November 28

Field Trip to Green Planet!!!

never knew that there was a rainforest here in the UAE!  If you don’t believe me than visit Green Planet! There they have an amazing example of a rainforest! By the way, did you know that there are 4 different layers in a rainforest? Also that the last layer of the a rainforest never really gets sunlight so it is underwater. So basically there are fish there. My favorite part about the field trip was watching the sloth and what I didn’t enjoy was that the parrot kept interrupting the guide, so it was pretty annoying. Sadly, I don’t have the picture of the sloth, but I do have a picture of the interrupting parrot. 

In conclusion, I think you should visit Green Planet so that you can learn interesting things about rainforests and see all sorts of animals.



November 14

Art Reflection

Hi! last month, in art class, we did this project called an accordion picture book about an explorer that we researched about last month as well. An accordion picture book is when you write a book with barley no words in it, [mostly pictures], and make like an accordion. It will only turn out as 1 by the book being able to fold it like an accordion. So last month, we presented it to a 3rd grade class, and to be honest, i didn’t really enjoy it because I don’t like presenting and I am bad at art. Here are some photos.

November 9

All about ME! Nov.9th 2017

In the previous post, I forgot to tell you my name! My name is Ai, [a very simple name, right?] and I’m 10 years old. I’m in 5th grade, and life AS a 5th grader is really, really hard! I have 1 younger brother, and so I am the oldest kid in the family. I’m from Japan and you should really visit Japan because there are lots of interesting places to visit and the food there is amazing! [Seriously, if you’re visiting Japan, you have to try Sushi!] 

So yah, that’s me. And I hope that I can grab some time to type posts more often! 

P.S: Type comments below and give me suggestions!

November 9

My first post! Oct.19th

Hi! Do you know about explorers? I am researching about Jacques Cartier and here are three facts and a lie.

  1. He is born on December 1st
  2. He was looking for a way to China other than passing the land
  3. He had a brother

Which one of these are a lie? Leave the answer in the comments!