April 19

April 15-19

This week our class continued to read different tales. So far we have read Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Red Hen and the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Throughout the week we read several different versions of the stories. In a few of the versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf wanted to eat muffins instead of Grandma, or be friends with Red Riding Hood. Here a just a few that we have read…

Click here to access the fairy tales resource folder. Below are a few videos that they might enjoy as well.

Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Super Why Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Little Red Hen

During centers students are continuing spell and to write the sounds they hear in words. We also distinguished between words that do and do not rhyme. Students are demonstrating a great knowledge in quantifying numbers (if the number is 12, they take out 12 pebbles). They also are retelling and acting out the stories we have read.


Our class is continuing to make new friends in other classes.

On Wednesday our kiddos had a tasty treat of fresh hummus and veggies. The recipe was sent home with them.

Don’t forget you can always view more photos on our class   account.

KG-1 Announcements

Hopefully by now, you have read over the information for our Student Led Conferences, which will be held next Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26 (click here for the details). Thank you to those who have reserved your times already. If you have not, please do so by Sunday, April 22, so we can make plans accordingly. Also, there is no school those 2 days, but YOUR CHILD must come with you to the conference.
The BookWorm Book Fair begins next Monday. If you have a conference scheduled for Wednesday, you are welcome to take your child to the library to visit the Book Fair. The Book Fair will close Wednesday afternoon, so if your conference is Thursday, you may want to take your child to visit on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday before or after school.
If you don’t get a chance to shop at the Book Fair, we will be sending home one final Scholastic Book Order in the coming weeks. This is a great way to get reasonably priced books in your child’s hands, especially for your summer reading.
As mentioned last week, we have begun our final PYP unit, How We Express Ourselves. You and your child will receive a letter on Sundayexplaining the requirements for a final performance/presentation that will conclude our unit. This is an exciting unit and if you have any questions after reading the letter, please email me.
We surveyed KG1 parents about some possible workshop ideas. You will be receiving information regarding those plans very soon.
Your child is encouraged to continue using IXL each week. Even 10-15 minutes during the week, will help support and enhance their learning!
Swimming begins on May 2 for our class. Please have your child practice changing clothes and showing you how much they improved since the fall.
Finally, a slip of paper came home in your child’s folder this week regarding “your plans” for their last day of KG1. With Ramadan, Eid and many families traveling, we are just trying to plan ahead. Please return that slip of paper on Sunday of next week.
Have a great weekend!
April 12

April 8-12

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a great spring break.

We have a new friend that joined us this week. Please welcome Omar to the class.

We jumped right back into things this week. Our kiddos have grown so much since September. We are beginning to dive into harder concepts. We are moving beyond just letter name and sound recognition. We are ready for sounding out words, blending words and inventive spelling. Although we have been reading nursery rhymes, I formally introduced the concept of rhyming this week. It is a VERY difficult skill. You will get to see your child practice some of these during student led conferences. After the conferences I will create a folder of resources that you can use at home with your child.

This week I introduced the final set of letters that we will be learning (A, K, M, N, R, V, W, X, Y, Z). Please visit the letters page for the picture cards.

We reviewed our previous letters and how to identify the beginning sound in words. We also reviewed counting syllables.

We started our new PYP unit, How We Express Ourselves. During this unit we will focus on fairy tales. So far, we have read Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. While reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff we learned about mountains, hills and valleys. The students have enjoyed retelling and acting out the stories. I have created a fairy tales folder with resources for each fairy tale if you would like to act them out at home.


There is still time to add photos to our class spring break album. I will be adding a few of mine this weekend. I will print the book next week and share it with the class.

KG-1 Announcements

  • Student-Led Conferences will be held on  the 25th/26th April. The school will be sending out information about how to sign up for your child’s session.
  • A swimming note went home this week. We will be starting swimming the last week of April. Our swimming day is Wednesdays. If your child needs practice independently getting dressed and undressed, please focus on that skill with your chid over the next few weeks.
  • Orange class T-Shirt on Sunday’s for Free Flow Free Inquiry.
  • Second Trimester reports were posted on Synergetic this week. If you are unsure of your login, please contact the IT help desk at school located in the foyer.

Have a great weekend!

March 21

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Thank you to all the moms who came to celebrate this special day with their child. They worked so hard on making your presents and practicing their songs. The video was too long to post, so I created a google folder with all the pictures and the videos. You can also upload any photos or videos that you have taken. You will notice several class selfies that were taken as we waited for the rest of the class to return. (P.S. Your children did make necklaces too, but my oven is a little funny and I burned them. SORRY! We will definitely make something for the end of the year.)

KG-1AM Mother’s Day Folder

Our students are starting to make new friends during free flow Sunday. It is great to watch them practice their social skills. We also visited the airport for the first time. I had fun listening to the students make travel plans and choose destinations.


In centers this week we played the math movement game and got lots of exercise. We also watched Mo Willems stories online, read the Knuffle Bunny series and continued to practice identifying the beginning sounds in words.

Ms. Leslie did a lesson about penguins in the library. She used pebblego to make the lesson more interactive. Don’t forget the school has a pebblego account that you can access at home.


I presented our top IXL users a certificate for all the time they spend practicing and growing their brains. Congratulations to Minato, Miya Z., Mia D., Aanya, Karina, and Nia A.

Happy Birthday Alyza!!!

Lastly, Spring Break is finally here!!! YAY!!!! I have created a google photo album for you to upload pictures of what you will be doing over the break. Whether enjoying the beautiful weather here in Dubai or traveling across the world, please share what your littles ones are up to. Thanks!

KG-1AM Spring Break Album

KG-1 Announcements

-School will resume on Sunday April 8th.

-We will be starting swimming the week of April 29th. Please practice allowing your child to independently undress and dress him/herslef in preparation.

-Items needed for each child for swimming are:

  • swimsuit (girls 2 piece for easy toileting throughout the day)
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Flip flops/crocs
  • UAS uniform labeled with student’s name

Have a wonderful Spring Break and safe travels!

March 20

Mother’s Day Tomorrow

Good Evening Mothers,

We are looking forward to our Mother’s day event tomorrow!

Here are some notes for our event tomorrow:

  • The children are invited to dress in clothes from home for the celebration
  • In the morning, please drop your child off at the playground and head over to the cafeteria by 7:50.
  • We will start promptly so please do not be late. We will be singing a song first.
  • There will be a photobooth in the front lobby after the event for moms and their children so feel free to go afterwards to take your picture.

Looking forwared to tomorrow! 

March 17

March 11-15

This week we began our author study of Mo Willems. This week we read the Pigeon series, as well as Elephant and Piggie. Next week we will read the Knuffle Bunny Series.

Our class has learned to play cooperatively with other classes during free flow.

In centers we practiced writing our numbers and letters. We also continued to practice identifying beginning sounds, as well as quantifying numbers. I began recording some of the video of the letter rhymes that they have been practicing (to be posted soon).

In outdoor centers our class played with the parachute, went fishing, drew pictures and hunted for treasure in the sandbox.

Happy Birthday Rashid and Anthony!

KG-1 Announcements

-Book week t-shirts are finally in. If you ordered a t-shirt or asked for a refund, it was placed in your child’s folder. You can wear the book week t-shirts on either Free Flow Sunday or Thursday.

-Wear orange or book week t-shirt for Free Flow Free Inquiry.

-Mother’s Day Celebration at 8am in the school cafeteria. Children are expected to dress up for their mommies for this event. No uniforms please. Please be sure to be on time to school.

-Thursday March 22nd is early dismissal at 11:45am. 

-Please click here to view the flyer for the Mother Tongue Book Drive.

-Please see the flyer below for information about the Wizard of Oz play. Please click here to view the video.

Have a great weekend!

March 8

March 4 – March 8

Happy Book Week!!!! Shout out to all of our wonderful moms and dads. We had 13 parents come to read to our class. You made this week so special for our kids!

This week was all about books, books, books! Check out what we did in our class!

We had mystery readers…


An author visit…

Dates with Dad…

Reading at the beach…

Book Character Day…


and centers based on Dr. Seuss and the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Happy 5th Birthday Mosawer!!!!

Congrats to Mia and Nia for being our Rockstars this week!

KG-1 Announcements

Earlier this week I sent home a letter rhyme with your child. Please practice that rhyme with them. My hope is to record each child saying their letter rhymes and post it on the blog before spring break. Please return the cards by next Thursday March 15th. If your child knows the rhyme before then, feel free to send it back early.
We sent a personal email out to the dad’s last week regarding a photo. If you have not yet emailed it to me, PLEASE  do so as soon as possible.
Mother’s Day invitations went home today and we are preparing for a special day on Wednesday March 21st at 8:00 am. Our hope is that ALL moms can attend, but if not, PLEASE email me and let me know. (I need to be able to prepare your child if you are not in attendance). We work hard on this program and they get SUPER excited to celebrate YOU!
Continue to have your child wear their ORANGE class t-shirt on Sundays for Free Flow.
Scholastics Book orders are due on Thursday, March 15, for those ordering books.
My recommendations this month are The Pigeon series by Mo Willems, The Cat in the Hat and Where the Wild Things Grow, Curious George Visits the Library, I Spy Pack and the Discover More Pack. Please remember that these are just my recommendations, so buy what your child is interested in reading. Orders must be in by the due date. I will be ordering them that afternoon to ensure that they arrive in time for Spring Break.
Have a great weekend! Check out our Flickr for individual photos of Book Character Day!
March 7

Quick Note

Hello parents!

First, a big THANK YOU to all the dads that came to read to our class!

Secondly, a quick reminder that tomorrow is dress as a Book Character Day! Remember… this does not or should not be a “costume” like for Halloween. It can be something that you have created at home… THINK ACCESSORIES and not full costumes! Students are ENCOURAGED to bring the book that they are dressed as, but it is not required. The parade will begin at 8am tomorrow morning.

Lastly, don’t forget that we need a family photo or a photo of mom and child. Please email that to us as soon as possible.

See you tomorrow at the parade!

March 1

February 25 – March 1st

Happy International Week!


This week we continued to focus on learning about different countries and cultures from around the world. Our class learned about Greece and France. Each student also colored flags from their home countries. The image above represents all the flags from countries that the children are from. It was fun for them to hear their classmates talk about where they are from. In one of the centers this week students made a paper collage of the Earth. This tied into both our PYP unit and international day. They also matched paper dolls with the correct clothing from around the world.


For show and tell, the class brought in items from their countries to share. We had children sharing books, food, toys and flags. Again, this was such a great learning experience and every child was excited to talk about themselves and was beaming with pride.

Wednesday was International Dress Day. Our kiddos were so cute. Please visit our Flickr account for more pictures.

Our class began learning about syllables this week, as well as listening for the beginning sound. We will begin rhyming next week. Students will come home with nursery rhymes to practice.

We tried a tasty treat yesterday and the recipe was sent home if you would like to try it.

We finished the week with outdoor centers.

KG-1 Announcements

  • Don’t forget that Saturday is the International Day Festival from 11am-5pm.
  • Next week is book week. Please refer to the calendar sent home for more details about each day. Sunday students can wear a t-shirt with words or their orange class shirts.
  • Book Character Day is next Thursday March 8th. The parade will be at 8am.
  • An order form went home yesterday. If you would like to purchase books from the visiting author, please send in the money no later than next Monday March 5th.
  • Our Mystery Reader starts on Sunday. There are still slots to sign up to read to the class.
  • A Date with Dad is next Wednesday. Please click here if you would like to sign up.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you at the fair on Saturday!