You Will Be Found

Happy Islamic New Year!

I hope all my students have had a restful long weekend and are excited to get back to our first full week of school! As I shared with my 4th graders, I will be sharing little bits of creativity and inspiration (from YouTube) at the end of class on Thursdays. This will be a fun way of introducing new genres of music, as well as celebrating excellent musicianship from around the world. This past week, we watched a video of the BYU Vocal Point (a FANTASTIC a capella group) sing “You Will Be Found”. It’s a touching song about the importance of acceptance and belonging, and it comes from a new Broadway musical called “Dear Evan Hansen”.

I invite you to watch this video again with your student, and discuss the emotions you feel when listening to the lyrics. Why is this feeling of belonging so important, and how can we help foster that at UAS?

Looking ahead to this week, the 4th graders will be learning all about the Major Scale and Partner Songs!

Musically Yours,

Ms. Austin 🙂

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