March 16

Week Full of Books!!!!!

Hey guys! Do you know about book week?

Well, it’s a week that you read everyday and at the end of the week there is a book character day. My favorite day of the week is book character day because that’s the day when you get to dress up and have a parade! But I also like the rest of the week because you get to read everyday and reading is one of my favorite things to do!!

Who I was for book character day? Well, I was a girl named Destiny from a book called ” Little Darlings” from my favorite author, Jacqueline Wilson. On book week, everyday we had a time called “DEAR” this stands for drop everything and read. There was a announcement each day for when it was DEAR time. This was when we read on book week.

So if you never heard of book week before, ask your teacher or anyone else when book week is. Then try to find some time to read on that week. This is the book that I used for book character day. The girl on the left is Destiny.

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March 5

International Day-A day full of countries

Hey guys! Last Saturday, my school had international day. International day is when a lot of parents group up and make your own booth for your own country. At your booth, you do something that represents your country. On that event, everyone wears something that shows which country you’re from. Also, all the other students, parents, and teachers not in the booth can just walk around. There are food stands that sold Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Pizza, Brownies, Ice Creams, and at some booths they had their own traditional food. I liked Canada’s sweets because of the sweet maple they had and because I like maple. There is also a parade and one person has to hold the flag of their own country and walk in the parade. The other people in the same country booth gets to join the parade as soon as it starts. I had to hold the Japanese flag, and it was so heavy! There were also a toy place and I bought a squishy and a stress ball. My favorite booth was the Japanese booth and the Canada booth because the Japanese booth is my booth and also the Canada because it had amazing food for free. So let me know if your school celebrates international day and if so, great! I also love international day too. If not, convince your principal to make the school celebrate international day.

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March 1

A Day Outside!!!

Hey guys!! Last week on Thursday, the 4th and 5th graders had sports day. Sports day is when you spend the whole school day outside doing games. At our school, we always have points for who wins and the winner class gets announced at the end of the day. When you do a game, first place gets 100 points, second place gets 75 points, third place gets 50 points, and fourth place gets 25 points. So what happens is first you get into a group, and for the first half, [ which is until break time ] we have the group games. Those are the games you do with only your team. Then after break and lunch, we have the class games which is the games you do as a whole class. My favorite game that we did on sports day was tug of war, which is when both teams get on either side of a rope and when the whistle blows, you start pulling. The team who pulls most and bring the rope to their side, that team wins. I like this game because you do it as a whole class and you have to cooperate with each other. It’s also really fun. My favorite group game was scooter racing because you’re not doing a normal race, you’re racing on scooters. it’s quite challenging, but that’s what makes it more fun. We had to go backwards, and it was really fun watching others fall off the scooters. Here are some of the pictures of sports day. At the end of the day, our P.E teachers told us who was the winners, and our class won for 5th grade! I was so happy that I screamed so loud with the others!!!!!

This is me scooter racing. See how I’m going backwards?

This is our class doing tug of war. 



February 23

Modern Art-Glass Garden?

When you  hear the word art, what mostly comes into your mind? What comes into my mind is old paintings and sculptures. I think that’s because paintings and sculptures are some of the famous types of art that most people have heard of. Now, painting and sculpting are really old types of art. have you ever searched modern art in google or anything else? You would get a lot of crazy brightly colored pictures but, if you type in Chihuly Garden, you will get really cool photos of things you can’t really put in words. Also, it’s really hard to believe that it is all made out of glass, except for the flowers because it’s a garden. So my favorite type of modern art is glass art because some of them looks really cool and they are beautiful. Here are some of the works of glass art in the Chihuly Garden which is in America. Can you believe that all this is made out of glass? It’s crazy!


February 18

Presentation Reflection

Hello again! Not long ago [ I forgot when ] we had a guest at our school. She was a mother of a student of our school and a fashion designer. She talked about how what you wear is one way you could express yourself, and all about fashion. Something that really grabbed my attention is that she said that “What you wear is you billboard. So what are you advertising?”. I think that what she was trying to tell us is how what we wear can express us. Also, a billboard advertise something so then what you wear may advertise the brand you’re wearing, or if you’re wearing a uniform then you’re advertising your school. Also she asks us “So what are you advertising?” and so that might be a brand, a company or business, a school and more. I think that presentation taught us things because she taught us about clothes getting wasted.

February 18

Division Word Problems

Hi guys! Right now at school we’re learning division, and here are 5 division word problems.

1.  A factory made 165 packs of marshmallows. The packs got sent to 3 stores. how many packs of marshmallow do each store get?

2.  There are 478 water bottles. If you were to put all of the water bottles in 6 boxes, how many will be in each box? And how many will be put in an extra box?

3.  581 boxes are getting sent on 9 ships. How many boxes do each ship get and how many will get sent on a 10th ship?

4.  7,429 notebooks are getting delivered to 67 schools. How many notebooks do each school get and how many will be left over?

5.  There are 263 candies and 31 kids want some each. How many would each kid get and how many will be left over?

Try figuring them out!!!!!

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February 18

Art Unit Reflection

In art class, we have been studying values, lines, body proportion, and portraits. Value and line is 2 of the 7 elements of art. You would use a lot of lines if you wanted to show texture. Value is used if you want to show how light or dark something or someone is. Body proportion is parts of people’s body and will be used if you were drawing animals or people. A portrait is a drawing of somebody or something, especially around the face or main part. There is also something called self-portrait which is a portrait of yourself. For our project for this unit, we drew our own self-portraits. We made 2 portraits each, one realistic and one unrealistic. We did all sorts of value and line techniques, to make our realistic self-portraits look as realistic as possible. For our unrealistic portraits, we had to pick a way to do it, from 2 different artists. I chose Fernando Botero’s way, because his artworks all look happy, but the other artist’s artwork looked slouchy and tired.

In conclusion, I think this unit was really fun because we did 2 totally different self-portraits, and they turned out rather funny. Also because we learned and used new value techniques to make our self-portraits.

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February 18

Back From Camp!

Hi people! Three days ago, the 4th and 5th graders came back from Ecoventure. Ecoventure is a camp where kids try new things, be a risk-taker, and have fun, the safe way. It is located in Ras al Khaimah, Al Jeer. It is about a 2 hour and a half bus trip from my school, in Dubai. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights on the Feb.13th, 14th, and the 15th. We did different activities each day, and those were: Rock Climbing, Jacob’s Ladder, Raft Building, Shelter Building, animal encounters, team buildings,  squid digesting, snorkeling, and kayaking. My favorite activity was Jacob’s Ladder because we went to Ecoventure last year, and we didn’t do it. So what you do is the whole thing is a huge ladder, and you have to climb it in 5 minutes. Also, as you climb the steps, the space between the steps get wider as you type it. If you’re afraid of heights, then that’s a problem, but it is really fun and almost everyone liked it. What I didn’t enjoy much is snorkeling because the water was really cold and we got soaked. What you do at snorkeling is first you look at a few animals and learn about them. Then you put water masks on and then you go into the water. You look down to see the things underwater. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything and it was cold.

Anyway, the whole camp was really fun with all the activities and I hope that the people who will go next year will have as much fun as I did. Also to be a risk-taker. Also, I learned that you have to be s risk-taker for a lot of things, and it is totally worth it. For example, I was sort of nervous and disgusted by squid dissecting, but when I did it, it was really fun. One reason for that because tit was something you wouldn’t usually do, so it was a first life-experience thing.

     This is Jacob’s Ladder, my favorite activity at camp. Can you notice that the space between the steps get wider as you climb?

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December 2

A Theme of a book

This is a blog post for people who wants to see another example of a theme. If you read my previous post, you should know that a theme is a moral or a life lesson that is like the purpose of a book. 

This book is called “Secrets” by Jacqueline Wilson and this book is about 2 girls named Treasure and India, who keeps lots of secrets. Treasure rans away from her house and India helps her. I hope you’re interested in reading this book because this book, has an amazing plot. 

Now for the theme of “Secrets”. I think the theme of this book is “You are not alone” Because like I told you, Treasure rans away from her family and she misses her grandmother very much, and is lonely. But, India tries her best to help her by talking to her and playing games with her. Also, on India’s side, she is very lonely at her school, because she doesn’t have a friend. But after meeting Treasure, India doesn’t feel that lonely anymore. and that’s why I think the theme of “Secrets” is “You are not alone”.

December 1

Theme of a book

Did you know that there was a theme in every books? A theme is a word or sentence in a story which is like a moral or a life lesson, that is important in life. By the way, there can be more than 1 theme in a book. But that doesn’t mean that there will be more themes in a long book. 

Today I will like to give you an example of a theme. This book is called “Justin Case, shells, smells and the horrible flip-flops of doom” written by Rachel Vail. This book is about a boy named Justin, and is a worried kid. But now that he is in summer, he thinks that there is nothing to worry about. He goes to a new summer camp, and well, you have to read the rest.

Anyway, I think the theme of this book, “Justin Case, shells, smells, and the horrible flip-flops of doom” ‘s theme is “It is okay to be who you are”. I think this is the theme of this book because there is this character named Bartholomew and to be honest, he is a very weird boy, but what I like about him is that he is always just who he is, and I love that about him. Justin, the main character of the story, he learns that he doesn’t have to pretend to be a cool kid, and to say what he wants to say. 

Also, I think you should read this book because it is really interesting and has a very good life lesson or theme.