Hag Al Laila

Tomorrow is Hag Al Laila, a traditional Emirati celebration to mark the occasion and the month of Ramadan and promote the values of sharing and giving. Third grade will have a parade and candy will be handed out to each class. Children can come dressed in traditional or festive party dress.


If you have not already filled out the end of year performance survey please do so, thank you.

Dear parents of lower elementary, we are fifth graders, Viola, Emma, Krishna, Daniel. We are currently working on our grade five exhibition. Our topic is water pollution. For our action, our group is doing a straw pledge, which is encouraging students not to use straws for a whole week. We our doing this as our action because plastic straws mainly end up in the ocean and animals will eat it, instead paper straws will decompose quicker so that the fish won’t eat it. Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose while paper straws will take a couple of weeks. Since the pre-k to kg-2 don’t buy from the cafeteria and they eat their own snacks in the classrooms, we would like you to get involved. We ask you parents if you could not let the kids bring juice pouches or juice which has a straw attached to it, since that is one of the ways to do our straw pledge. If your kid still brings a juice pouch, then we will provide them with natural paper straw which is a better alternative than plastic straws. Since most of the plastic ends up being thrown in the ocean and takes 1000 years to disintegrate, however paper straws will take only a couple of weeks to disintegrate. Thank you for reading and taking part in our straw pledge.

Our class donated the most cat food for the Grade 5 competition so to celebrate Grade 5 have organized a donut and juice party for us tomorrow! 🙂 Thank you for all your generous donations, the children were delighted that they won, and the cats will be delighted with all the food! 🙂

Swimming tomorrow

Just a reminder children will have swimming tomorrow. Please send your child in wearing their swimming costume. A two piece would be preferable for girls to make using the toilet easier. Make sure to send in flip flops or swimming shoes for walking over to the pool. Children should also bring a towel, a swimming hat and goggles (if they like to wear goggles).

Thank you

Next Sunday (April 29th) we will begin PE as our special class. We will have regular PE on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. They should wear their PE clothes and sports shoes.


On Monday and Wednesday, we will be swimming. Be sure to send a change of clothes, pool shoes, a towel, swim cap and goggles.

We will swim on the following PE days:

  • April 30
  • May 2
  • May 7
  • May 9
  • May 14

We will not swim during Ramadan.


Grade 5 Cat Food Drive

Grade 5 are working with KG2 for their exhibition project. Their goal is to help feed stray cats in the area. To this they are having a competition between the 5 KG2 classes. The class that donates the most cat food wins a donut and juice party. Grade 5 will be returning on Thursday to check the collection boxes and announce the winning class. If you would like to donate cat food please send it in any day this week.

Thank you

It is great to be back with the kids this week! I heard so much about all the fun they had at the aquarium and the beach. I will post some pictures of the beach soon.

This week we have started a new unit called ‘Books Alive’. Books inform and entertain us. We have been reading The Snail and the Whale. We are looking at the characters and settings in the story. Ask your child about this story. We are designing our own story wheel to sequence and retell the story.

In Reader’s Workshop we are ‘Becoming Avid Readers’. We have discussed what it means to be an avid reader and how we can properly take care of books.

Avid Readers – Read a lot!

– Find places everywhere to read

– Keep a stack of books-in-waiting

– Can’t stop reading

– REALLY pay attention to the book.

Encourage your child to talk about being an avid reader to help further nurture a love for reading at home. Heap lots of praise on your child when you notice them being an avid reader!

In writer’s workshop we are becoming ‘How to’ writers. ‘How to’ writing helps to teach the reader how to do something. Children must think carefully about each step in the process they are describing.

We have been doing lots of fun rotating Math activities working on addition, subtraction, ten frames, base ten and counting. In Literacy we have been working on blends, rhymes and sight words.

This week we have started PM testing for reading and Sight word testing, this will continue next week

Lots of avid readers!

Elementary Arts Alive Display

April 19 – May 3, 2018


We are pleased to announce that the elementary arts alive is officially on view! Our KG2 – 5th Grade students have worked hard since the beginning of the year to create the many different artworks currently hanging in the front and back lobby.


Due to the large number of students, only one artwork per student was chosen to be displayed. Parents are encouraged to collect the rest of their child’s art portfolio from the art room during Student Led Conferences.


Enjoy all the amazing art!