Ramadan – Things you need to know

 School begins at 8:00 am (bell at 7:50)
 KG2 car riders picked up at 12:50. Please be on time.
 KG2 bus children put on buses at 12:55
 We will have one recess and one set eating time
 Children will have the option to eat again during
playtime at the end of the day if they are hungry.
 We will eat lunch in the classroom, not the cafeteria so
they will not have a microwave available to them.
 A plan has been set in place by the school for indoor
recess once the temperature gets too hot.
 KG2 children will be allowed to drink water outside and,
in the classroom, as usual.
 Please try your best to be on time to pick your child up
at the end of the day. With the entire school being
dismissed at the same time it is going to be very
crowded and hectic.
 Swimming is finished. We will have regular PE, some
taking place in the classroom. We will begin Art on May
24 th .
 Our schedule will stay basically the same as it is now
with the exception of Arabic and Islamic/or skills club.
We will alternate Arabic and Islamic/or skills club every
other day.

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