Reminder- Sports Day Tomorrow (Tuesday) 9.00am


-Please be on time as Sports Day will start at 9.00am and we will have a small snack before we leave.

-Children to wear blue and sports shoes

-All children will need a water bottle and a hat, it is getting hot outside!

-Children can be taken home once we have finished, just please inform me and get a leave slip from the attendance office

We can’t wait!!!


  • Sports day is on Tuesday 20th. Our class will wear BLUE. It starts at 8.30am and finishes at around 11am. Parents are welcome to take their children home after. This is such an exciting day for children! 🙂
  • Cookie day will be on Thursday 22nd. This is a a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is a really worthy cause

.        Cookies will cost 5 dirham each and children can buy a maximum of two cookies.

  • Our next field trip will be Monday 26th February to Arabian Wildlife  Centre. Please send me an email if you would like to join us. We need 3  volunteers, thank you. The bus leaves at 8am and we will return to school at about 2pm.
  • There will be no school for children on Sunday 25th February.

Thank you 🙂

Habitats Project

This week the children worked collaboratively to create different animal habitats. They had to decide what animals and other living things live in their chosen habitat. They then painted the background, made their animal/plant of choice and put it all together to make an amazing piece of art! Here are some pictures from the painting Continue reading →

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Just to remind you there is no school for children on Sunday 🙂 Please check your child’s home folder when it is sent from school. I send notes and other information home this way. Thanks you.

We have started guided reading in class. Please make sure you are reading the small reader every evening. This will help with your child’s fluency. When your child can read the book well they will be given their new book. It is important you send this in every day. I could not give out new books to some children as they did not return the first books to school. Your child needs to be reading every day, this is important for confidence and fluency. I forgot to put the sight word assessment in the home folders today so I will send them home on Monday! The children did very well.

This week we looked at different types of weather and wrote a weather report. The children really enjoyed making their windsocks! 🙂 We have been learning about living things, non living things and different animal habitats. The children created amazing artworks which will be displayed in the corridor.  We will be going to the desert on Tuesday. In maths we have been looking at the different ways we can measure things and the language we use eg. tall, short, long, heavier, lighter etc

Have a lovely weekend!


A note went home today with the new dates for trips. If you have already sent in the permission slip you do not need to send it again. 🙂


Dear Parents;

I hope you and your family are well. We continue to have this cold spreading through the classroom, most children are out almost a week. Please keep an eye on your child and keep them home if they look like they are getting sick.

Unfortunately, we had a problem with our scheduling and our desert trip has been moved to February 13th and the Aquarium has been changed to April 11th. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Your child may wear pink, red, white or purple clothes on this day. We made our Valentine mailboxes yesterday so if they are making Valentine’s at home they may bring them anytime and mail them.

We will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Thursday 15th.

Please be sure to return their small reading book folders every day.

We have finished the Community Helper presentations. The children did a great job, not only being a presenter but also learning to be a good audience and how to ask questions of the speaker. Thank you for your help in this project.

Some parents have asked for the specialist schedule for the rest of the year.

ART –      Feb. 18-March 15

MUSIC – March 18-April 26

PE –         April 29-May 24

ART –       May 27-June 28

Best wishes,


Dear Parents,

I hope you had a great week. Here is some of the things we have being doing this week 🙂

  • We have been using ‘Pattern Power’ all week to help us read books and predict what the end of the story might be.
  • We have set up a ‘book shop’ in class where children get to shop for books (for free!) each week and read their chosen books during readers workshop.
  • We have been learning about writing on special handwriting paper, which letters are tall (stretch up to the top line e.g. ‘h’ and ‘d’), small (sit between the narrow lines e.g. ‘a’ and ‘e’) and fall (hang low below the line e.g. ‘g’ and ‘j’). We have also been writing down all our design ideas for our new art project.
  • We have been learning about rhyming words like ‘og’ and ‘ot’ word famililies e.g. ‘dog’, ‘log’, ‘dot’ and ‘pot’. Brainstorming and writing these words.
  • In maths we have been gathering information and putting it in bar graphs. We went out to the carpark in small groups to count the number of different coloured cars and then we presented the information in bar graphs.
  • We introduced our new UOI and looked at various environments/habitats. We thought about which animals live in these different environments and why. We will be starting an exciting art project where children are designing and creating a habitat on large pieces of cloth.
  • The children did a fabulous job presenting their homework to the class all about their community helper. Well done! 🙂

Some notes and reminders…

  • On Sunday the first official homework will be sent home and will be due back on the following Sunday.
  • Reader books will be sent home next week. Please read the book with your child and return to their folder. Remind them of using their ‘Re-read Power’
  • Next week we will retest the sight words.
  • A letter about Valentine’s (Friendship) Week, the newsletter & calendar will be sent home today.
  • We have some exciting field trips coming up, a letter will be sent home today! 🙂

Last Thursday, the children returned to class to find lots of strange items on their desks! They were very excited to start building. We talked about what a blueprint is and how they are used to design and plan things such as buildings and rockets. Students then had to make a visual list of each Continue reading →

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Room Parent

The school has decided that every classroom should have a ‘Room Parent’. The role of Room Parent is to provide a link between parents and school and to help with facilitating communication about class parties, dress up days etc.

If you are interested in being KG2AO’s Room Parent, please send me an email.

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes,