Week 3 Highlights – Grade 3

This week in music, the grade 3 students have been preparing for, and are now creating their final projects for the “How We Express Ourselves” unit.

We began the week by watching “Peter and the Wolf”. This is a symphony written specifically for children by Sergi Prokofiev, a famous Russian composer. It tells the story of a boy named Peter, who takes on a scary wolf along with his friends, the bird, the duck, and the cat. Each  character has a theme (or a motive) that represents them. It is meant to teach children the different instruments in the orchestra, as well as melodic motives.

The students  took what they learned from the symphony and applied it to children’s books. We created a dramatic performance of “This Jazz Man” as a class, using instruments to show actions and characters. They were then assigned groups and asked to create their own dramatic stories (using “The Gruffalo”, “Kat Kong”, “Scaredy Squirrel”, “Bee-Wigged”, and “Frog in Space”).

Each class will be performing their dramatic stories on Wednesday, November 1st. If you would like to join us for the in-class performance (room 220), the class times are listed below. All parents are welcome!

3ER-   7:55-8:40
3AVD-   9:10-9:55
3GK-   1:35-2:20
3NK-   2:25-3:10
Here are some pictures from the week:
 If you have any questions feel free to email me at baustin@uasdubai.ae. I hope to see you on Wednesday!
– Ms. Austin 🙂
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