October 31

Quick Reminders

Welcome Back!!! I hope you had a great long weekend. I was here at school. ūüôā

Just a few quick things you need to know for this week, but first a HUGE THANK YOU to the four moms who volunteered to do activities with our kids today. I will post pictures on Thursday’s blog.

  1. The 75AED and signed form for the Little Explorers field trip is due TOMORROW.
  2. Tomorrow is our swimming day. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE label your child’s clothing. We had another mix up last week.
  3. Our library day will be on Thursday. Students will return their books, but will not be checking out until Sunday.
  4. Please have your child wear a solid green t-shirt for Flag Day on Thursday.

Have a great afternoon and Happy Halloween!



October 26

October 22-October 26

This week was all about Halloween!

We had halloween themed centers. Students made and counted pumpkins with playdough, made their own monsters, and worked on quantifying numbers using spiders and pumpkins. They even feed the monster to work on their hand-eye coordination.

In honor of Halloween we also conducted a pumpkin investigation. We observed the pumpkins with magnifying glasses, discussed how it felt and what we saw, guessed if it would sink or float and finally cut it open. Some of our friends were not thrilled about sticking their hand inside a pumpkin.

Swimming was so much fun this week. This week many students practiced kicking with the boards.

We finally finished our No David projects (well most of us, some need to finish next week). You are probably wondering why it took us two weeks. Well, that is because this was a completely independent activity. The students had to color, cut and paste every piece on their own. We did a little each day so they would not be overwhelmed or discouraged. In the end they were so proud of their creations. The purpose of this activity was not just to make a cute craft. It involved fine motor skills such as coloring in the lines and cutting on the lines, but perhaps the most important skill we practiced during this activity was how to follow step by step directions. Students were also responsible for not losing their pieces throughout this process, so you may notice that a few Davids are missing an arm or an ear.

Today we kicked off our celebration with a Halloween parade. The students looked adorable in their costumes and they enjoyed watching their friends walk by. Of course their favorite part of the festivities was trick-or-treating! Thank you all for bringing in treats and making this day so fun and special for our class!

Rock Star Recess

This week’s rock stars are Ghaith for being principled and Alyza for being brave.

KG-1 Announcements

HALLOWEEN was in the air today as we celebrated with amazing costumes, a parade and Trick or Treating! Your child should have brought home a treat bag with lots of fun toys and candies today. We asked them not to eat any candy until they returned home. Thanks for sending in treats to make our event so much fun!

October 29 and 30… Please remember there is NO SCHOOL this coming Sunday, October 29 and Monday, October 30. Teachers will have Professional Development training.

October 31… Students return to school and should wear their regular school uniform. It is Halloween day and we will celebrate with some Halloween Centers, but students should NOT dress up again. Thank you to the parents who have agreed to come and assist in some fun activities/ centers next Tuesday. We are looking forward to seeing you!

November 1– Field Trip permission and money due! You have received a Permission Slip in your child’s folder regarding our first field trip. We are going to Little Explorers at MCC on November 9 and we need the permission slip signed and returned, along with 75 AED (please send correct change). * We are allowed to take only 2 parents along with us, so if you are interested, please make sure you mark the permission slip accordingly. We will notify you if you are going.

November 2Flag Day… more information to come as we receive it.

We have begun to introduce our first set of letters and sounds. We are working on the letters: E, F, H, I, L, T and U over the next several weeks. Ask your child to tell you what they are learning and let them practice at home with you!

October 20

October 15-19

Happy Diwali!

This week some of the books we read were No, David! and David Goes to School by David Shannon. The kids LOVED them. I would highly recommend adding them to your home collection. After reading the books and discussing David’s behavior, the students had to retell what happended in the story. This is often a very difficult skill at this age, but the great thing about this book is that it is easy for the students to remember. Students then¬† started to make their very own David’s. They will complete this project next week.

During centers this week we:

  • created patterns using dinosaurs
  • after choosing a number, used playdough to create a spider with that many legs
  • practiced lacing pumpkins and matching nuts and bolts for fine motor
  • matching upper case and lower case letters on candy corn puzzles


We watched, read and sang the Five Little Pumpkins. Students then made their own books. We practiced reading it with a partner.


We also went to the dramatic play room for the first time this year. They had lots of fun pretending and dressing up.

After several children asking everyday if we were swimming, it finally happened! They were soooooo excited and had a blast in the pool. Our kiddos followed all the pool rules and everyone was safe!

In celebration of Diwali, our class made paper lanterns.


Mr. Fields came in this week for our first social/emotional lesson of the year. Today’s lesson was how to be a good listener. This year KG-1 has adopted a program that we will all be following for character development.


This week’s ROCK STARS are…

Rashid and Nicolas for being great listeners. Congratulations boys!

This trimester will be focusing on the following letters: E, F, H, I, L, T, U. This week our letter poem was the letter F and our nursery rhyme was Little Miss Muffet.

Next week we will…

  • Begin our pumpkin investigation
  • Start our new PYP unit How the World Works

KG-1 Announcements

Guidance- Mr. Fields visited our classroom this week for our first Guidance lesson. We met his puppet named Puppy and learned how to participate in his monthly lessons. He will teach us many great things about our feelings, emotions, communicating and how to treat others.

Swimming– KG1 began swimming this week! Overall all students did a great job undressing, keeping their clothes organized, keeping up with their pool items (towel, shoes, goggles) and following directions at the pool. There are a couple who are still practicing dressing “after” swimming! The best way to help your child, is to teach them to do it by their self… they can do it!
Halloween Treats Due SundayРIf you have not already done so, please send in 30 small items (individual pencils, sticker packs, small toys, erasers, boxes of raisins, bags of pretzels, etc) by Sunday, October 22. Daiso has great selections of these small items. These items will be given out when they Trick or Treat within the classrooms, and we will provide bags for all KG1 students. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING WITH NUTS!
Halloween Costume and ParadeРOn Thursday, October 26, your child is encouraged to wear a Halloween costume to school. We would ask that they not wear face masks or bring weapons, but that this be a fun day. We will enter the building at our regular 7:55 time and ask parents to stay outside. We will then prepare for our Elementary School parade, as we will parade outside, following a designated path, where parents will be able to watch and take photos. Parade should begin after 8:00. If your child wishes to change later, please send appropriate change of clothes.
Teacher Professional Development/ No School for StudentsРPlease remember that Sunday, October 29 and Monday, October 30 there is no school for students, as teachers have Professional Development.
Tuesday, October 31– Students return to school. It is actually Halloween, but students should wear School Uniform, and we will do some Halloween activities and centers in our classroom.

Dubai Fitness Challenge– By now you will most probably have heard about the 30 x 30 Fitness Challenge launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai Government and Dubai Sports Council. This “new initiative sees Dubai aiming to be most active city in the world” by encouraging all UAE residents to commit to 30 minutes of activities daily for 30 days, starting on¬†October 20 until November 18.

We are proud to announce that UAS will wholeheartedly be taking part in this challenge. We will be sending a calendar flyer home with your child. We would like to encourage you to get involved and exercise with your child on a daily basis.  Record your activities on the calendar provided throughout the 30 days and then return it to your child’s homeroom teacher after November 18th.

To find out more about the challenge visit the website here.

To read the press release from the Government of Dubai, click here.

As part of this initiative, Dubai Fitness Challenge has partnered with a number of associations that will help you have fun while staying fit. Click here for calendar of events.

If you would like to participate with UAS, please go to this link here and follow the prompts as follows:

  1. Click on join an existing organization
  2. Click on register as a teacher or parent
  3. Complete the form by making sure you select Universal American School in the School Name field
  4. Stay fit, participate and share away!

If you are on social media and would like to share your efforts with us, please use the following hashtags: #Dubai30x30 #uasdubai30x30 #uasdubai

NEW Swimming Policy and Procedure-¬†PLEASE READ…

Dear Parents,

The below rules, policy and procedures have been put in place for the safety of your child. We feel that we need to be visible about the procedure and clear to all of you in order to make the swimming program a success. If your child is not swimming because of a doctor’s note then we want to be able to plan ahead and find an engaging place for them to be during their swimming class.

Please read the below rules of the pool and the consequences. The teacher reviews the rules before every swim class and you can help reinforce them at home by also reviewing them with your child.


  • Walk feet only-No running

  • Use #2 voice

  • Wear swimming caps

  • Slip in pool

  • Gentle play

    • If the child does not follow the rules they will be told to sit out of the water.

    • If during the swimming class they continue to not follow the rules, they will not be allowed to swim for the remainder of that day‚Äôs class.

Prek and KG1 Pool Swimming Policy and Procedures

As per the ES handbook, pupils who are well enough to attend school will swim and take part in the activities with the following exceptions:

  • Ear infection

  • Cast on an injured or broken limb

  • Uncontrolled asthma


If the child has a doctor’s note:

The note gets handed over to the EC coordinator who verifies it with the school nurse and puts an alternative plan into action for that child.

  • Alternative plans could be:

  • Going and participating in another grade level class

  • Going and reading in the ¬†library with a duty monitor (depending on availability)

  • Staying in their class and engaging in play with a duty monitor (depending on availability)

If the child has no swim clothes:

  • The child goes to the swimming pool with the rest of the class and watches in a safe supervised area. The child must not be more than a few arms lengths away from an adult.

  • For the 1st and 2nd incidents:

    • the teacher emails the parents

    • the teacher documents this in their records

  • For the 3rd incident

    • the teacher will inform the EC coordinator

    • EC Coordinator will make a phone call to the parents to discuss

October 18


Dear KG-1AM,

Today was our first day of swimming. The kids had a great time in the school,  but there are a few things that I need your help with.

  1. PLEASE practice having your child getting dressed and undressed on their own. It takes a very long time for Ms. Magz and I to assist and dress 19 children, so the more independent they are the better.
  2. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING!!!!!! There were items of clothing that the students mixed up, and Ms. Magz and I had to go through each child’s swim bag AND backpack to determine who it belonged to because there was no name.
  3. Please have your child come to school with their swim suit under their uniform. Don’t forget to bring underwear for them to change into after swimming. Also, not all students had flip-flops, Crocs, or other swimming shoes.

Ms. Magz and I greatly appreciate your support in helping make our swimming time as smooth as possible. Thank you so much!

October 18

Quick Reminders

Good Morning,

Two quick reminders

  1. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, all students are encouraged to wear pink tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be a shirt. It can be a headband, bracelet, even a ribbon pinned to a shirt.
  2. Halloween treats are due on Sunday October 22nd, but please feel free to drop them off earlier.

Thanks! Have a great day!

October 12

October 8-12

This week we focused on the letter L. We read our letter L poem and made L lions. Our nursery rhyme of the week is Jack and Jill.

                                                                                          Click on the picture to hear the recording

We are continuing to learn each other’s names, as well as recognizing our own name. This week we played a matching game with our friends’ pictures and made the letters in our name using playdough and other materials.

We’ve had a lot of fun with shapes and colors. We read the story How the Shapes Became Friends. Then students created their own pictures using the shapes from the story. They were very creative. In centers, students chose a color and made their own color posters.

In math we count the number of days we have been in school every day. We also are continuing to work on 1:1 correspondence to five. This means students reecognize that each number has it’s own value. For example, in the cookie game this week, students rolled the die and had to place that many cookies on their plate.


During centers this week we also continued to practice using scissors and cutting on the lines. We learned how to follow directions and draw a person step by step, and we started to practice how to turn and talk.

We also read about Johnny Appleseed and conducted our apple investigation. We discussed what we could do with an apple. We recorded our wondering on a chart. Then we investigated what would happen if we were… to throw apples, smash them, put it in water, cut them, eat them and even paint with them. Needless to say, the kids had a blast!


This week we began Rock Star Recess. This week’s Rock Stars are Aanya and Miya Z.

Next week…

  • We will begin learning about patterns
  • Continue to learn about school rules and read the book No David by David Shannon
  • Begin our Halloween activities during centers
  • Learn about the letter F
  • Begin using the dramatic play room

KG-1 Announcements

  • SWIMMING– All KG1 classes will begin swimming next week. Please refer to your October calendar, as well as the Swimming Letter that was sent home last week, in your child’s folder. We need your child to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE getting dressed INDEPENDENTLY, at home with you. They need to¬†WEAR¬†swimsuits to school, with SCHOOL UNIFORM on top.¬†Bring towel, swim cap (mandatory) and swim shoes, inside a separate swim bag.¬†Goggles are optional.
    • Sunday, October 15¬†@¬†11:00-11:35– KG1-ECC
    • Monday, October 16¬†@¬†11:00-11:35– KG1- LD
    • Tuesday, October 17¬†@¬†11:00-11:35– KG1- KB
    • Wednesday, October 18¬†@¬†11:00-11:35– KG1- AM
  • HALLOWEEN TREATS– Your child brought home an ORANGE note in their folders yesterday regarding our Halloween celebration and Trick or Treating. Please send in 30 small items (individual pencils, stickers packs, erasers, boxes of raisins , bag of pretzels, etc)¬†by¬†Sunday, October 22.¬†These items will be given out when they Trick or Treat within the classrooms, and we will provide bags for all KG1 students. Please do not send in a pumpkin or container.
  • HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES– Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to do an activity with our class. We are looking for one more parent to sign up. You will make one activity, but will do that activity 4x in a small group of 4-5 students. If you would like to volunteer please click here.
  • Library books are due back on Sunday.
Thanks for all you do to support your child and their learning experiences in KG1! Have a great weekend!
October 10


Good Afternoon,

I have three quick annoucements.

  1. Please remember to have your child bring an uncut apple tomorrow, Wednesday October 11th for our apple investigation.
  2. As you may have noticed by our classroom decorations, Halloween is approaching. We would like to ask for four parent volunteers to come in on October 31st to do an activity. Please click here for more details and to sign up.
  3. There is no swimming tomorrow. Our class starts swimming next Wednesday.

Have a great Tuesday!

October 5

October 1-5

This week our class read a few books about…COOKIES! Who read Who Took the Cookies From the Cookie Jar and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Then we made cookies together. Thank you Nancy (Anthony’s mom) for volunteering to bake our cookies! The kiddos LOVED them. Click here for the recipe we used.

Because we have been learning about colors, we decided to make our own water color paints. This was such a fun activity and something you could do at home with your little one. Then we made the letter A with tape and painted around it. Click here for directions and a list of materials needed.

We are continuing to work on recognizing and quantifying numbers 1-5. This week one of our centers was a math movement game. It incorporated fitness, gross motor and math skills. We practiced the different movements together as a class before we did them in a small group. Believe it or not, jumping jacks are quite difficult at this age. It takes a lot of coordination that most of them have not developed yet. Click here to print out the materials and directions to play at home.

Our class is still working on learning routines and expectations. However, they have made great progress in learning how to walk in a line, using a ZERO voice in the halls and bathroom and following the safety rules on the playground.

Next Week:

-We will begin learning about simple patterns

-Conduct an apple investigation

-Continue learning about the letter L

-Begin discussing the PYP profile Principled

-Kick off Rock Star Recess


-Please bring in an uncut apple for your child on Wednesday October 11th.

-Library books are due back this Sunday October 8th.

-Scholastic book orders and money are due Sunday October 8th.

-Students will begin wearing their regular white UAS uniform shirt.

Have a great weekend!


October 4

Quick Reminders

  • The PTSO will be hosting a Community Fair¬†tomorrow¬†at UAS.¬†The event will run from¬†12:00 PM until 5:00 PM¬†at the¬†school’s main reception area and elementary lobby and exits.¬†¬†There will be a variety of booths selling cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, pizza and sandwiches.¬†There will be service booths as well (including: ASA vendors, beauty salons, health and fitness services, accessories and more). KG1 students will not be attending with their classes, so please do not send money with your child.
  • Scholastic orders due on Sunday October 8th.
  • Students begin wearing their regular UAS white uniform shirt on Sunday October 8th.