Week 1 Highlights – 5th Grade

Our  first unit of inquiry for 5th grade is How We Express Ourselves. We will be talking about how knowledge of written music allows musicians to read, practice, and perform. We will be using recorders, drums, and other Orff instruments to practice these skills and become more literate musicians 🙂

This week, our focus was on solfege and new rhythm patterns. We learned how to play forbidden pattern, which is a game that reinforces solfege hand signs and pitch intervals. In the game, the class plays against me and tries to win points. Mrs. Schricker’s class was the first class this week to beat me, and they were so proud!

The 5th graders also learned about the takadimi rhythm system, which is a system of speaking rhythm patterns. They used a familiar folk song, “Ida Red”, to discover a couple new rhythm patterns that we call “ta-dimi” and “taka-di”. We practiced these new patterns by singing folk songs, creating ostinato patterns on drums and playing a rhythm game called, “I Have, Who Has”.

Next week, we will be starting Recorder Karate. If your 5th grader has not brought in their recorder, they must have it in class by Sunday. Please be aware that students are only allowed to practice their recorders in the music room or at home. We want to continue keeping the school hallways, classrooms, and playground a RECORDER FREE zone for the sake of other students and teachers.

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Austin 🙂

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