May 3

April 29-3

First, I would like to say THANK YOU!!!! All of our parents came to last week’s student-led conferences. The children were so excited to show their parents what they have been learning.

This week we read traditional stories of The Three Little Pigs. Next week we will read different versions, including stories told from the wolf’s perspective. The class also started making their own little pig houses to retell the stories on their own.

In centers they continued identifying items by their beginning sounds using their I Spy books. They acted out and retold the story of the Three Little Pigs. Students chose a numbered log and had to put two groups of different colored frogs. Then they had to say, “I have 3 blue frogs and 2 red frogs.” I would ask how many total frogs are on the log, and they would say, ” I have 5 frogs.” This is the first step in understanding addition.

On Tuesday we celebrated Hag Al Laila. Thank you to all the parents that sent in candy to share with the class. Rashid and Nia’s mom came in to pass out candy. The children were very excited, but I promise they were only allowed to eat 2 pieces that day.

We had our first swim class. They were soooooo excited!


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KG1 Announcements

There is no school on May 13th.

Tuesday, May 8 will be the last week that we will send home Literature Bags in KG1. During Ramadan, our TA’s will leave after the students leave and there is no time for them to organize the bags. We hope you and your child have enjoyed these great books and activities to build language and literacy skills. Maybe you can make some for home!

We want your child to continue using IXL each week throughout the remainder of the school year and even into the summer… They will still have an account! We are sending home one final list for May/June and your child can repeat as many as you think they need to practice.
We will continue swimming each week on Wednesday. Although most students made great progress in dressing/undressing since we last swam, please make sure your child can show you how to do it by themselves. Also, towels and swim caps are required items and if your child only wears slippers/flip flops to school on their swim day, there is a risk they may trip or fall while on the playground. Sneakers are always a good idea for the rest of the school day.
It won’t be long before we begin our How We Express Ourselves story retelling to the whole class. Please allow your child to practice retelling and acting out the story with you at home, a couple times each week, so they will be comfortable. Any props, costumes, puppets, etc. should also be made at home soon, so they can practice with them. Let me know if you have any questions.

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