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Monday, June 18th, 2018

Today I started my project what i’m going to be doing is write and act out a play. i’m a lot nervous because I don’t like to do things in front of crowds and my whole class will be there so I want to do this to get a little more confident when I am on stage in the future so I don’t get scared and I hope that I will not get scared when I am preforming and so I do good for the people I am working with and there names are Piper and Areej.

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Today we were working on the script we are going to say in the play we got really far and then I decided to start practicing on memorizing  the script and that we didn’t get to far on that so we said that we would practice at our house the play is about surviving on a dangerous planet  called earth.

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My ideas are:

write and act out a play with Areej and Piper

steal a play from the internet

My final decision is that I will

to write and act out a play with Areej and Piper

My plan is to…  

write a draft for the play, write a final copy for the play, get props, get costumes, act out the play

I will keep my work / information

you will be able to see the scripts on google docs we will keep the props at Pipers house and the costumes at me house

use aMy final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is…


Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on:  (delete what you are not using)

WHO WE ARE: beliefs & values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; cultures

WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME: history and geography.

HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: expressing ideas; creativity; music, drama, art, writing, poetry.

HOW THE WORLD WORKS: science (living things, physics, chemistry etc.); scientific & technological discoveries/inventions.

HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES: organizations & communities; economic activities & trade.

SHARING THE PLANET:  rights & responsibilities; sharing & saving resources; equal opportunities; peace & conflict resolution.


Approaches to Learning I will Focus On:  

Thinking Skills – Understanding. Using knowledge in new situations.Creating, designing, or inventing. Expressing ourselfs. Making good decisions.

Self Management Skills –  Organization:. Time management. Safety. . Appropriate. Making good choices.

Communication Skills – Listening. Speaking. Reading. Writing. Presenting.

Research Skills – Planning Drawing Note-Taking  Organizing Information


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Children’s rights

One of our units in grade four is ” Sharing the planet” in that unit the class had to look at kids that are for example refugees and that are homeless and we also watched a movie called living on a dollar a day and this movie is so sad it is about some collage students that went to a village in Guatemala and they had to live on a dollar a day and they helped the people at that village by giving them a friend and hope that other people would help them.

We also had a project and in that project we had to choose a thats kid rights had been violated and or we had to be a person that is helping  the kids a and we had to act as that person I had to be a kid thats name was Sylvia Mendez and she was Mexican and she moved to America and went to a school called Westminster school and the kids there made fun of her and were mean to her because the color of her skin.

Somethings that were important that I learned in this unit is not to be mean to others and not to discriminate other people because the color of there skin.

One thing that I would do different is that I would stop in between words and talk slower so other people could understand and I would want to talk louder so they could hear me.

If you want to help then you can stop being mean to people and stop discriminated.

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Persuasive Essay Writing




Do you know what captivity means? Captivity means animals being put in a cages. So, I want to stop captivity unless you are helping an animal do you want to separate an animal from its family siriusly hurt it and forcing it to do something all at once, that would be terrible!


The first reason that I think people should stop putting animals in captivity is because the animals are being separated from their families. For example, when you take the animal you may or may not find and bring the animals family with it. So, that animal would be terrified, imagine what it would feel like to be separated from your family forever. So, I asked my friends if you would feel sad if you were seperated from your family, and my whole family said that they would feel super duper sad if they were seperated from there families.


The second reason that I think people should stop putting animals in captivity is because the animals can die from transportation. For example, sea animals can die from dehydration and being dry. And for land animals if they get motion sick then they can get dizzy and that can cause fatal disasters and this would be very sad because a living thing just died and the family will be devastated to know that there son or daughter had been kidnapped and had just died how would you feel like if your family just died.


The third reason that I think people should stop putting animals in captivity is because maybe the animal does not want to go to there sometimes being captured is a good thing because the people can help the animal if the animals are hurt but most of the time the people just wants to through them in cages and put them up for show.


Just imagine an animal being separated from its family, dying and being forced to do something that it hates. All in one week, that would be so terrible! Imagine that animal was in your family, you would hate it too, right? So, why don’t you tell everyone to stop putting animals in captivity.


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kittens these days


I love my kitten Bella

I love Bella. she is the BEST in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!, I love Bella because she is playful and active, super funny and, Bella is like other people I love.



One reason that I love Bella is that she is super playful and active.For example the other day she started attacking my feet and this is how she shows she wants to play and after she eats she usually sleeps and you don’t want to be there when she wakes up she always wants to play and if you don’t put her down on the floor then she might scratch you though not hard but that’s not the point, so when you put her down on the floor she runs to the bathroom and back and you should probably pick up her toys and start playing with her she will play with you for about three to four hours then she will get  hungry and stop.



Another reason that I love Bella is that she is super funny for example, the other day I was eating dinner and she was to, then all of a sudden she sprinted to the living room and started to roll around on the floor then she put her paws up in the air then she hissed at my mom’s shoe and my mom’s shoe was bigger then her and she got up and started climbing up my legs so I finished eating and cuddled with her then she heard my dad in the kitchen doing dishes and she ran to him and climbed up his legs up his legs, to his neck and  then my dad put her down on the floor, and she climbed back up his legs and she kept doing that over and over again.


The last reason I love Bella is because she is like other people in my family. For example, she is like my brother because she is always hungry, she is like me and my sister because she is very clumsy like this one time I was up stairs in my room and Bella came running up and she fell and slid down stairs but I picked her up, she is like my mom because she is fisty for example, this one time she was asleep on me and all of a sudden she woke up and started attacking me.


In conclusion Bella is super playful, funny and, she is like people I love.


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My Best Advertisement work

In grade four, unit three, we have bin learning about advertising.I have bin assigned to work  on an advert of or our choice,  I chose to make an advertisement about U.A.S my school this is a photo of my work I worked with my friend, and her name is naveen I loved doing this advertisement project and now I am sad its going away.

this is my partner naveen

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Math Unit 3

Do you know what a prime number is well maybe you know what a composite number is no well neither did I then are class started unit three and I learned what a primes and composites are prime.

Prime numbers are numbers that only have two factors.

Composite numbers are numbers that have more then two factors. 

One and zero are not composite or prime numbers. 

prime numbers


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This week in class we were looking at advertisements and…….

I learned that  advertisements are every where on your shoes, jumpers and even in your room.

I was surprised that when i went to school my teacher pointed out things on other people and they all had so many adverts on them.

I want to know what is the advertisements with the most writing in the world.

I think advertisements are important because if there is a sale and there is no advertisements then you would not know about the sale.

I want to share the advertisement below. I like this advertisement because you can see the

thing there are selling easily.

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Will a Mountains Last Forever ?

Are central idea in UOI was learning about how the world changes from natural processes and human innovations and are teacher tricked the class in to changing a little paper mat and so here is what we learned in the classroom.

  • will a mountain last forever?
  • land slides
  • Tornadoes                                                                                                                          
  •  Tsunami

NO a Mountain will not last forever due to erosion.

Land slide is s piece of land that is steep and weak and due to rain and water the piece of land starts to fall off the other piece of land.

Tornado is a gust of swirling wind that is caused be a storm and hot and cold air so when hot air hits cold air the two airs start to chase each other around and around.

Tsunami is an Earth-Quack in the ocean that moves the ocean floor and when the floor moves that causes a giant wave.

so now when ever you here or see any thing like a mountain look for any cracks or a lot of tiny rocks around it and see if you can find out why all of that stuff is there!!!!!!!

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People of Determination

Are you a person of determination do you even know what “People of Determination” means well you will find out very very soon.

People of Determination means people that have troubles that make life harder  for them like being deaf, blind or even having Down’s  Syndrome witch means that you are like 22 but have the mind of a 6 year old for example Jamie Brewer she had Down’s Syndrome plus she is a actress and she is a model.

People can be different to other people no-one is the same even if you are twins every one has a different personality different tiny little things about them that will always be different always.

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