Uptown exhibition reflection

The whole fourth grade class’s went to Uptown School, and I finally know what I should do for my next years topic, and my topic is: Gymnastics I learned that in gymnastics has artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics I also learned that gymnastics is more a art than a sport.I also have an idea on what my central idea will be because I went to some gymnastics exhibition areas and I saw theres and that inspired me to make my own out of there’s.

Questions: My questions is why do we have to do exhibition? And does exhibition cover half of our grades?

One thing I didn’t like was that some exhibition groups were not focusing very well.


Math Unit 5

In math unit 5 we were doing multiplication and division like whats my rule and we also did rounding so we found multiplication problems but not a lot of division problems. We did a test today and it wasn’t that hard. We did a lot of multiplication and rounding to the nearest tens,hundreds,thousands.

Here is the link to my google dock:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CdV0Ugl5e2zYLtNbfruOwKM3vtPQJC4gmlZP1vy7I_c/edit?usp=sharing

Energy Summit Reflection

Last week we started working on our energy summit projects and you had to pick a topic I picked solar energy and if I would change something and that would be making a bigger poster so it could stand out.I would also make another model so I can explain more about my project.I would advise the G4 teacher to tell the students to make the poster bright and colorful so it stands out to other grades. Something difficult for me was when i was working on my poster I needed a bigger one so it was difficult next time I will get a bigger poster. I am proud of myself because i finished my model and poster even though i was sick for two days.  I mostly enjoyed researching  and answering my questions because now I know whats the answer. Something that I learned is that when it’s due  it’s due.I think my profile was inquiry  because I was researching a lot.This unit made me realize  that energy is really important in our lives. A connection I can make with this unit is our human systems and community because if you wanted to make fossil fuels you need machines and peoples make these machines and so on.


Sharjah Science Museum

Today,we went to Sharjah Science Museum i learned that the Van der Graff generator has electricity so went the spoon thingy touches it makes the electricity make it come out. And if you touch it with your hands it your hair will fly. about solar power in the solar power workshop. In the workshop we were doing solar powered cars it was really cool because we did a race with the cars and sadly  me and my partner tala lost but we weren’t sad because it was just a game and it was supposed to be fun. We went to the electricity show it was really cool and fun there was also a cool    area and i think that was it i really enjoyed it heres a picture:


Math Unit 3 reflection

In our math unit 3 we were learning about prime, composite , factors and multiples.I learned, that prime number has  only two factors  itself and 1. A factor is two numbers to make a product. A composite number has more than  two factors. Multiples is what you get when you multiplying one number by another number.It was really fun , I enjoyed it. I did a google  doc and the link will be down below.You have to also know your multiplication facts to know the multiples of number.A product is the result of multiplying two numbers called factors.

For more information click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vr8_xsv-5M782XiWHXiKJ8bZRlGik_JywhJxXcDlXe8/edit?usp=sharing

Writing opinion essay

When we were doing our writing opinion essay i learned that you have to have the thesis and the catchy writing so they need to feel like they need to have it now it’s really nice because you can pick a topic like i picked my favorite food thats my thesis and my favorite food is sushi you have to pick three reasons then describe them very well.Then you have to make the conclusion then your done it is pretty simple to write it. But make sure you write it very well and it will be a success.I also noticed that it is like a burger like the introduction and then the three reasons and the conclusion  it s like the bread and the topics and then the other bread. And here is the link to my opinion writing essay:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ampjaswzUXqM7TayVe6-NGhtUKwTmRKe2tUn1DnFmDE/edit?usp=sharing

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UOI unit 3 reflection

In UOI unit 3 we were learning about advertisements i learned that a advertisement is targeting s group of people. I also learned that in advertisements they make it seem like the food is the best of them all and you have to have it now but don’t think that if you go there it will look the same because it will not.Make up artists for food make it look so delicious that it looks real but it’s not we also learned on how to make our own advertisements. I made the history of macDonald’s advertising.I also learned that there are bad advertisements  and there are good ones that people like fir example mac Donald’s they make pretty good advertisement and here is the link to my advertisement:https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZIeJOJEA5LQuxTXDrHNs2auTazC-sQjAXD13YQM8Oqw/edit?usp=sharing


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I choose Bill Gates as my risk taker i think he’s a risk taker because he invented Microsoft and it is a very hard thing to do that in the 90’s.