Week 2 Highlights – Grade 3

This week in Grade 3 music, the students have been learning how to identify notes on the treble clef, as well as practicing the pentatonic scale. We have also been working on our music listening skills (what to listen for when hearing a song).

We started the week with an Orff arrangement of the popular folk tune, Rocky Mountain. The students discovered how to sing the song using solfege, learned the words, and then added a xylophone part. Performing as a class required a lot of teamwork and cooperation, so we spent time practicing and developing those skills.

Our next concept we worked on was the treble clef. Naming the notes can be tricky at first, but we reinforced it with lots of fun activities. We played the Fly Swatter Game, where students had to identify the note I called out and SWAT it with a fly swatter.

We ended out the week with a Listening Day. We talked about the elements of music (dynamics, tempo, etc…) and how these change depending on the mood of the song. To show this, we listened to Gustav Holst’s “Mars” – from his symphony, The Planets. It’s a very exciting and dramatic piece that sounds very similar to Star Wars.

I’m looking forward to a busy and exciting next week as we start preparing for our final projects.

-Ms. Austin

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