May 24

May 20-24

Library– Our class will checkout books for the last time on Sunday May 27th. All library books will be due back the following week, as normal. Please make sure your child has returned any overdue book, so that no fines will be charged from the library!
Centers – This week we began reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will continue this story next week. We are in the process of making our own retelling story set. They also acted out the story with masks. Students became builders and engineers. They had to follow a “blueprint” to construct objects with blocks, tiles or building sticks. It is actually more difficult than it sounds.
How We Express Ourselves– We had a great first week of story presentations. I emailed you all individual videos of your children. I am making a class video of all the performances. I will post the complete class video on next week’s blog. They usually enjoy being little movie stars and watching their friends in the video. If for any reason you would like your child to redo his/her performance, please email me. Make up day will be next Tuesday. We are finishing up next week and look forward to hearing from the following friends…
Sunday – Steven, Alyza
Monday – Minato, Chuandi, Mia D.
Also if you would like to donate your child’s set or any props to the class please let me know.
Free Flow- We are continuing to wear our Orange class t-shirt each Sunday for our Free Flow.
Science Experiment – Our class used dry ice and watched it turn into the different states of matter (from a solid to liquid to gas). When they popped the bubbles a steam appeared. Needless to say they had tons of fun playing with the bubbles.
G2 Musical – Our class attended the G2 musical about Harold and the Purple Crayon. They were such a great audience!
Swimming- This week we had Anthony, Aanya, Nia, Nicolas, Laila, Steven, Rashid, and Mia D. get in the big pool. Students who can stand in the big pool, demonstrate swimming skills and/or are confident in the water moved to the other pool. They were so excited to work with Ms. Terry. Students in the small pool continued to practice kicking and going under the water.
Next week will be our last time swimming. Please make sure your child WEARS their swimsuit to school, under their clothes. We do not have time for them to change before we head to the pool. Also, swim caps are required for swimming and there is no guarantee the pool will have extras to loan us. All students are expected to swim unless a doctor’s note is presented.
Ramadan Fridges– KG1 is coordinating food/drink donations for our students to bring in for the Ramadan Fridge, next door at Spinney’s/ Al Aresh. We will send home more details next week and will add it to our June calendar, so you will know what items to send in and what day we are walking over to fill the fridge.
UAS Food Drive– Our PTSO is also sponsoring a Food Drive from now until next Thursday, May 31. KG1 is not planning to collect items in our individual classrooms (because we are bringing in the fridge items) but please feel free to send in items on the attached list if you like. We will make sure your child gets to place their donation in the PTSO boxes in the lobby.
*Flickr is having some technical difficulties, so I will upload to our account as soon as I can.

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