Some ideas for summer activities.

Universal American School of Dubai   

Summer Learning KG2

Here are some summer activities for students to do over the summer:

  1. READING and being READ to every day!
  2. Writing journal:  Make a summer writing journal and have the students write sentences about the fun activities they do every day.
  3. Websites for kids to use over the summer can be found here.
  4. Having time for physical play- running, jumping, climbing, swimming. ( is a great website for staying active inside when temperatures are hot).
  5. Make playdough together with your child (the recipe can be found here).
  6. Use blocks, puzzles, legos and playdough to build and create with.  Encourage your child to maintain focus on the activity for at least 20 minutes and tidy it up themselves afterwards.
  7. Coloring, cutting, painting, to create their own projects.
  8. Play-dates with other children.
  9. Stay on a good routine and schedule.
  10. For fine motor development: for information and ideas of how to work with your child, click here.
  11. Practice Dolch sight word list- Find the list here.   Practice reading and spelling the words in a fun way. Some examples are found here.
  12. If you are interested in practice worksheets, you can find a good packet here(you will need to purchase, download and print it yourself).

Dear parents,

Sadly Miss Aida’s mother passed away yesterday. She has changed her flights and will return home to the Philippines tomorrow. As you are already aware I will not be with the class from Sunday to Wednesday. Miss Jackie, who spent the day with us on Thursday, will be looking after the class while I am away. Junnel, UAS teaching assistant , will be helping in the class due to Miss Aida’s absence. I will be dropping in throughout the day to check in with the kids. Thank you for your understanding and support.


We had such a fun time at our party today! Thank you for all the fruit and juice you sent in 🙂 Just a reminder that I will not be with the kids from Sunday – Wednesday next week. Miss Jackie their art teacher will be here. I will be back on Thursday for our last day of fun! I have popped a small gift in your child’s bag to remind them how they have become Super Readers and Super Writers in KG2! I am so proud of them and hope they keep up their reading and writing over the summer. 🙂 They are ready for 1st grade and their new teachers will be so lucky to have them! 🙂

Cafeteria Monday

As a special treat and learning experience in preparation for Grade 1 we are going to allow the KG2 children to buy lunch in the cafeteria on Monday, June 25th. There will be a set menu, the children can choose between rice or pasta (plain or with red tomato sauce) they will get a piece of chicken and salad and a box of juice. The cost for the meal will be 12 dirhams. There will not be any other options available to the children, rice or pasta are the only choices. If your child does not like to eat that or they would prefer not to buy then they are more than welcome to bring their regular lunch from home.

We will be having discussions in class about making healthy choices, speaking loudly when they order, getting their utensils and most importantly carrying their tray by themselves to the table. Normally the cafeteria only accepts ID cards. They are making a special exception for us. The teacher’s will collect the money from the children and it will be paid in one lump sum. If your child would like to buy their lunch please send 12 dirhams on Sunday or Monday morning so we can give a count to the cafeteria.

Thank you 🙂

Party day

Dear parents,

Just a reminder that it is party day tomorrow. You can send your fruit and juice in anytime before 1.30pm.

Children can wear what they like, it is a no uniform day! 🙂 It will be normal pick up time tomorrow.


Dear Parents;

  • Beginning Monday, we will be back to our old time schedule.
  • We will come in the building at 7:40 am.
  • We will be dismissed at 3:00 in the afternoon.
  • We will go back to eating lunch in the cafeteria.
  • We will play outside in the morning recess.
  • We will play inside during our lunch recess.
  • There are no more early release Tuesdays. Tuesday will be a 3:00 dismissal.
  • We are having an all KG2 class party on Thursday June 21st. Our class is in charge of bringing fruit and juice. I have put a note in your child’s bag. Thank you in advance
  • I have finished the PM testing. I am so proud of all the children, they did so well! 🙂

Dear parents,

The Eid El Fitr holidays have just been announced. There will be no school on Thursday or Sunday. Wishing you all a blessed Eid El Fitr.

Just a reminder that when the children return to school there will be no more early release Tuesdays.

Also for the last week from Sunday – Wednesday I will not be with the class as I am completing training for the new KG1 curriculum. Children will have their art teacher Miss Jackie for that week, I will be leaving lesson plans with her. I will still be in school so don’t worry if you need me for anything I will be around!

They had a great time today meeting the Grade 1 teachers 🙂



I hope you all enjoyed the show! I was so proud of the children! I really will miss them all so much. They are a credit to you all. I would love it if you could share the photographs you took today as I never got to take any! 🙂

I also realized I forgot to thank all of you for being such an amazing and supportive group of parents! THANK YOU! 🙂

Here is a group photograph we took before the show 🙂

Thank you

Aoife 🙂



We are so excited about our show tomorrow at 9.45am in room 300.  I hope to see you all there!. It should last about 40 minutes. Your child should come to school dressed in party clothes. They have worked very hard learning their lines and songs. I am so proud of them! 🙂




Library books

All library books are due back this week. Please send them in tomorrow. If a library book has been lost please contact the library and they can help you. 🙂