October 12

October 8-12

This week we focused on the letter L. We read our letter L poem and made L lions. Our nursery rhyme of the week is Jack and Jill.

                                                                                          Click on the picture to hear the recording

We are continuing to learn each other’s names, as well as recognizing our own name. This week we played a matching game with our friends’ pictures and made the letters in our name using playdough and other materials.

We’ve had a lot of fun with shapes and colors. We read the story How the Shapes Became Friends. Then students created their own pictures using the shapes from the story. They were very creative. In centers, students chose a color and made their own color posters.

In math we count the number of days we have been in school every day. We also are continuing to work on 1:1 correspondence to five. This means students reecognize that each number has it’s own value. For example, in the cookie game this week, students rolled the die and had to place that many cookies on their plate.


During centers this week we also continued to practice using scissors and cutting on the lines. We learned how to follow directions and draw a person step by step, and we started to practice how to turn and talk.

We also read about Johnny Appleseed and conducted our apple investigation. We discussed what we could do with an apple. We recorded our wondering on a chart. Then we investigated what would happen if we were… to throw apples, smash them, put it in water, cut them, eat them and even paint with them. Needless to say, the kids had a blast!


This week we began Rock Star Recess. This week’s Rock Stars are Aanya and Miya Z.

Next week…

  • We will begin learning about patterns
  • Continue to learn about school rules and read the book No David by David Shannon
  • Begin our Halloween activities during centers
  • Learn about the letter F
  • Begin using the dramatic play room

KG-1 Announcements

  • SWIMMING– All KG1 classes will begin swimming next week. Please refer to your October calendar, as well as the Swimming Letter that was sent home last week, in your child’s folder. We need your child to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE getting dressed INDEPENDENTLY, at home with you. They need to WEAR swimsuits to school, with SCHOOL UNIFORM on top. Bring towel, swim cap (mandatory) and swim shoes, inside a separate swim bag. Goggles are optional.
    • Sunday, October 15 @ 11:00-11:35– KG1-ECC
    • Monday, October 16 @ 11:00-11:35– KG1- LD
    • Tuesday, October 17 @ 11:00-11:35– KG1- KB
    • Wednesday, October 18 @ 11:00-11:35– KG1- AM
  • HALLOWEEN TREATS– Your child brought home an ORANGE note in their folders yesterday regarding our Halloween celebration and Trick or Treating. Please send in 30 small items (individual pencils, stickers packs, erasers, boxes of raisins , bag of pretzels, etc) by Sunday, October 22. These items will be given out when they Trick or Treat within the classrooms, and we will provide bags for all KG1 students. Please do not send in a pumpkin or container.
  • HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES– Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to do an activity with our class. We are looking for one more parent to sign up. You will make one activity, but will do that activity 4x in a small group of 4-5 students. If you would like to volunteer please click here.
  • Library books are due back on Sunday.
Thanks for all you do to support your child and their learning experiences in KG1! Have a great weekend!

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