May 31

May 27-31

HWEO – We finished all of our retelling performances. I am so proud of all of them. They did such a great job. Thank you for practicing with your child. I will send a separate post with our class videos.

CENTERS- We wrapped up our Goldilocks and the Three Bears readings. The students also finished making their crafts. Please have them retell the story to you using their props. We continued learning about addition number stories and solving word problems. Example: Two friends are swimming in the pool. Three more friends join them. How many friends are swimming in the pool altogether? Next week students will create and illustrate their own number stories.

SWIMMING- We officially ended our swimming sessions for the year! The children were very brave this year and learned so much about having fun and being safe in the water. I am very proud at how responsible and independent each one has become during the year. Next year in KG2, they will move up to the “big pool” and I know they can’t wait!
LIBRARY- This week we checked out our last library book for the year! ALL LIBRARY BOOKS ARE DUE BACK ON SUNDAY. If your child has lost a book, please see Ms. Leslie to pay for it. We will continue to go visit Ms. Leslie until the last week of school.
ORANGE T-SHIRTS- Please continue to wear them the next 2 Sundays (June 3 and 10).
RAMADAN FRIDGES- You received a letter this week with a permission slip attached to the bottom. It explains that we are participating in contributing food/drink items to the fridge next door at Spinneys for the Ramadan season. Your child should bring item/s from the list next WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6. They should only bring what they can carry themselves. WE MUST RECEIVE THE PERMISSION SLIP FOR THEM TO WALK OVER WITH THE CLASS.
CALENDAR- The June calendar came home with your child today. PLEASE read over it carefully as it shows some end of year activities that we are planning, so you can save the dates. We would like all parents to attend the end of year celebration if possible. More details about the end of year activities will go out soon.
Have a great weekend!
May 24

May 20-24

Library– Our class will checkout books for the last time on Sunday May 27th. All library books will be due back the following week, as normal. Please make sure your child has returned any overdue book, so that no fines will be charged from the library!
Centers – This week we began reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will continue this story next week. We are in the process of making our own retelling story set. They also acted out the story with masks. Students became builders and engineers. They had to follow a “blueprint” to construct objects with blocks, tiles or building sticks. It is actually more difficult than it sounds.
How We Express Ourselves– We had a great first week of story presentations. I emailed you all individual videos of your children. I am making a class video of all the performances. I will post the complete class video on next week’s blog. They usually enjoy being little movie stars and watching their friends in the video. If for any reason you would like your child to redo his/her performance, please email me. Make up day will be next Tuesday. We are finishing up next week and look forward to hearing from the following friends…
Sunday – Steven, Alyza
Monday – Minato, Chuandi, Mia D.
Also if you would like to donate your child’s set or any props to the class please let me know.
Free Flow- We are continuing to wear our Orange class t-shirt each Sunday for our Free Flow.
Science Experiment – Our class used dry ice and watched it turn into the different states of matter (from a solid to liquid to gas). When they popped the bubbles a steam appeared. Needless to say they had tons of fun playing with the bubbles.
G2 Musical – Our class attended the G2 musical about Harold and the Purple Crayon. They were such a great audience!
Swimming- This week we had Anthony, Aanya, Nia, Nicolas, Laila, Steven, Rashid, and Mia D. get in the big pool. Students who can stand in the big pool, demonstrate swimming skills and/or are confident in the water moved to the other pool. They were so excited to work with Ms. Terry. Students in the small pool continued to practice kicking and going under the water.
Next week will be our last time swimming. Please make sure your child WEARS their swimsuit to school, under their clothes. We do not have time for them to change before we head to the pool. Also, swim caps are required for swimming and there is no guarantee the pool will have extras to loan us. All students are expected to swim unless a doctor’s note is presented.
Ramadan Fridges– KG1 is coordinating food/drink donations for our students to bring in for the Ramadan Fridge, next door at Spinney’s/ Al Aresh. We will send home more details next week and will add it to our June calendar, so you will know what items to send in and what day we are walking over to fill the fridge.
UAS Food Drive– Our PTSO is also sponsoring a Food Drive from now until next Thursday, May 31. KG1 is not planning to collect items in our individual classrooms (because we are bringing in the fridge items) but please feel free to send in items on the attached list if you like. We will make sure your child gets to place their donation in the PTSO boxes in the lobby.
*Flickr is having some technical difficulties, so I will upload to our account as soon as I can.
May 23

Early Arrival Tomorrow

Good Morning,

We will be attending the grade 2 musical tomorrow. Because the musical begins at 8:15, students who are here at 8:05 will attend. However, if you would like to bring your child later, they can remain on the playground and enter the building at 8:25. Students staying behind will go to Mrs. D’cruz’ class until the musical is over.

Have a great day!

May 17

May 14-17

RAMADAN KAREEM! Ramadan Schedule began today. Just a reminder that our morning schedule for KG1 has changed slightly. Students may not be dropped off before 7:30, as there is no supervision until that time. We will be staying on the playground each morning until 8:25 since the weather is cooler then. YOUR CHILD SHOULD BRING THEIR WATER BOTTLE TO THE PLAYGROUND WHEN THEY ARRIVE AT SCHOOL EACH DAY. There is no need for you to wait for the whistle to blow, and we will do our attendance after 8:25.

Dismissal/pickup is normal 12:45 time for KG1. Lastly, if your child rides the school bus, remind them that they will be riding a full bus of ALL ages PK-Grade 12.
Also, in KG1 we continue to drink water and have our 2 regular snacks, so please send in as normal.

HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES– Our performances begin next week! We hope that your child has been planning, preparing and practicing for their presentations of re-telling a favorite story. Any props, costumes, books, puppets, etc. should be placed in a bag and sent in the morning of their performance. We will video each performance and send to you via blog or email link. PARENTS DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND, AS WE WILL VIDEO FOR YOU- THANKS!

FREE FLOW SUNDAYS– We are continuing our Free Flow each Sunday, so please send your child to school in their ORANGE shirt.

SWIMMING– We will continue to swim each week, until otherwise notified. Your child should wear their swimsuit to school, under their school uniform. We unfortunately do not have the time to dress them before swimming. After swimming, they are expected to put their school uniform back on (per school guidelines), and please wear or send regular velcro sneakers as flip flops and sandals are more likely to make them fall on the playground. This week in swimming students continued to practice kicking across the pool. We also began to practice going under the water.
PARENT WORKSHOP– Thank you to all the parents who attended our first KG1 Parent Workshop on Tuesday! We hope you found it helpful and you walked away with a few new tools in your belt.
This was our first time using this format, and we hope to be able to offer these next year on a more regular basis. We will be sending the links to some of the presentations to you via email.

READ ALOUDS– This week we began reading about Cinderella. Students were very familiar with the story, so we spent more time retelling it and acting it out as a class.


CENTERS– This week we continued to work on number stories. Students used story mats to tell a number story using the provided pictures. For example, there were 3 goldfish in the bowl and 2 more jumped in. Now there are 5 goldfish in the bowl. Some students practiced identifying the beginning sound while others practiced identifying the ending sound. We are at the point in the year where children are progressing at different paces, so they will be working on different skills based on their individual and group needs.

CELEBRATIONS– On Monday we celebrated Laila’s 5th birthday. Her mom and dad came with cupcakes and treats for the kids. Happy Birthday Laila!

In celebration of the start of Ramadan, Omar and his family brought in special treats yesterday to share with the class. We painted Ramadan cookies and talked about our families that will be fasting. Thank you to Omar and his parents.

May 16

Ramadan Schedule

Image result for ramadan kareem

Good Afternoon,

Beginning tomorrow and throughout Ramadan we are changing the morning schedule for PK/KG1. We will be staying on the playground until 8:30 because the weather is cooler. There is no need for you to wait for the whistle to blow.
Also, car riders should be picked up at 12:45, as usual. (The carpark will be quite busy as the rest of the school is dismissing at 1:00).
Thank you and Ramadan Kareem,
KG1 Team
May 12

May 6-10

READ ALOUDS- This week students continued to act out the Three Little Pigs, but the nontraditional versions. Check out some of the versions we read this week. The students are getting better at comparing and contrasting the different stories. Students also colored their own books to take home and reread.

SWIMMING- We are continuing to swim each week on Wednesdays. Your child has learned a great deal of independence this year and we are proud of the way they can undress and redress themselves. Remember swim caps are required by each student. Our focus this week for swimming was kicking. We started with holding on the wall and kicking with straight legs. Then students who were ready kicked across the pool with a board.


LITERATURE BAGS- Your child brought home their Literature Bag for the last time this week. Since Ramadan begins next week, our work hours are reduced and our TA’s will not have time to prepare the bags each week. We hope you have enjoyed them!

FREE FLOW SUNDAYS- Please remember to have your child wear their ORANGE t-shirts each Sunday.

PARENT WORKSHOP- For those of you who replied to our Parent Workshop survey- Thank you! We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, May 15 in the Elementary Library. We will serve coffee at 7:30 in Elementary Library foyer on the top floor and will begin by 7:45.

NO SCHOOL ON SUNDAY! There is a school holiday on Sunday, May 13.

RAMADAN- Timings for KG1 actually does not change. Our day will begin at 8:00 and end at 12:45, as normal. If you bring your child to school, you will still drop them at the playground as we will play there for a while since it’s cooler in the mornings. Pickup is still 12:45 and buses will leave at 1:15. You may want to talk to your bus rider about lots of kids being on the bus (elementary, middle and high school), as they are used to only PK and KG1 together.

TEACHER APPRECIATION- For those of you who sent in food for our Teacher Appreciation lunch on Wednesday, thank you so much! We all had a very yummy lunch!

May 3

April 29-3

First, I would like to say THANK YOU!!!! All of our parents came to last week’s student-led conferences. The children were so excited to show their parents what they have been learning.

This week we read traditional stories of The Three Little Pigs. Next week we will read different versions, including stories told from the wolf’s perspective. The class also started making their own little pig houses to retell the stories on their own.

In centers they continued identifying items by their beginning sounds using their I Spy books. They acted out and retold the story of the Three Little Pigs. Students chose a numbered log and had to put two groups of different colored frogs. Then they had to say, “I have 3 blue frogs and 2 red frogs.” I would ask how many total frogs are on the log, and they would say, ” I have 5 frogs.” This is the first step in understanding addition.

On Tuesday we celebrated Hag Al Laila. Thank you to all the parents that sent in candy to share with the class. Rashid and Nia’s mom came in to pass out candy. The children were very excited, but I promise they were only allowed to eat 2 pieces that day.

We had our first swim class. They were soooooo excited!


Don’t forget to visit     for more photos.

KG1 Announcements

There is no school on May 13th.

Tuesday, May 8 will be the last week that we will send home Literature Bags in KG1. During Ramadan, our TA’s will leave after the students leave and there is no time for them to organize the bags. We hope you and your child have enjoyed these great books and activities to build language and literacy skills. Maybe you can make some for home!

We want your child to continue using IXL each week throughout the remainder of the school year and even into the summer… They will still have an account! We are sending home one final list for May/June and your child can repeat as many as you think they need to practice.
We will continue swimming each week on Wednesday. Although most students made great progress in dressing/undressing since we last swam, please make sure your child can show you how to do it by themselves. Also, towels and swim caps are required items and if your child only wears slippers/flip flops to school on their swim day, there is a risk they may trip or fall while on the playground. Sneakers are always a good idea for the rest of the school day.
It won’t be long before we begin our How We Express Ourselves story retelling to the whole class. Please allow your child to practice retelling and acting out the story with you at home, a couple times each week, so they will be comfortable. Any props, costumes, puppets, etc. should also be made at home soon, so they can practice with them. Let me know if you have any questions.