Thursday 12th October

Another busy week has passed by but it is Thursday again. YAY!

Next week we will have our spelling test on Sunday and I will also give the homework and new spelling words. Jodi’s mummy reported that her IXL log in is incorrect, so if you are having trouble signing in then please let me know and I will follow up on that.

To round up, here are a few words from the students about what they enjoyed this week.

Farris ” I liked reading Owl Moon and starting music.”

Hamza ” I enjoyed playing with my friends.”

Laelia ” I liked music because we get to play games in music.”

Mohamed ” In music we always play the clapping game and ‘button, you must wonder.'”

Muzammil ” I liked library because I borrowed some new books.”

Seif ” I enjoyed music because we do fun games.”

Zayn ” I enjoyed Maths and reading Owl Moon and writing.”

Hussain “In library we learned how to see if the book is good for you or not.”

David ” I enjoyed music because we learned songs and we had fun.”

Qais ” I enjoyed Star of the week because we celebrated my friends Star of the week.”

Armaan ” I liked music because we learned so much music and we played some fun games and we can be with our friends.”

Zara ” I liked when Miss Jen came in and talked about bullying. ”

Michael “I liked when we did music.”

Sultan “I liked when it was Zayn’s celebration of Star of the week.”

Jodi “I liked music and Arabic.”

Farrah “I liked learning about artefacts because I like talking about how Dubai changed.”

Anissa “I liked it when the parents came to visit about how Dubai changed, and I liked music. And also when Miss Jen came in.”

Hana ” I liked reading.”

Arsh “I liked music and Islamic the most this week. ”

Carl “I liked Arabic and Islamic this week.”

Eun Min “I liked music because we can play games.”

Nabala “I enjoyed making new friends – everybody in the class.”

I wish you all a SUPER weekend and see you on Sunday!

Miss K

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