January 25

January 21-25

This week we learned about nature and our home, Earth. We discussed ways to take care of it and why we should. We read books like Charlie and Lola: Look After Your Planet and Ms. Fox’s Class Goes Green. We even made our own chart about how our class can go green too. We began discussing the natural resources that our planet provides for us. We also categorized objects as natural or man-made. Next week we will learn all about plants and gardens.

In centers this week we explored measuring using rulers, meter sticks and tape measures. They made music with handbells and practiced the new set of letters (c, b, d, p, j, q, s, o, g). I think their favorite center was making a volcano. We used dish soap, baking soda, vinegar and food coloring.

We kicked off our PYP unit this week with our nature walk. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers. Check out the photos here.

 KG1 Announcements

*We had a super fun day at Uptown Mirdif Park yesterday. The students were well behaved and enjoyed learning more about our new PYP unit, Sharing Our Planet.

*UAS is hosting a Fun Fair, tomorrowJanuary 26, 10:30-8:00, here at our school. The event is to build awareness for our community of People of Determination. This is a free event and if you don’t have plans, stop by for an hour or so to support these special initiatives.

*Scholastic Book Orders were due today, but I am extended them until Sunday. If you are ordering books for your child, please send in order form and correct change on Sunday!

*Students had a wonderful time this past Sunday, as we began our Free Flow Inquiry into multiple classrooms. We will continue that and ask that your child wear their ORANGE CLASS T-SHIRT AGAIN NEXT SUNDAY!

*If you have not done so already, please send in a large empty cereal box for your child to decorate for Valentine’s Day. We need these no later than Jan. 29, as we will begin decorating that day!

*Valentine’s Day is a special day about love and friendships. We hope you and your child have made a plan about the cards that they will give to each of their friends in our classroom. A list of names has been shared with you and ALL CARDS SHOULD BE SENT IN NO LATER THAN FEB. 12.

*As stated last week, we are excited that our students can now practice both Math and Language skills on their IXL account, while they are at home. Today, we sent home a list of what we would like your child to practice for Math and Language. Remember they should login as themselves and not their siblings, so we can track their progress. Ms. Hanna recognizes the top 3 students (amount of time spent, not accuracy) each month with a special certificate. Who will be next???

*The January calendar states that KG1 Sports Day will be February 1, but it has been changed. Sports Day is now on Thursday, February 8. It will be a regular day for students, but they should again wear their ORANGE CLASS T-SHIRT.

*PTSO Counselor’s Coffee Morning (see below)

January 18

January 14-18

This week we wrapped up our PYP unit How the World Works. We finished with several different experiments using our 5 senses. We did a taste, smell and sight experiment. The children enjoyed being scientists. Please ask them what happened to the Skittles and M&Ms when they were placed in water. Next week we will begin our new PYP unit – Sharing the Planet.

In centers we became engineers and had to build ramps to make the cars go faster. In math we are practicing writing our numbers and graphing.

Today was our first day of outdoor centers. The kids had a great time learning outside.

One of our parents came in to read a special book to our Chinese students.

Click here to view more photos.

KG-1 Announcements

Here are several reminders as we look ahead to the next couple of weeks:
* KG1 is working hard on their IXL Math skills and now we are able to offer
literacy skills on their IXL accounts! Take this next week to explore the site and let
them try some PK skills. Please remember that for both math and language arts that our students should only be doing the Pre-K skills. This is a US program and KG-1 is considered Pre-K in the US. We will send you specific lessons to work on, in next week’s
* You may have noticed on your class calendar that we are requesting all KG1 students to wear their colored (orange) class shirt on Sundays. We are beginning a Free Flow throughout the PK and KG1 classrooms during Free Inquiry time, and this will allow us to keep students organized. 
* Next Wednesday, January 24 we are going to Uptown Mirdif Park for a picnic, nature walk and playground. This will kick off our new PYP Unit of Sharing the Planet. Permission slips went home yesterday in your child’s folder. If you did not return it today, please be sure to return it on Sunday. There is no cost, but class shirts, lunch boxes and water bottles are required. 
* Scholastic Book Orders and correct change are due to me no later than, January 25
* We need your child to bring in a large, empty cereal box by January 29. We will need plenty of time to decorate them for Valentine’s Day. A class list went home yesterday for your child to begin making Valentine’s for their classmates. We would just like to reiterate that this should not be stressful. Have fun with it and do maybe 2-3 cards a day. If you think your child is ready, feel free to have them write their classmates’ names on the cards as well.
*We realize that it is getting cold outside. This is just a reminder that your child needs to wear a UAS or navy blue sweater or jacket.
* Last but not least, UAS is hosting a special Fun Fair next Friday, January 26, to raise awareness for People of Determination formerly known as special needs. We encourage you to attend this free event and invite anyone else in your neighborhood or workplace. I am attaching the flyer with times and information.  
Have a great weekend!
January 11

January 7 – January 11

Happy first week back!

I would like to start by saying that our kids had a great week. I was afraid that after the break they would have forgotten our rules and routines, but they rocked it. Only two students had to go to stop and think all week.

This week we learned how to apologize the “right way” and read the book “Sorry, I forgot to ask” by Julia Cook. I would highly recommend this book if you think your child could use some practice in asking for permission and saying sorry. If you would like more strategies to use at home please let me know.

We practiced the following:

How to apologize…

  1. Look the person in the eyes
  2. Say, “I’m sorry (person’s name) for (say what you did).”
  3.  How will you fix it? (ex: Next time I will be more careful. Next time I will ask for permission.)
  4. Say, “Thanks for listening to me.”
  5. Give the person a hug, handshake or high five.

This week we were scientists like Ada Twist (great book). We did an experiment about the states of matter and what causes things to change. We discovered that heat makes things turn from a solid to a liquid. They were so excited to use the new vocabulary that they learned. Maybe at the dinner table ask them what on the table is a solid what things are liquid.

We also read “The Mitten” by Jan Brett and made snow. It was magic. F.Y.I. you can find a similar products at Virgin Mega stores if you are interested in having snow at home.

This week we we began learning our new set of letters (o, j, g, p, d, c, s, q, b), but we are still reviewing the old ones (e, f, h, i, l, t, u).

Our letter rhyme this week is for the letter Bb. Here’s a video of the kids practicing. Feel free to have them practice at home. I will post the new set of letters and nursery rhymes in the next two weeks.

Please click here for more photos.

KG-1 Announcements

Literature bags will begin going home again beginning next Tuesday.

January 8

Quick Announcements

KG1 Annoucements

Happy 2018 KG1 Parents and Students!

We hope you enjoyed your 3 week holiday and we are so excited to begin a new year with you and your child. We are looking forward to lots of fun and successes for the remainder of this KG1 school year!
* Books- Your child will begin bringing home library books this week and Literature Bags next week.
* IXL- I apologize for the technical difficulties. IT has informed me that the student passwords were programmed incorrectly, but that they have fixed it. Please try to log in again. If you are still having trouble please email me or IT, so we can get your child practicing right away. The kids love it and it is a great way for them to show you what they are learning. An earlier blog post lists the skills we would like for them to review for January.
*Pictures were sent home yesterday.
* Spare Clothes- If your child has had a growth spurt, you may want to send in a different change of clothes to keep at school in case of an accident. Also, if your child used their spare clothes and they need to be replaced please send them in as soon as possible.
Just KG1-AM
End of year recap….please take a look at our Flickr account for pictures of our special days before the break. The new sensory tent was opened. We had a 5 senses show and tell, made waffles, visited Santa and made special gifts for our parents.
January 7

Welcome Back

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a restful break. I am looking forward to seeing everyone this morning! I have missed you all. I just wanted to let you all know that I was completely unplugged over the winter break. When I landed home I was informed that my grandfather had passed away the day before. It was this reason that I decided to be completely present and spend time with my family. I also had a new niece that I was meeting for the first time. I did not even open my laptop while I was home. I spent every moment I could with my family both in the joy of the baby and the sorrow of our loss. I hope you can understand why I was unavailable. With that said, it is time to dive back in. Please reach out with any questions or concerns and I promise I will get back to you ASAP. KG1 will be posting an update later today, but I just wanted to reach out to you all before that. WELCOME BACK!!!!