I choose Bill Gates as my risk taker i think he’s a risk taker because he invented Microsoft and it is a very hard thing to do that in the 90’s.



It’s important to be an inquirer, because it’s good to ask questions to learn and fix your mistakes. I like to be an inquirer because

it’s one way to learn stuff and know new things. For example: Once I had a problem, I didn’t know how to spell something, then I asked my teacher she helped me and now I know how to spell it. That’s an example of an inquirer.






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UOI Unit 2

This is my reflection for my uoi unit 2. I liked when we did the science experiment we did how are canyons formed we found out that canyons are made out of water that has dried up.We went to the playground and did it we had so much fun while learning.

I enjoyed learning about the canyons.

Grand Canyon and river at sunset.



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Reading Response Journal Unit One Reflection

For our first unit of Reading’s Workshop we learned to read fiction books intensely.We learned about “stop and jot” or making notes of our thinking on post-its.By writing down our thoughts and questions as we read we are better able to remember and understand the stories. We also learned about character traits,author’s purpose and theme.

Please find attached my reflection on my reading response journal for unit one.


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My Own Country—Sasia

For Unit of Inquiry or unit was about governments and systems.In the end of the unit we had to make a country with a partner  and write about the systems.I think  we did  good but i think we still need a bit practice for some stuff . But it was still ok for our first project. We had so much fun doing a iMovie and a poster. But it took a while I did the iMovie and my partner did the poster  my partner did really good at doing the poster I think I did ok but she helped me at school


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My thinking actions are to focus on my work and to try to learn it at home. Sometimes I have to think hard,because maybe I don’t understand something. Usually I know how to do it alone, but sometimes I have to ask for help.


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