February 22

February 18-22

This week we began learning about different countries around the world. Our class traveled to Ms. C-C and Ms. D’Cruz to learn about New Zealand and China. Upon returning to class, each student drew a picture in their journals about what they had learned about each country.

We celebrated two birthdays this week…Ms. Magz and Mia D. Happy Birthday!!!!

In centers, our class used special skin tone paint to create a portraits of ourselves.  We also worked together to complete a floor puzzle of the world.


Students were happy to participate in free flow inquiry again this week. They also visited the dramatic play room.


*Don’t forget to visit our Flickr account for more photos.

KG-1 Announcements

  • This week we began to explore different countries, leading up to our International Day. Ms. Amber is teaching about France, Mrs. Beam about Greece, Ms. CC about New Zealand and Mrs. DeCruz about China.
  • There is No School this coming Sunday, Feb. 25, as teachers have Professional Development. 
  • For Show and Tell next week, we are asking children to ONLY bring something from their Home Country (small flag, poster, photo, object, OR food to share – must be individual pieces for each student). Sunday Show and Tell students, can bring on Monday
  • UAS Elementary will celebrate International Dress Day on Wednesday, Feb 28. Your child should wear their national dress or colors of their flag! This is different than the calendar first stated, and this year there is No Parade. Rest assured we will take LOTS of photos to post on our blog and Flickr accounts!!! 
  • You should have received an earlier post from us this week, regarding a Parent Volunteer opportunity to be a Mystery Reader or a Date with Dad. Please sign up here. This is the week of March 4-8
  • If you ordered a t-shirt for Book Week, the deadline was today and t-shirts “should” come home with your child nextThursday, March 1.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

February 20

Book Week Events

Book Week T-shirts

An order form went home today for book week t-shirts. This is completely optional, however, if you would like to order a shirt please return the form with the money by this Thursday February 22nd. Your child can wear his/her shirt during book week.

Mystery Readers

Week of March 4-8th

We would like some parents to come and read to our class as part of our literacy week activities. We would like for it to be a surprise for the class and your child. Please sign up here if you would like to participate.


A Date with Dad

Wednesday March 7th, 8:05-8:20 am

Dads, you are invited to come into the classroom on the morning of March 7th for our annual event A Date with Dad.  Please bring 2 books to the classroom to read to your child and some others. If you would like to “borrow” a book from me, please add beside your name. Click here to sign up.


Book Character Dress Day

Not to overwhelm you, but just wanted to send a reminder that book character day will be on Thursday March 8th. Please don’t feel the need to go and buy a costume. There are plenty of homemade ideas on Pinterest. I will be Ada Twist Scientist, and using items from home. Get creative and have fun. If you need ideas please see below. Remember to send the book or a print out of the cover to school with your child.

Book Character Ideas
Fancy Nancy – dress in fancy clothes with a lot of jewelry
Go Away Big Green Monster – make a green monster mask and dress in green
Gruffalo – make a gruffalo mask and dress in brown
Clifford – paint your face red and add some floppy ears
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – make some beautiful butterfly wings from paper
The Grouchy Ladybug – dress in red with black spots and put on your own grouchy face
Five Little Monkeys – brown clothes and a tail made from fabric or tights
Little Red Riding Hood – a red cape and a basket
Brown Bear Brown Bear – There are many animals to choose from in this story
Pinkalicious – dress all in pink
Pete the Cat – Dress in blue with cat ears and whiskers
Goldilocks – dress as Goldilocks or as one of the bears
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – Make some mouse ears and a paper cookie
Rhyming Dust Bunnies – dress in the color of one of the dust bunnies
Jack and the Beanstalk – carry gold coins and a paper plant

The Gingerbread Man- Brown clothing with colorful buttons
Mortimer- Wear your PJ’S

February 15

February 11-15

This week’s focus and activities were centered around two holidays.

For Valentine’s Day our centers were matching letters and sounds on hearts, counting out hearts and matching the number, and we read a ton of Valentine’s Day books. The kids loved it! Of course their favorite part was yesterday’s activities. Thank you to the moms of Anthony, Mia, Zhenglin, Nia and Laila’s dad for giving up their time to help our class celebrate. A special thank you also goes to the mommies of Rashid, Aanya and Chuandi for bringing in treats for our special snack. We even had a special Valentine’s Day picnic.



We practice being readers every day. This week we shared our opinions about the book with a partner. Some friends even shared with the whole class.


恭喜發財   Happy Chinese New Year    恭喜发财

Our class is forunate to have such a diverse group of students. We have students who are Emirati, Lebanese, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Afghani, American, Greek, Romanian and Mexican. We try our best to embrace every culture and make sure each child feels proud of his/her traditions and heritage. With that said, if there are holidays or traditions that you would like to share with the class please let me know!

In honor of Chinese New Year we made red and yellow lanterns and read a Chinese Folktale. Some of our Chinese families brought in treats to share with the class. Nia and her mom made dumplings. Zhenglin and Chuandi made treat bags for the class. Thank you for sharing your culture and traditions with us!

We also had outdoor centers today, which included tossing and catching a ball. We worked on our hand-eye coordination.


KG1 Announcements

  • Wear Orange T-Shirt on Sunday for Free Flow Free Inquiry
  • This week an international person came home in your child’s folder. This is due back on Thursday February 22nd.
  • No School Sunday February 25th Due to Teacher Professional Development.

Happy Chinese New Year! Have a great weekend!

*Check out our Flickr for more photos.

February 8

February 4-8

The major event of the week was of course sports day, but they did a lot of other things too.

They read several books about Valentine’s Day. I even read them a book about Valentine, the man the day is named after. The class also decorated their Valentine’s Day box covers.

In centers, the class learned more about natural resources on pebblego. They practiced measuring using insects and writing down the number of items it took. They also had to cut and sort shapes, as well as explored 3D shapes. I continued to demonstrate how to read the pictures of a book. Many of them are beginning to pick it up. Please try to practice this at home, along with IXL. Speaking of IXL, we have had several students with more than 100mins a week. Congratulations to Mia D., Nia A, Chuandi, Anthony and Sally.

Many of our activities involved The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The students loved this book. They had to draw their favorite part, retell the story in order and even colored their own books.

Alas, it was Thursday…and boy were they excited. Please visit our class Flickr account to view all of the photos.


KG-1 Announcements

  • We had a super, fun KG1 Sports Day today! We were so proud of how well our students followed directions and participated in all of the activities! They should sleep well tonight!

  • IXL- The list of activities that we sent home a couple of weeks ago, are Pre K activities. (KG1 here is the same as PK in the states). So please have them complete the PK activities first, and if successful, feel free to move on to K activities.

  • No School on Sunday, Feb 11. Teacher PD

  • If you have not done so already, please remember to send in the Valentine’s cards that your child has prepared for their classmates. We need these when we return on Monday, Feb. 12.

  • Your child should wear their Regular UAS uniform next week, Feb. 12, 13 and 15. Feb 14 we ask that they wear Pink, Red or White clothingfor Valentines’ Day.

  • We will acknowledge the Chinese New Year on Thursday, Feb. 15. You may have received a message from the school that our students can dress in red and yellow, but KG1 will wear their regular uniform.
  • We will send home International Paper Dolls on Feb. 12 with instructions on this parent/child, home activity.
Have a great 3 day weekend!


February 1

January 28 – February 1

Wow, what a quick month January was! Hard to believe February is here and we will be very busy, so it will likely pass quickly too!
This week we continued to discuss how to take care of the Earth. We also began learning to distinguish between living and nonliving things. This video was very helpful in getting the class to better understand the concept. Feel free to watch it again with your child and talk about the things around you. In one of the centers this week they had to look at pictures and determine how it was harming the environment. Don’t forget that PebbleGo is a great resource for them as well. This unit is all about exploring and appreciating our planet. The username for PebbleGo is studentuasd and the password is uasd1234.

Although these are your children’s thoughts, they are not their drawings. I am not an artist, but the kids had a great giggle watching me try to draw what they were saying.


We also learned that EVERYONE is a reader. There are 3 ways to read a book.
1. I can read the pictures.
2. I can use my memory.
3. I can read the words.
Every child in the class is capable of reading using ways 1 and 2. If it is a familiar book that has been read several times, then the child can retell the story from memory. If it is a new book ask your child to read the pictures. Take notice of what is happening in the picture and ask them to describe it to you. What do they think is happening? NONE of our kids are expected to be reading the words. Please do not push them to memorize words, but encourage them to read you the book using the strategies taught in class.

They were allowed to sit anywhere in the classroom to read their books.


This week for show and tell Zhenglin brought in a bus that he made with his dad using all recycled materials! Way to take what you learned in class and apply it at home!
Tuesday was Ghaith’s birthday and he celebrated it with the class. He even helped bake the muffins.
Today was World Read Aloud Day. Every teacher in the school stopped at 8:15 to read aloud to their classes. Mrs. D’Cruz came to our class to read a book. Take advantage of this day and be sure to read aloud to your child this evening.
So far our class has learned the following letter chants: B,  O, D, G, S, C. Please visit our letters page for additional resources. I will record the children saying the letter chants next week. They are still working on becoming familiar with them.
Don’t forget to visit our Flickr account to view more photos.

KG-1 Announcements

  • You should have received a February Calendar in your child’s folder today! Please post in a visible space, as we have a lot happening in KG1!!!
  • Your child should continue to wear their ORANGE class t-shirt each Sunday for our Free Flow Inquiry. Ask your child what new things they have explored in different classrooms the past couple of Sundays. This has been a great learning opportunity for each child both socially and academically!
  • We hope you and your child have your ideas about the Valentine’s Cards that you are making, printing or purchasing! This is a fun time for you to sit with them and work together. Remember that each friend’s name should be written on each card, and your child should WRITE THEIR OWN NAME INSIDE, so the friends will know who gave the card to them. These are due by Feb. 12.
  • We sent out a Valentine’s Day Activities and Sign Up sheet (via email). If you are able to volunteer that day with an activity OR to send in a snack, PLEASE sign up on the sheet this week.
  • Our PK/KG1 Sports Day is Thursday, February 8. Your child should come to school wearing their ORANGE class t-shirt and velcro running shoes. This will be a teacher managed activity and no parents are needed.
  • IXL is going very well and when your child utilizes this program, great things happen. It is a great review of what we are learning at school and the results are showing that it works! Please allow your child to login and practice for about 5-10 minutes, a few times each week!
  • There is NO SCHOOL on Sunday, February 11. There is Teacher Professional Development that day.