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Letter for our Unit of Inquiry Project due next week!


Please see below regarding our end of Unit assignment/project. Thank you!


Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, October 18th, all Grade 2 students will bring in and present an artefact to their class. The artefact should represent their understanding of how change happens over time. For example, a student who grew up in Dubai might bring in a lantern to show how lights in homes have changed from olden days. Or a child from Canada might bring in a wooden toy to show what toys were like 60+ years ago.

If your child does not have an artifact that represents change from their home country, they can bring in a photo or a clay model of an artefact.

Some ideas for artefacts are:

-a camel or an abra showing change in transportation

-a wax record or cassette tape showing change in technology

-a traditional coffee pot to show changes in hospitality

-a traditional toy showing the difference between plastic toys today and what children had years ago

-old clothing to show what children might have worn

Students will present their artefact in a museum-style setting, so they should be able to tell others what their artefact is, where it is from and why it represents change. It would be helpful for students to practice their presentation at home with family.

There is a video on Ancient Egypt which explains what an artefact is on Brainpop Jr. Here is the link:

Please contact your class teacher with any questions.

Warmest regards,

Grade 2 Teachers

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