Next week we will be doing PM benchmark reading assessment. The children have been working hard on the sight words in class. We have been reading leveled books individually and in small groups. The children are now really good at recognizing the Super Reader Powers they use while reading! This is a great form of self assessment. The powers they now have are POINTER, PARTNER, PICTURE, SOUND, SNAP, REREAD and PERSISTENCE.

Community helpers

Today I sent home a Community Helper poster. We have been learning all about community helpers in school. Your child should choose a community helper that they would like to research at home. They can use photographs, draw pictures or write or a combination of all three. The idea is that they should be able to present their poster to the class and talk about their chosen community helper. For example a doctor helps people who are sick, they work in a hospital or a doctor’s surgery. Dr Amna works in our school, she helps children who feel sick to get better. They use a thermometer, a stethoscope, plasters and lots of other tools. Doctors have to study and learn for a very long time before they can treat patients. It can be very simple one word answers, the most important thing is that your child is able to speak about their community helper confidently for a minute or two, It should be a fun project looking at books and pictures and talking about what they know and what they would like to know. If you have any questions feel free to email or ask me at school. 🙂 Tomorrow I will talk to the class about some ideas they might have and I will show them some examples. It is not due until January 31st so they have lots of time to decide.



We Are Builders!

Today we went to the maker space! Children had to design and build any type of building. They had to be able to explain what their building was, what it was used for and who would use it. We have talked lots about stacking shapes in Maths so children applied this knowledge to their designs.

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Junk 3D Models

Thank you to everyone who has sent in items for our 3D models already. If you have not done so, can you please send empty cereal/shoe/pizza box/yogurt tubs/pringles tubes/egg cartons/toilet roll inserts etc. to school with your child. The more you send, the more we can build 🙂 We will be building our 3D models on Tuesday. Thank you so much!



We had a great inquiry lesson today! Children were given a range of different building materials, some where trickier than others. They had great fun exploring the materials and created lots of different vehicles, 3D shapes and buildings!

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Germ Experiment!

On Sunday, we had such fun spreading glitter germs! We talked about what germs are and how important it is to wash your hands properly. We even learned a song to help us remember. We used glitter for the ‘germs’ and hand lotion for our ‘sweat’. The children had such a good time spreading those Continue reading →

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We had a great first week back! The children settled back in quickly after the break and got straight down to learning 🙂

We learned all about 3D shapes this week and next week we hope to build some 3D models from recycled materials. So if you could send in some boxes, toilet roll inserts, tubs, yogurt pots, round lids etc. that would be a great help, thank you.

We are learning about how to keep ourselves healthy and about the community helpers that help us to do this.

Our sight word reassessment will take place in a couple of weeks. I have popped the lists in folders in case you want to look at them again at home. We have been working on these words in school.

We have one more week of Music before we begin PE. There will be no swimming this time.

The Calendar and Newsletter will go out next week.

We had two visits from KHDA inspectors and the children were fantastic. They really are a super class of children, I feel very lucky to be their teacher! 🙂

Welcome back! I hope you had a nice holiday, lots of fun and relaxation. I got to spend time with my family back in Ireland, it was wonderful.  🙂

We have had a great first day back. Your children seem happy and eager to get back into the swing of things. Everyone did a great job settling back into our routine and work.

This week KHDA will be visiting UAS. It is a good opportunity for them to see all the great things that we do. There is, however; lots of preparation and paperwork that goes into their visit. Therefore, I do not have the January calendar and newsletter ready for you yet. I will be sure to send it next week.

We will also begin sending “homework” home soon. I will send more information about that when time comes. Many children told me they read their books and practiced their sight words. Great job parents!!

Some of the children forgot to bring their poem notebooks back today. Please try to help them find it and put it in their bags for tomorrow as we will be getting a new poem.

I wish you all a very happy new year!