My Best UOI Work

I learned how there is sand at the beach so in class we learned that on the mountains there is root wedging and ice wedging root wedging is when it rains there are tiny seeds and there are tiny cracks in the mountain, and when there are tiny cracks the seeds go in the tiny cracks and the root pushes through the rock and thats how root wedging happens now I will tell you how ice wedging happens so when it rains, the water goes into the cracks.

And when it is winter the water freezes and when the water freezes it pushes very hard and it breaks the rock, so the rock falls and it goes in a river the river has more rocks and the river’s water is fast then the rocks crash into each other and at the same time the river brings more rocks into it because the water is fast on the mountains because a mountain is steep.

And at the very bottom of the mountain the river takes the rocks to the ocean and they are getting smashed at the same time so they got to the land and thats why there is sand at the so I hope you learned  something with me you can leave a comment and ask me if you want to do more blogs about nature maybe I can also tell you what forms a canyon.

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People of Determination.

People of Determination mean like the people who have challenges like for example the challenges are people being blind, deaf, can’t use body, no legs or arms and brain problem.

Beethoven was deaf and still was a musician because he tried.

So if you have one of those problems you can do what you want if you try your best.

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My Toy Story3 Adventure

Have you ever played Toy Story3 well I have and it is very fun, It is in America Galleria mall and UAE Dubai mall. Did you know that there are some special offers so you can get them now.

So when I was playing Toy Story me and my cousins we made it to Zurg and it was kind of hard but we made it to Zurg and we could not make it because it was part of the game so I had to get to the other game to beet Zurg and I am still working on the so I can beet Zurg.

The next game that you play is aliens attacking a Decker so you have a lazergun to blast them and when you blast them there is goop every where and it looks kind weird the color of the goop is green.



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Writing life

I learned where to add speech marks commas how to use dialog and how you now witch part is the part you don’t need so you can delete it.

I could improve by adding more speech marks and commas and add more writing of my story so it looks better.


I wanted to show you the story I wrote THE BOY WHO LOVED READING


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Innovation Nation

Have you ever tried to create something out of toothpicks, cups, tapes, plates, popsicle sticks and straws? Well yesterday in UOI we had an adventure trying to make something innovative from those things.


First I got all the things I needed I used a ,plate, tape, toothpick and a cup. Second I thought I could make a plate, for a desert and lunch.  How I made it is I cut of the bottom of the cup and taped it to the plate, then I put on the toothpick in between the cup and the plate it is called a plate-cup.  How you use my plate-cup is that you can put some water in the cup and you can also stick some chicken pieces on the tooth pick and eat it and you can put some small deserts on the plate.

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Our 4SD Agreements

Good posts have:

  • Details that clearly explain something and keep on the topic (don’t repeat ourselves)
  • Recommendations, information on everday life and/or personal thoughts/reflections (what the blogger thinks)
  • Good subjects that interest other people and reflect our personality and interests
  • A good length, not too short or too long.
  • Sentences with good grammar and punctuation, and the spelling has been checked
  • Include at least 1 related image (photos, links, videos) with captions to say what they show, (citations needed).
  • Hyperlinks (might have)


A good blog has:

  • Different posts for different topics.
  • Links to blogs we follow or people who follow us
  • Somewhere for readers to comment
  • Nice colours and images that are kid friendly
  • An about the blogger page
  • A sidebar with categories etc.
  • A comments section


Bloggers are good digital citizens, we


  • Something positive about ourselves
  • No personal information eg do not give full name, address, phone number etc.

Comment by:

  • Making relevant comments about the post
  • Being respectful to others by writing politely
  • Giving stars and wishes


We use appropriate language at all times.

We check our work (posts and comments) before posting.  Does it make sense?  Is it free of all spelling and punctuation errors?

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My Reading Reflection

Here is a link to my reflection

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How you respect others and yourself

I respect others by teaching others new things and caring for others.

And listening carefully.

I respect my self by not breaking my stuff and careful.

I also tell others not to hurt others and be kind to them.

I also don’t break other people’s stuff and keep them safe so they don’t get broken.

When they talk I listen carefully.

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