Happy Mother’s Day!

See you tomorrow at  KG2s Mother’s Day Tea!

Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 8:00 am in the

Universal American School Cafeteria

Students Dress To Impress


Thursday 22nd March

Our Mother’s Day Tea will take place on Thursday in the cafeteria at 8.00am. It should be over by 8.45am. If you cannot make it you are welcome to send someone else in your place 🙂 Children will sing the songs they have been learning and then present all the mothers with gifts they have made 🙂 They are so excited!

School ends at 12.00pm on Thursday.

Children must be collected by 12.00pm at the latest.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in books for my MT book drive.  I hope to build a Mother-Tongue class library for every KG2 class, with books representing each language present in that class. Research shows that continuing to develop your child’s literacy skills in their MT language alongside English has proven to improve their cognition. Having the chance to share stories with their classmates (even if they can’t read them!) helps to build a sense of belonging and pride 🙂


100 day

We had so much fun celebrating 100 day last week. Children counted out their 100 objects and had a go at filling in a 100 square. We imagined what we would have, what we might wish for and what we might be when we are 100. We took funny photos to see what we might Continue reading →

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Today we had such fun planting beans!

First we labelled our clear plastic cup.

Next we filled it with soil and made sure to press it down.

Then we dug a hole with our finger to plant the bean.

After this we covered it with more soil

Finally we watered it and placed it beside the window.

We also conducted some experiments and made predictions about what would happen. We know plants need soil, air, water, light and space. We have a control plant that will have all 5 needs met and we also have a plant locked away in a dark place, one with no water, one with no soil and one with lots of beans in one cup! Ask your child what they think will happen with each one!