The children were so well behaved for the whole school Flag day photograph. I was very proud of them.

This month we are looking out for ‘Thinkers’ for Lunch Bunch. Have a chat with your child about what being a thinker means.

Yesterday your child brought home their first sight word test. Sight words are words that they should be able to read automatically, sight words often cannot be sounded out. They were tested to see if they could read 11 color words. The ones checked with purple are the words they could read. You’ll see at the bottom, Pre-test and post-test. Pre-test means I test them before we have worked with them in class or at home. Post-test is when I test them again on the same words a few weeks later after we have worked with the words in class and you have practiced the flashcards at home. You will receive the same paper home in a few weeks with their new score on it. This helps us to track the progress of the children. Please don’t worry if your child didn’t know any of the words, this is the pre-test and now we will be working to learn the words through various activities in class.

If your child was already able to read all the color words that is fantastic they are ready for the next step. Try to work on spelling the words using the flashcards. This will be a trickier task so don’t worry if the spellings don’t stick straight away.

I will be sending home new sight words every few weeks for you to practice at home. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this or anything else that we are doing in class.

The children are making great progress in their reading and writing. I can see big improvements on blending sounds to read words. Keep up reading at home and make sure to ask them about being a Super Reader next week.

Just a reminder about Arabic folders. They are to come to school every Wednesday and the Arabic teacher will send them home every Thursday. Please help us try to keep up with this. We are seeing a lot of loose Arabic papers. Please let me know if you are not seeing a white Arabic folder coming home.

Our filed trip will take place on Sunday,November 12th. Please return the Kidzania permission slip as soon as possible along with the 80 dirhams. Be sure to talk over the food choice with your child as they are not allowed to change their minds later.

Sunday you will be receiving a letter about the Caring Box Initiative from PreK, KG1 and KG2.

We will go to library on Monday as usual.

Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful weekend!


  • This Thursday, 2nd November is Flag Day. KG2 must wear a white T-shirt to school. (PE t-shirt would work well)
  • Please send in a cape for our new unit “Using your Super Powers to Read!” A note will go home tomorrow about this.
  • November 12th -16th, 2017 MAGRUDY’S BOOK FAIR will be in the lobby
  • Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on November 15th & 16th


Pumpkin Math!

Today we had so much fun carving our pumpkin Mr Happy. First we read a story called The Biggest Pumpkin and talked about how we could plan our Jack O’ Lantern’s face. Children drew their own ideas and then we took all the face shapes to make a graph. There were 5 different types of Continue reading →

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We are so lucky to have help from Grade 11 students on Wednesday mornings. Today children read the Three Billy Goats aloud for their reading buddy. I was so impressed as I listened in on the great storytelling! Take a look at our photos!

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Halloween reminders

If you think you might be able to help on Thursday, 1pm-2pm, please do get in touch. We only had one volunteer this morning, but thankfully we now have three! 🙂

Children should come to school dressed in their costumes.

The Halloween Parade starts at 8am outside if you would like to watch. Thank you for all the candy you have sent in for Trick or Treating, the children are very excited! We will end the day with a Halloween party. Party food can be dropped to the classroom on Thursday morning.

Thank you

Favorite books

Dear parents,

In class we are reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff and working hard on the skills of rereading, matching pictures to the words, using character voices and sharing stories with our reading buddies. The idea is to encourage children to have a go, they won’t necessarily be reading the words but will be retelling the story in their own words. This builds confidence and a sense of achievement when they read a book for their friend. We have also been talking about what makes us unique and special. How we all have favorite things that might be different to our friends. So I have asked the children to bring in their favorite book from home tomorrow so they can share it with their reading partner. Ideally it should be a book your child knows well so will feel confident retelling the story.

Thank you