kittens these days


I love my kitten Bella

I love Bella. she is the BEST in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!, I love Bella because she is playful and active, super funny and, Bella is like other people I love.



One reason that I love Bella is that she is super playful and active.For example the other day she started attacking my feet and this is how she shows she wants to play and after she eats she usually sleeps and you don’t want to be there when she wakes up she always wants to play and if you don’t put her down on the floor then she might scratch you though not hard but that’s not the point, so when you put her down on the floor she runs to the bathroom and back and you should probably pick up her toys and start playing with her she will play with you for about three to four hours then she will get  hungry and stop.



Another reason that I love Bella is that she is super funny for example, the other day I was eating dinner and she was to, then all of a sudden she sprinted to the living room and started to roll around on the floor then she put her paws up in the air then she hissed at my mom’s shoe and my mom’s shoe was bigger then her and she got up and started climbing up my legs so I finished eating and cuddled with her then she heard my dad in the kitchen doing dishes and she ran to him and climbed up his legs up his legs, to his neck and  then my dad put her down on the floor, and she climbed back up his legs and she kept doing that over and over again.


The last reason I love Bella is because she is like other people in my family. For example, she is like my brother because she is always hungry, she is like me and my sister because she is very clumsy like this one time I was up stairs in my room and Bella came running up and she fell and slid down stairs but I picked her up, she is like my mom because she is fisty for example, this one time she was asleep on me and all of a sudden she woke up and started attacking me.


In conclusion Bella is super playful, funny and, she is like people I love.


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