Will a Mountains Last Forever ?

Are central idea in UOI was learning about how the world changes from natural processes and human innovations and are teacher tricked the class in to changing a little paper mat and so here is what we learned in the classroom.

  • will a mountain last forever?
  • land slides
  • Tornadoes                                                                                                                          
  •  Tsunami

NO a Mountain will not last forever due to erosion.

Land slide is s piece of land that is steep and weak and due to rain and water the piece of land starts to fall off the other piece of land.

Tornado is a gust of swirling wind that is caused be a storm and hot and cold air so when hot air hits cold air the two airs start to chase each other around and around.

Tsunami is an Earth-Quack in the ocean that moves the ocean floor and when the floor moves that causes a giant wave.

so now when ever you here or see any thing like a mountain look for any cracks or a lot of tiny rocks around it and see if you can find out why all of that stuff is there!!!!!!!

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