̱̱ then the cat jumps on them and then you cut a hole in a plate. Then put a treat in it so the cat has to try to get it, then you put some water in a cup, and the cat has to jump over it and at the end of the obstacle there are some treats for the cat, I think that’s the reason the cat wanted to do it again because the cat got fatter and a lot heavier.

The second reason why I like cat’s are that you can train them. For example when I went to my friend’s house in the summer break there cat wasn’t trained, so they asked me to. I

said it would be hard but I just gave it a shot, and said ok. I watched a couple of videos but they were hard then I went on a website and believe it or not it was super easy. When I tried it for three weeks it worked and they were very happy with me. They said when they tried it it took a month and the cat still did not learn anything from them. I said that it has to be learning the same thing for four days so they said that they learned a lot from me.

The last reason I like cats are that you can also take them for walks. I think the reason cats like to go for walks are because when you sometimes keep them inside a house for long they always just want to go outside, because they want fresh air and they also want to want to move a lot. For example when I went to my friends house they kept there cat in for five hours, and it wanted to go outside so then we took the cat for a walk and the cat loved it, after the walk the cat wanted to stay outside but we were very tired so we let the cat into their backyard.

Those are all of the reasons I like cats and if you ever wanted a pet I would prefer you to get a cat.

My Best UOI Work

I learned how there is sand at the beach so in class we learned that on the mountains there is root wedging and ice wedging root wedging is when it rains there are tiny seeds and there are tiny cracks in the mountain, and when there are tiny cracks the seeds go in the tiny cracks and the root pushes through the rock and thats how root wedging happens now I will tell you how ice wedging happens so when it rains, the water goes into the cracks.

And when it is winter the water freezes and when the water freezes it pushes very hard and it breaks the rock, so the rock falls and it goes in a river the river has more rocks and the river’s water is fast then the rocks crash into each other and at the same time the river brings more rocks into it because the water is fast on the mountains because a mountain is steep.

And at the very bottom of the mountain the river takes the rocks to the ocean and they are getting smashed at the same time so they got to the land and thats why there is sand at the so I hope you learned  something with me you can leave a comment and ask me if you want to do more blogs about nature maybe I can also tell you what forms a canyon.

People of Determination.

People of Determination mean like the people who have challenges like for example the challenges are people being blind, deaf, can’t use body, no legs or arms and brain problem.

Beethoven was deaf and still was a musician because he tried.

So if you have one of those problems you can do what you want if you try your best.

My Toy Story3 Adventure

Have you ever played Toy Story3 well I have and it is very fun, It is in America Galleria mall and UAE Dubai mall. Did you know that there are some special offers so you can get them now.

So when I was playing Toy Story me and my cousins we made it to Zurg and it was kind of hard but we made it to Zurg and we could not make it because it was part of the game so I had to get to the other game to beet Zurg and I am still working on the so I can beet Zurg.

The next game that you play is aliens attacking a Decker so you have a lazergun to blast them and when you blast them there is goop every where and it looks kind weird the color of the goop is green.