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Persuasive Essay Writing

                                                                       FREEDOM   Do you know … Continue reading

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kittens these days

  I love my kitten Bella I love Bella. she is the BEST in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!, I love Bella because she is playful and active, super funny and, Bella is like other people I love.     One reason … Continue reading

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My Best Advertisement work

In grade four, unit three, we have bin learning about advertising.I have bin assigned to work  on an advert of or our choice,  I chose to make an advertisement about U.A.S my school this is a photo of my work … Continue reading

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Math Unit 3

Do you know what a prime number is well maybe you know what a composite number is no well neither did I then are class started unit three and I learned what a primes and composites are prime. Prime numbers are … Continue reading

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This week in class we were looking at advertisements and……. I learned that  advertisements are every where on your shoes, jumpers and even in your room. I was surprised that when i went to school my teacher pointed out things … Continue reading

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Will a Mountains Last Forever ?

Are central idea in UOI was learning about how the world changes from natural processes and human innovations and are teacher tricked the class in to changing a little paper mat and so here is what we learned in the classroom. … Continue reading

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People of Determination

Are you a person of determination do you even know what “People of Determination” means well you will find out very very soon. People of Determination means people that have troubles that make life harder  for them like being deaf, … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if it rained feathers,  well I never had to because when I want some thing I get it, you can do anything anytime anywhere. One day when I was two years … Continue reading

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Learning Cursive Handwriting

Do you know how to write cursive ? well I did not until I went to class one day . One day at U.A.S in fourth grade we started handwriting. We learned so many things like how to write the … Continue reading

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hello this is just a little test post

Hello welcome to my blog

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